To further boost this, it has an interesting plan in the form of this Music: Music Applause, Music Applause. This is the nexon evmax or the electric version of the nexon suv, but with a bigger battery and an extended range, the manufacturer says it sees a good demand for electric vehicles. Now, in fact, more than 9000 units were sold in the last few months alone, and out of the 20 000 thousand units are of the nexon suv alone. This new nexon evmax will help cater to this demand, while also offering a better claimed range of 437 kilometer to the buyers on a single charge. Now, well obviously tell you about the cosmetic changes and the future editions, but while on the go before we get into the details, if you havent already do subscribe to the karwali youtube channel, hit the bell icon for notifications and give us a thumbs up. If you like this video Music now, while im at it, i also have my colleague wankered with us as hes driven the older version so venkat. What do you think about the visual changes with this one? So, firstly, this is not like an all new car, its a higher version of the nexon ev range, and so there arent really those many exterior changes. You get a new design for the alloy wheels dual tone paint scheme with is electric sunroof and this color scheme thats there, which tata has called intense seed teal insert.

I dont know how you pronounce it exactly yeah bit of a mouthful. Then, apart from them there, there are another two color options: two color options, i think theres a gray and there is a white right. The white is so standard and these dual tone shades are specific to the nexon ev max theres, surprisingly, no badges or anything at the back that same max of any kind, and i suppose that you know the only differentiation is, of course, the alloy wheels and the Dual tone paint scheme, maybe that badge would have given it an exclusivity or thing i mean yeah. That is something that people want right. You youre paying more so youd like to stand out a bit right. I personally think this is one of the best. Looking compact suvs and hence i think i can relate to why people like it so much. I mean in the two years that its been on sale, tatas managed to move over 20 000 of them and for a car in this price range. That should really speak of something right. Yes, but then what about the interior? It looks more or less the same so like the outside, like we said that this is a higher version of the nexon eb. The interiors has not changed at all. You get the same amount of space, headroom legroom front back, fall exactly the same as the standard car uh. What is new, however, is this upholstery, which i think tata calls markana beige, which is specific to the nexon evmax, and i think its specific to this exit plus lux variant for the top of the line model.

Along with this in the standard car, you get another shade of beige and white other than that yeah, i guess its its the same inside Music. Well, i am in a comfortable place and i think so are you, but then what about the features? I think there are some additions. Would you like to shed some light on it? So uh? You know this being priced higher than the car uh the standard model, so i guess 1.8 lakhs thats the price difference for that you get on the stop spec model. You now get ventilated front seats, cruise control, electric sunroof uh. What else this illuminates the gear shift? Dial is now illuminated in the center which, if you think back a little bit hard, you know goes back to the jaguar land rover days where the xf, when it was launched and it pulsed right when it came out. So i guess theyve taken a play on that. You also get wireless charging, which is something that was solely missing on the previous car uh and you also get uh the z connected the z connect app, which tata you connected features. Yes, you get some new connected features. You also get smart watch integration, which is again its in the two years that the nexon has been here. Its picked up in a large way, so i guess it was bound to happen Music. So we have now looked at changes on the outside changes on the inside, as well as updates to the feature list and youve been behind the wheel for quite a bit so whats it like to drive.

Is it very different from the standard nexon? Eb? Not really, in fact, this ones, 100 kilos heavier than the existing nexon ev, but uh. This is as quick and does make quick progress as well. After all, tata motors claims, this one can do the 0 200 kilometer sprint in under 9 seconds in this price category and bracket its actually a really nice number to achieve. To give you the specs, the new nexon evmax is powered by an ip67 rated 40.5 kilowatt hour lithium battery pack as against the 30.2 kilowatt lithium polymer, one on the existing one. This bigger battery comes mated to a permanent magnet synchronous, ac motor, delivering 141 bhp and 250 newton meter of torque. So it still has that pulling power and doesnt feel like it will face any challenge climbing an uphill, but that we shall ascertain later when we get it for a full. Fledged road test now well be focusing on the city conditions, where it certainly will be used for most of the time by all buyers, so youve been at it for quite a bit, and one of the questions that i have is that this car gets an operated Charger, the old one got 3.3 kilowatt hours. This one also gets the option of a 7.2 kilowatt hour for an extra 50 grand. Do you think it will make a difference most? Certainly it will, especially because you can charge this one in like 6.5 hours, plus this one already gets the ccs two type charging port, so it can be just plugged into any public charging public charging port, okay, okay and yeah – that increases its versatility right, yeah, the Biggest advantage of this is that if you can find a 50 kilowatt dc charging outlet, it can charge from 0 to 80 in 56 minutes.

Yes, just under an hour also do note. Tata motors continues to offer the 3.3 kilowatt ac charger, which takes about 15 hours to charge from 10 to 100 from any 15 ampere socket, so prospective buyers can opt for any of these ac charges and install it at their home or office Music. Ah, no! No! How easy is it to drive quite a lot actually given its compact footprint, and we know how easy the regular nexon is to drive. So this is also more or less the same. It uses a single speed transmission for an automatic like drive and better bearings to minimize the rolling energy loss. Also, spring rates have gone up to accommodate the increase in weight. Then damping has also been altered, along with tire pressures, to compensate for additional mass and still keep the dynamics of the car similar. It does feel as capable as the nexon we know. Still. We shall have an in depth idea about this later when we get more time to spend with the car. So one of the things i read is that it gets regen modes. So yes, apart from these three driving modes, the car maker has now added four level regenerative braking. This multi mode provides the driver, the choice of setting region according to his driving style, to maximize the energy. Zero has no region, and one two three are varying levels: adding to breaking and eventually energy recuperation all, depending on driving comfort, different situations and terrain.

After all, it said 79 person buyers get this car for personal usage, 85 percent of these self drive and more than 95 percent prefer home charging. So the more energy you save the better Music. So the nexon evmax costs about rupees 1.8 lakh more than the standard ev, but then for this premium you get about 35 to 40 percent, more driving wage and quite a lot of premium features now heres the exact variant, wise pricing of the evmax, the table, alongside Also shows you the difference over the standard ev for reference now, unless you find the charging process to be a hassle or its price considerably higher than the ic powered siblings, the only other thing might make you rethink before buying. This is limited sources to charge the vehicle, but then remember, tata motors started with 50 charges in five cities and now have 1 300 of them in more than 200 cities. That said, ill still say for a slight premium, just get the 7.2 kilowatt charger for faster charging now, overall, be it for its enhanced range cost effectiveness to use daily or even for all, the suv trades in an electric vehicle.