I dont know how this person knows this information, but hes released the actual details and specifications of the bill d dolphin. That is coming here to australia. Very interesting review. Im going to give you all the details, all the information, everything we know and everything that i think you would want to know and thats interesting and then actually show you how this new electric car actually compares to its closest rivals. Hello. My friends. Welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you thank you for subscribing and welcome to all the new subscribers. Welcome back everyone else, and thank you to our patreon supporters, really appreciate what you do makes all the difference in having this channel actually exist. Ill put a link in the description below to our patreon account. If you want to jump on and support us, any amount is fantastic. Byd is essentially a car slightly shorter than a toyota corolla and a ford focus its coming to australia, but its not just coming to australia, its coming to lots of markets coming to europe, its going to the uk many different asian markets around the world. Australia, though, first i believe is going to be getting a large allocation towards the end of this year. Im excited to see it. The reviewer called will on a really interesting youtube channel, put a link in the description below claims that the model we are getting here in australia will be called the ato 2, and it will only be the top spec model specification that we will be getting here.

In australia now i dont know how he knows this. Maybe he knows someone over in the factory there. In china i mean he is living in china and hes reviewing all the chinese cars so thats possible. However, he claims that itll be called the atrotuber. Then he goes back on that later and says he doesnt know it might be called e1 might be called the dolphin. Personally, i think please evie direct if youre watching this video dont change it to be called the atto 2 and at 03.. That is just so. Generic, so boring dolphin is great, just keep it as a dolphin bld dolphin people will remember it. Perfect marketing people remember the name thats. What you wanted to do, but trying to remember it: ato 2 ato 3., its the most nondescript boring name. I mean honestly ive. Never said this before, but ive bought an addo, as you guys know the 803 terrible name i bought it, but the name. Sorry, just my opinion. Let me know in the comment section below what you think about the name anyhow, regardless of the name. It is interesting to see which model we apparently will be getting here in australia. The top spec model now considering were getting a top spec model. Well, im going to guess what the price will be. The price in china for this model is 23 000 us dollars. The base model version in china is 14 000 us dollars theres a pretty big price difference, but the top spec model gets a lot more features and ill talk about what those are in a second, so 23, 000 u.

s dollars im going to guess here in australia. Theyre going to cost probably between 35 to 40, 000 australian dollars, so maybe 27 to 29 000 u.s dollars. That gives you guys in europe in america and north america all over the world. An idea of the pricing heres a quick overview of the specs and then ill go into details. Okay, top levels coming to australia, name, ado2, lets hope, thats, not the case. It will come with a heat pump. In fact, all variants come with a heat pump. This is the cheapest electric car in the world that comes standard with a heat pump. You know this thing is really affordable. Why cant nissan make a car with a heat pump come on next performance, the lower spec model, 14 000 us dollars and the mid spec. Pretty slow, they do zero to 62 miles an hour zero to 100 in about 10.5 seconds, zero to 50 kilometers an hour pretty fast after that, pretty slow. The high spec model, which has quite a lot more power, well do zero to 62 miles an hour or zero to 100 in 7.5 seconds. Now that was what the golf gdi hot hatch was doing, maybe only about five or six years ago. So i think thats pretty good performance. However reviewers say its very fast to zip from going zero to fifty kilometers. An hour 50 to 100 is not so fast, so thats, i think a good thing.

Real world. You dont go over 50. All that often really 0 to 50 to 0 to 60 is what people are doing all the time so thats, where you need the power and the performance, the critique of the car theres lots of critiques. I think most of them are just irrelevant things like hard plastics or i dont know just weird random things: soft suspension, thats. What they say is probably the biggest critique. They say its a good thing because its great in terms of absorbing bumps, but the suspension they claim is a bit too soft, dashboard storage, thats. One thing: i notice that no ones pointed out. I havent seen any car on the market anywhere other than like american pickup trucks that have a lot of dashboard storage. This one has some really good kind of a cubby space at the front, which is dashboard storage. I love the interior of the car interior space is amazing, its on the outside a lot shorter, technically than a ford focus and than a toyota crawler on the inside, its just as big as a focus and a lot bigger than a toyota corolla a lot heres. An example the boot in the toyota corolla is 208 liters, 208 thats right it has a smaller boot than any other hatch. In its category. Ford focus has a boot of around 345 liters byd ea1 boot, size, 345 liters same size right, ford focus, wheelbase is about the same as the ea1, but the a1 is quite a lot shorter.

