This vehicle will go on sale with the regular variants of the nexon ev. The highlight here is the increased range and a bigger battery pack. The 30.2 kilowatt battery pack on the standard nexon now grows to a bigger 40.5 kilowatt battery pack on the max Music, resulting in an increased range of over 100 kilometers for a total of 437 kilometers. That is, of course, under standard testing conditions. What also go up are power and torque output, along with the top speed from 120 kmph on the standard nexon to 140 kmph on the nexon av max. So the driving experience of the nexon av max is pretty similar to the standard, nexon amy and thats, not a bad thing. At all, i mean the feeling of getting the rush of torque right from the word. Go never gets old and, as far as the suspension is concerned, the car offers a client comfortable ride with the occupants, always in comfort and the setup kind of irons out all the undulations on the road. Apart from that, as far as handling is concerned, the intent has always been to offer a sporty more precise and engaging driving experience, which the electric suv does. Applause talking about performance, the nexon ev max, is not too different from the nexon ev. The d mode offers up to 60 power and a tap on the accelerator results in a smooth, linear flow of torque. The car in sport mode and the experience becomes even more fun tata claims that the zero to hundred kilometers per hour run is done in less than nine seconds and thats quick, quick enough to have your grinning silly, especially when overtaking there are three driving modes on Offer eco, sport and city, an observation that stood out was that, despite its stunning looks, the rotary knob is neither the smoothest nor the fastest.

So in case you have to reverse the car in the jiffy or do a three point turn you will need to give the knob enough time to toggle between parking, reverse neutral and drive Music. The car now weighs 100 kilos heavier compared to the nexon ev. On account of additional equipment and a bigger battery pack, plus the ground clearance, goes down by 10 millimeters too and stands at 190 millimeters. The suspension and the flow structure have been tweaked accordingly to accommodate the bigger battery which is ip67 rated. The other highlight is that the nexon av max gets four levels of regenerative. Braking from zero to three zero, of course means that theres no regenerative braking so to speak, and three, of course, is the maximum level with which you can drive with a single pedal. If you spend your maximum time driving in the city, then level 1 and level 2 work. The best Music tata says that the nexon avmax gets more than 30 additional features over the standard model which includes safety features like hellhole, assist, hill descent control, electronic parking, brake and disc brakes. All around the center console on the tata, nexon av max has been redesigned, and the biggest highlight here is this: the new rotary knob, this part is completely new and tata, says its called the jeweled knob. Of course, its adds a sense of premiumness to the cabin and the overall layout the design, the textures they stay the same as before.

What are the added extra features over the nooks and ev well to begin with the front seats, theyre ventilated? Yes, the upholstery that you see its called makarana beige, its a new option, particular only to the nexon navy max. Then you have auto dimming irvium here: wireless charging, smartphone thats, another added feature and other assorted features that well tell you about Music. As far as technology is concerned, the ev gets eight new features on the upgraded zconnect 2.0 connected car technology. The zconnect app offers a total of 48 connected car features. Nexon evmax continues to get a 7 inch touchscreen with harman audio system as before the next one. Evmax also gets a special color scheme called intensity, along with a new beige interior option that we already told you about Music. Now the nexon evmax gets two charging options: a 3.3 kilowatt charger or a 7.2 kilowatt ac fast charger which reduces the charging time to 6.5 hours. The next one evmax can be charged from zero to eighty percent in an r from a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger. Music, the nexon ev is the undisputed king of electric vehicles in the indian market, with over 19 000 units playing on indian roads and with the launch of the nexon ev max tata motors has done well to bolster its reputation as a company that holds electric mobility. In good stead, buyers will appreciate the extra features and the long range, even if it comes at a slight premium and as far as the sales is concerned, we dont see any other ev overtaking the tata nexon ev as the best selling electric car in india.