I am here in namma, bengaluru and guess. What parked right behind me is the nexon ev max uh, more than just evolution. I can call this a revolution in the eevee segment, because the way tata have packed this car to the brim is beyond imagination. Now, every detail that you need to know about the super kick ass. Ev right from the future is what is coming up in todays review, so without further ado lets get started with this review now talking about the design. This is the ziptron ev architecture and the design remains more or less the same, but it looks absolutely super gorgeous. In this dual tone, color theme and the blue accents all around really highlight the kind of future proof design philosophy that tata have come up with with this nexon evmax, and you have 16 inch wheels. You have disc brakes all around. You get alloy wheels that look perfectly complement the kind of futuristic and modern contemporary character of this car up front. Here you have the projector headlamp with led drills. The fog lamps are neatly embedded into the front bumper and the overall look and feel of the car is nice and bulky and premium looking like a muscled, uh ev that is ready to take on its competition and leave everyone behind other design elements that really uh Enhance and highlight the muscle character are the powerful bonnet lines here. You have. The uh led tail lamp cluster uh, the integrated spoiler, with the stop light, the shark fin antenna and the badging.

That proudly says vocal for local superb fit and finish and build quality, sturdy rock solid body structure, and this is what the eevee the nexon has always been made up of. Moving inside, we are welcomed by the beej leather seats. These are ventilated, seats, mind you and the waveform on the the wave pattern on the seats really looks classy and elegant along with a central armrest and in terms of utility spaces. We have bottle holders. In terms of speakers, we have four speakers and four tweeters all around. We have bottle holder at the back as well, and the waveform design continues its accents on the doors as well talking about comfort. The back support is really good, so is the lower lumbar support? The under thigh support is really really satisfactory and, overall, the seating comfort is maximized with the ventilated seats that are offered with the nexon evmax at the back. You can see that we have adequate amount of legroom and decent amount of headroom okay. Here we go uh. The legroom at the back is more than sufficient. You can see ample amount of legroom and headroom is also decent enough and the seat at the back is super comfy believe me and moving inside we have the beautiful dash layout and it looks nice and contemporary and futuristic and classy and elegant all. At the same time, with the blue accents all around the attention to detail here on the dash kind of underscores, the quality statement that tata trying to make with this new ev, okay, the first thing that comes to mind while looking at an eevee, is the range.

Now tata have absolutely nailed it uh with a range claim of 437 kilometers for a full single charge, which is absolutely amazing. Now this comes courtesy of the 40.5 kilowatt hour battery, which offers 33 percent higher battery capacity, and it is ip67 rated. So you are rest assured about the kind of quality thats lurking underneath. Okay, now you might ask well 437. Kilometers is really really good. You know why, but what about the charging time? How much time does it take to charge fully now brace yourselves for this, because it takes just 56 minutes 56 minutes for 80 charge? Is phenomenal. Man, like you, just stop for lunch and you top up on the charge and youre good to go again. So this is game changing stuff. That is why i call this a revolution in the ev segment and another thing: is you have two more charging options? Uh you have the 3.3 kilowatt uh battery charger that takes around 15 hours to charge fully. Then you have the 7.2 kilowatt uh battery charger that takes around 6.5 hours to charge fully, so even overnight, charging is possible with multiple charging options, but that 56 minutes 50 kilowatt uh fast charger is a game changer, and that is here to make a statement. Whats more, you also get a portable charging cable that you can slot into any 15 amp socket and charge your vehicle instantly, and this, along with 1300 plus charging stations across 200 cities, underscores the fact that the nation is clearly already embracing the ev culture.

Now lets talk about safety. Now tata is a manufacturer who has always emphasized and underscored safety more than anyone else in our market, and this one is no exact exception. You get abs with ebd with brake assist. You get dual airbags as standard you get uh hill, hold control and hill descent control. You also get auto hold function of the vehicle which can turn on and turn off, which is phenomenal. Then, of course, you also get isofix anchorage for the child seats and a fortified uh cabin structure that speaks for itself in terms of rock solid, build quality. Well, what about performance? You might ask 143 ps, 250 newton meters of torque, not 200 kilometers per hour comes up in just nine seconds and a top speed claim of 140 kilometers per hour. Well, that sums it all up its like walking the talk, and then you have the best in class suspension with independent suspension up front and a twin beam suspension at the back, so the ride quality is undoubtedly best in class. Now talking about some of the luxury, comfort and convenience features, you get a sunroof right here, you get ventilated seats, you get cool glove box and a lot of utility features all around. You also get dedicated ac vents for the rear seat, passengers, which is really really cool. Talking about practicality, you get 350 liters of boot space, and then you have the 60 40 split seats. You can fold down fully to make way for more room around 690 litres, which is absolutely phenomenal.

Okay, so lets take a look at the speedo console and startup animation. We got a part digital part, analog, speedo console the startup animation is super kickass. The car is already on believe it or not its super quiet, so silent and thats. What makes an eevee what it is, and you have all the modes right here – the city mode right here, and you can change it to sport mode or you can change it to eco mode at the top of a button buttons that are actually placed here in The central console – and then you have the jog dial to switch between parking mode, reverse mode, neutral and the drive mode. You get an electronic parking brake, which is super good, and you also have different levels of brake energy regeneration right here, which you can choose from. We are in level one uh where the car is more responsive right of the mark. Then you put to level two. It is a little less responsive and level. Three is like more economical oriented, trying to maximize break energy regeneration and trying to conserve as much battery as possible and optimize battery efficiency as possible. So here we have the harman kardon touchscreen infotainment system, and here you can set everything as per your wish, and will you have android, auto and apple carplay support? You have voice command features. The sound quality on this system is one of the best in class, and we all know that when the branding reads herman okay, here we have the tata z, connect app lets open this, and here you are greeted with this kind of a home screen, and here You have multiple icons here, you have the location where you are at, or you can say the last part location, and then you can hit this for the system to find the nearest charging stations, and here it locates the nearest charging stations.

Everything is so intuitive and so easy to navigate, and here you have multiple controls. You have the fan, control right here here you have something else. You have the lights, control and lets go back and from here lets go back to the this thing. It gives you an alarm, i believe when you turn it on, then here you have the geo fencing option and you have the valet mode as well. So its all interesting, you also have an sos mode here. You have your vital statistics. You have the run, diagnosis tool, which runs the diagnosis and gives you a clear idea of the vehicles, health – and here you have the rest of the controls talking about the buttons on the dash. Here we have the ac controls, the economy mode, the auto mode, and here you have the center locking button. The boot release the hill descent control, and here you have a 12 volt socket along with a usb charging port. Now another major question on everyones mind when it comes to an ev is the battery warranty. Now this vehicle comes with a warranty of eight years or one lakh, sixty thousand kilometers, whichever happens earlier for the battery, always as well as the motor, which is again game. Changing stuff from tata eight years or one lakh, sixty thousand kilometers is unheard of in this segment, and that is really really game changing stuff uh. Then you have the three years or one lakh: twenty five thousand uh kilometers warranty for the vehicle as a whole and finally, coming to the pricing.

The price is 17.74 lakhs ex showroom and given the kind of features theyve packed into this, i feel it is paisa.