Bmw is about state of the art, technology and revolutionary design, its the most innovative cutting edge automobile in the luxury segment, and for the first time in the history of the 7, the top performance model will be fully electric. The 7 is about creating great impressions, heres, how it welcomes you Music, its a great entrance moment that literally invites you to get in and drive. Of course. It also works with your smartphone. Now join me for first ride. This is the bmw i7, more than 600 kilometers of electric range, but our new seven series will also convince those who are not yet fully into e drive, for whatever reason, it is the first all electric luxury sedan to come as a plug in hybrid or with Highly efficient combustion engine as well soon, this car will offer level 3 highly automated driving functions, so you will even be able to take your hands off the steering wheel for a while. The 7 series is one of the best cars to be driven into. How does it feel a bit like this? I would say, the rear of the 7 is a very special place, a place to feel comfortable to me. Taking a seat here is like taking a leap into the future every time and speaking of impressive moments. One of my favorite highlights is hidden here: the bmw, theater screen, but more on that later, regarding technology take my word for it. This car has everything a car can possibly have and its all sustainably manufactured, as you would expect from bmw.

The bmw 7 is a masterpiece of german engineering and far ahead of its time. Great art moves the hearts and minds the new 7 does even more. It moves, bodies, hearts and minds. You simply have to experience it for yourselves. Firsthand lets start with the interior Music, where we really want our customers to feel at home. First, we have increased the amount of space and the seating comfort, and then we have made the space truly warm and inviting using natural materials such as cashmere, wool and leather. In this private lounge, our customer will have a lot of technology at their disposal, but following our new shy tech approach, the number of switches has actually been reduced in the front of the car. You will find our curved display now in combination with our brand new interaction bar. This integrates the ambient light and air conditioning controls into a single, beautiful and rewarding aesthetic experience the rear of the bmw i7. We are introducing our new theater screen. The theater mode sets the scene for the most outstanding and immersive entertainment experience on four wheels. Music. Looking at the exterior, the bmw i7 has a strong presence and very clean monolithic shapes the front end shows a new arrangement of grille and lamps expressing its bmw identity through a new light signature. This signature is unmistakable and will remain the preserve for our top of the line models. Overall, the new bmw i7 is a perfect expression of modern luxury centric, electric and tech magic.

The i7 will make your driving experiences extremely rewarding and will create unforgettable moments on board and now jenna will show you more Music. Wow lets go check out some more now on to one of my favorite features, which is my modes okay. What are we in the mood for expressive, relax, digital art? I hear that relax, activates, the massage Music and now im going to test out the features of the captain chair as much as i like driving, i really like lounging, but i am curious because adrian fan hoydonk mentioned something about the theater screen. Lets. Try it out. Music, i really want to learn more about the theater screen and i know just who to ask hey, bmw, who is the expert for the bmw, theater screen, hello jenna. You should talk to tarak saki hi, tariq, its so great to meet you hi jenna, its really great, to see. You now tell me a little bit about what makes the bmw theater screen so special. So the bmw see the screen is a rear seat. Entertainment system, with an ultra wide 31 inch touch display that is more capable than ever now. It sounds like a lot has not only gone into the design with the technology. I would imagine this is something you and your team have worked tirelessly on. Indeed, i can tell you that the entire team has really put genuine care to create a product that our customers would truly love, and you can combine the system as well with the magical.

4D diamond, surround sound from bowers and wilkins with over 30 speakers. That are perfectly positioned to create the crystal clear, audio quality. Its definitely one thing to hear the audio, but to be able to like feel it in the seats. It really does give it that 4d experience, which really takes it to the next level. Correct its. Like your private 4d cinema lounge at the back seat of your car and the built in amazon, fire tv gives access to a wide variety of content so that passengers can enjoy streaming. Videos listening to music playing games and many more all while on the road and youll, also have the capability to connect your personal devices via an hdmi input. So it sounds like the passengers in the back have quite some entertainment. What is it like for the passengers? In the front im glad you asked for the first time, the driver and the front passenger can also enjoy video and demand services. For example, while parking or charging youve, probably seen weve integrated youtube over the entire width of our large control display – and this is just the beginning of a new era of in car entertainment experience. So what youre saying is you can actually watch my youtube channel in the bmw id love to watch it now that we have all of the entertainment covered? I think theres. Only one thing left for me to do. Im gon na go for a ride, have fun and enjoy it.

It was great seeing you great to see you. Okay now lets go outside oh yeah. This looks great Music. Oliver zipsa has previously mentioned that technologically this car has everything a car can possibly offer, and that has me wondering what highly automated driving feels like this is a level two and for a level three. It gives you a little bit more freedom, depending on the circumstances. You can look around, enjoy the scenery and maybe even take a glance at your phone Music.