That gives you an idea. The video that i saw goes on and on and on about the incredible packaging of evs, and when you look on the inside wow, the rear seat has a huge amount of room. It looks like it has more room in the rear seat than my bmw. X5. Has gives you an idea right of just how much room is in this car, its amazing? What does that mean? That means its got button, its nearly double the size of the boot, not quite, but you know what 60 70 percent bigger boot than a toyota corolla. So there you go, i mean much shorter on the outside, but much more space on the inside than the toyota crawler and a huge amount of rear seat. Space range ranges: 400 kilometers on the nedc cycle on the wltp cycle that will convert to being around about 320 kilometers thats for the long range variant and the variant that apparently is coming to global markets and coming to australia. Other thing all variants come with: byds lfp, lithium ion phosphate batteries as youre, probably aware, if youre watching this video im sure youve heard those batteries come in every electric car that byd manufacturer, which is a good thing, its awesome, its a bonus, its a benefit in China, for example, theres a lifetime warranty on the byd blade battery. One of the reasons right, theyve pierced this battery with a nail you do that to a lithium, a normal lithium ternary battery, like those found in kias and ion days and those sorts of cars, volkswagens yeah, they will usually explode or set themselves on fire yeah.

The blade battery doesnt do that, but theres actually, a video of byd getting a truck filling it up with luggage in the back or i dont know some sort of heavy stuff. In the back driving over the blade battery several times backwards, it falls backwards and forwards. Then getting the battery putting it back in the car and the car drives away and theres nothing wrong with it thats how good the battery is, plus big advantage to lfp right. You can charge them to 100 without any degradation on the battery with a normal battery or batteries. You find in all the other cars that we can buy here in australia, aside from the tesla model, 3 standard range, which comes with an lfp battery as well, while all of those cars youre not recommended to charge them to 100, because otherwise, you see more battery Degradation in addition, life cycle, the number of charges you get out of an lfe battery is approximately three times more than you get out of lithium terminal battery, so thats a big advantage. Yeah ive got to say i love wills, presentation style, so ill put a link in the description below to his video. You can check it out. If you want hes funny makes some good jokes. He actually observes lots of details. He does a phenomenal review, really really good theres. Only one thing i would pick out and say i think, the kind of english humor he has hes overly negative and thats the case through most of his reviews, critiques things that i think dont need to be critiqued like things that are just like theres, hard plastic Surfaces or it doesnt like this, the color here or the color there, but you can you dont, have to get that color.

You can get different, colors and theres just little things where i think of the british humor comes out, which is a little bit cynical. A little bit pessimistic, thats, the only thing i would probably change there, because i think ultimately, really hes saying other people are saying. Reviewers are saying for the money. This car is absolutely amazing. You know they are if you can get your hands on one of these. This year for the price, what we think theyre going to cost youre going to get a bargain, i mean, do not buy a toyota corolla, a ford focus, a hyundai i30, a volkswagen golf when you can get one of these for a similar price. Youd be crazy to do that. What else do we know? We know that this doesnt come on on an 800 volt platform. In fact, i dont think any current byds manufactured right now are capable of 800 volts, itll be 400 volt and it comes on byds new e platform, 3.0, the smallest battery size pack, 30.7 kilowatt hour, blade battery 300 kilometers of nedc range and the mid and top Trims have a 45 kilowatt hour pack, which will do 405 and 401 kilometers respectively. The price on launch was actually 14 000 to 18 000 us dollars, but it has gone up a little bit since then to the prices i quoted before. One of the things i love about this car right, really short overhangs, really really short, overhangs, really really small makes it look good.

If you look at the videos you can see in video, i think in person this is actually quite a good. Looking car ive seen some comments from some of the people on this channel. Ive been like i dont, like the look of it, you know what i think it looks fantastic. I think it depends on the color. Sometimes the color can ruin a car, but my personal opinion is this thing looks really good. Those short overhangs. Not only are they practical and logical, they also make it look more muscular, okay, one of the great things about the dolphin coming youve got to say this is a really really impressive feature for the price in china. Every single model coming from the 14 000 base model all the way up to the top spec model. They all come standard with, led automatic headlights. You obviously dont need to turn those off and on theyre, just auto led they also come standard with led driving lights. As well plus led lights on the back, those led lights on the back as well. When you see them, they look really cool theyre kind of funky. Another cool thing that it comes standard with all models concerned with a 13 inch or 12.8 inch lets just go. 13 inch central touchscreen, which can has a little party trick, you press a button and then it will actually rotate to go either horizontal or vertical, depending on which style you prefer, but either way.

