This is actually a mechanism that allows you to better organize your charging cable, and so you can see over here i have the tesla charger and so ill be uh connecting up the ev hover there to basically put it over the car when its charging and as Always you guys know uh, we have four categories, so the product uh look and feel the installation, the functionality and then the cost value so lets get started. Okay. So the first thing that i actually want to point out about this product is that it has really good instructions. Im really super happy to see that theres, actually a box that everything comes in right and then printed instructions, its organized in a bag there, and you can see the cable holder and then with the product itself. My first impression just from taking it out of the box uh super high quality, uh its great that this thing is made in america, which is kind of an extra bonus, so im gon na uh first step is to actually take this plate cover off these screws. Mount that plate ill be doing that and well continue with the review. Okay, so i just unscrewed these two screws um right there. I just took it out and i just wanted to show the brackets. You have to take this bracket off and i found that putting it on its side is probably the best way to do it and just with a little force it comes off.

So the next thing im going to do is im going to mount this bracket. Okay, so i just used the drill bit and the screw gun, and i put the first screw in the thing i do want to point out is that the top? It has like a little lip on the top of that bracket, and you need to make sure that that is on the top, because thats how, when you mount it, it will stay. Secure. Whats great is theres this little level that they have so im just gon na use. This um put it up. There make sure its level im gon na mark those other two holes, then ill drill and then put the screws in there. So ill come right back when thats done. Okay, so thinking a little bit of better angle here, hopefully, im gon na put that top lip in so itll take a second just sort of fit it through there. I can feel it getting through yep and there. It is on so now its just a matter of lining up the screw at the bottom here so um. It looks like its going to be super stable, its just a matter of lining those holes up finding them. So i got the first one just starting get that bad boy threaded there we go, get him started and then ill do the other one. Okay, all right! So i tightened down these two allen screws here and then theres a youll see this green notice here.

Like swings just underneath the garage door um, i did check for that. I should have mentioned it before i finished the mounting. I just did a quick test fit and saw that it was going to swing underneath. So this little green sheet here tells you dont, um cut this cable tie until the thing is installed so im just going to take that off im going to cut the tape, cable tie right here, and then you get an idea now of what this thing actually Is going to do right, so it swings out. This is awesome. Im super impressed with this thing. It swings out and ill show you in a different view in a second uh. The next thing we need to do is to get these carabiners so um. These will actually go into the unit, so just as an example lets put one of these bad boys in there and so im gon na fill the rest of them. I believe theres, eight or nine of them um, and then we will actually run the um. The charging cable over and ill move my car into position, and you can kind of see that super exciting. This is very impressive, all right, so theres, actually a total of nine carabiners and you can see um ive, installed them and now theres a hook. This hook that you put on the end, there is a screw here. I just loosen this screw, so i just pull it out and you just fit this unit in here.

This is ultimately going to hold the end of the charger and what i really like about it is theres two thicknesses right, so the tesla charger is a little thinner, um and thats. Probably why theres one on this side and then, if you have a standard j1772? Well, go on the other side, so again, really great design thought so. Im gon na start now running the cable through these loops, and so you can start getting an idea of what itll ultimately be like right. So next thing you do is just start clicking. The uh cable, through these different carabiners, so im going to do that and then well come back and ill show you it in operation. Okay, so i installed the entire charging cable and what i had actually done was i snaked it all the way. So you had all this extra length at the end and the reason i wanted to do that because i really wanted to show you guys that this thing cannot only stretch nine feet all the way over, but lets say sometimes ill park. My tesla on the other side, so this is actually going to be useful, its i, i believe, its actually going to reach way over there, which is which is just awesome now. Normally, if you dont, have you wouldnt have this? You probably would park your car where im standing and then just plug in right here, so you just pull the slack of the cable over but anyway, the point is that whether your car is parked closer to the um charger or on the other side.

This is, i think, is going to work for either and again ill show you that in a second, so just like another uh point of uh just being impressed with this. Okay, as i was mentioning if the car was parked here, it would be super easy. This. You wouldnt have this cable slack. You would just plug it in here, but whats really really cool. I have this whole thing extended the maximum amount of distance and it actually no problem to plug in the car in way over here. So um. Let me just see if i can. Oh they, i cant get the charge port open, but for sure this will um. Oh there it is i just plug it right in and um you know it actually can can bring it right over here. So this is really an impressive product um i, the only last thing i do want to mention is there is, if you use the portable charger that comes with the tesla. Well, of course all the previous teslas came with it, but if you have the one the mobile charger there is a shelf that is designed for you to mount it. I dont have that, obviously, because i have the um the full power version charger but um. This is included too super nice. All right, so ill be right. Back with my summary, okay, so lets wrap up with the rating for the ev hover. I think you can tell im extremely impressed uh for a product, uh look and feel its a five.

The thing is: super solid well built made in america, love it uh in terms of installation um, its extremely complete the instructions. Were there all the screws, everything of course. Yes, you need a ladder, you need a screw gun, uh drill and so on. To put it in, but i have to give it a five: you just follow the instructions. I did it in just about an hour, total um and then, in terms of functionality, its excellent it just does exactly what its supposed to it is. The tesla of cable organizer for ev charging uh if i could say that they get a five for that category and then in terms of the value and the pricing, its not inexpensive at ‘9, but i dont know anything else, thats like it. I really here. I would give it just a four and a half. I mean just a super minor ding um, because i mean obviously you know you want it well built you want it to last, and it will so thats total of 19 and a half really congratulations. Evie hover! If you guys, you buy this product, youre gon na love it um again. This is ted morena from the tesla owners of silicon valley. Please visit our website if youre, not a member and check out the ev hover. If youre looking for something to organize your charging.