I think this is actually the biggest touchscreen in any car in this segment size, considering its an ev so and its also affordable, thats, really good value for money. Then you get as well as that, a five inch touchscreen in front of the driver. One of the things that reviewers are saying is that theres a lot of information to be able to try and read on that five inch touchscreen. So it takes some time to get used to that another thing i really like, i think, its really practical the way that the dash sticks out, so you can store things in the front of the dash there. I mean why wouldnt it stick out. You dont put your hands there, theres no reason not to have the dashcon closet in the middle of the car. It makes total sense and doesnt have a gear. Selector just has a button on the side of the dash there in the middle and its got some other buttons lots of buttons on the steering wheel, which i think makes a lot of sense. Considering we now use touch screens its much quicker to use a button where youre driving, rather than trying to press a touch screen and be like you know, thats what happens right: youre, not paying attention to the road because youre trying to touch the touchscreen. So if you have the buttons on the steering wheel, its got a rotated toggle on the steering wheel that can allow you to use the touchscreen as well and then its got also additional buttons, a few buttons on the dash, not too many not, but not so Little that theres no practicality in terms of wanting to be able to press buttons easily that you use all the time seats.

Drivers seat is six way electronically, adjustable passenger seat four way electronically adjustable the rear. The main criticism that people are saying is: it only has one usb point in the rear theyre saying it should have two totally agree, but anyway you can make do with one. You actually get an adapter and you can you can make one port. You can turn it into two, so you could solve that, although it would have less power per actual adapter point. So thats a bit of a downside anyway, leg room is enormous: theres more legroom in this car than ive seen in any hatchback that ive ever seen. Headroom not as much obviously the batteries in the base of the car. They take up a little bit of space at the base of the car, so head room isnt as great. If youre over 5 foot 10 could be uncomfortable in terms of headroom. Apparently, the touchscreen has two standout features according to car news, china.com. First, when navigating away from the active sat, nav page to another app, a small moveable, translucent overlay will appear giving basic navigation info on the screen. The second is on the upper page, where you can set your home electric tariff, and the car will tell you how much the trip cost is based on your electricity price per kilowatt and therefore youll know what it costs you to drive the thing every day, which Is really cool? What about autonomous driving technology doesnt have any of them.

None of them do all. Models, though, do come standard with cruise control, not much else, but the top spec model which will be going to international markets comes standard with adaptive, cruise control and lane departure warning, but nothing else, theres, no adas, no lane keeper system, no other automated features either. However, it does come with a 360 degree, panoramic camera and all vehicles get parking sensors on the back, not on the front. In addition, it does also get a 360 degree, panoramic camera, so thats kind of a cool feature. I like that idea. Whats, the actual power base, spec models come with 95 horsepower and 180 newton meters of torque the hell. The horsepower numbers are fairly anemic. The torque, though, is pretty good this the international model, the australian model, will have 177 horsepower and 290 newton meters of torque, but obviously thats more power than what it sounds like, and the reason for that is the way that electric cars deliver their power, its instantaneous. You dont need to run the car up to have full power. Objectively speaking, this is a great car for the price theres. Just no other way of saying this theres got to be reviews here in australia, australian journalists may or may not be getting paid directly or indirectly. For those reviews, i dont know you put the numbers together. How do they make money? Well, we all know how to make money depending on how much they get paid could depend on how good the reviews are.

Im. Sorry, i know australian journal sustained publications hated when i say this ive received emails of people getting angry at me for saying these comments, but its true. If your employer is paying you, then will you be affected by that? Of course you will so i dont know what people are going to say, but when these cars come to australia, ill test it and ill, tell you exactly what i think of it, but honestly at this point in time. If it comes in the price, we think its going to come in at im excited im, really really impressed by the car that byd has put together here. I think you will be too, i think its going to be a top 10 global best seller on the electric vehicle charts it already is in china. One of the best selling evs were only waiting now for what were waiting for byd to ramp up to ramp up production of this car, its already one of by these best selling evs in china, but theyre, just not making enough of them. However, they have more production lines going in, because i think byd are well aware that this car is going to sell like hot cakes. Let me know, though, what you think of this ev.