I want to give a special shout out to a person called eastern duke you guys have it if you guys have never heard of that youtube channel ace of dukes, great channel and ive been wanting to give a card i want. I wanted to start doing greenfield car with more greenville card review, videos and his videos really inspire me to really start doing it again. So hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys will enjoy this video before we start visiting. I explain how this video is gon na work and what im gon na do. Please please, please leave a like smash that, like button turn on all post notifications, so youre notified when i upload im im right now, im gon na go to a one up. One upload one video a week, upload schedule every monday, so i hope you guys are okay. With that comment, let me know what you guys think of the video, if actually what you guys think of the car so without further ado lets get into it again. Special shout out to ace of dukes. Thank you man, so so lets do this so now ive been trying to change up the formula, how i do greenville car review videos – and i took some information from ace of deuce, because his channel is awesome and you know lets be out and be honest right. So now i want to uh go over. So today we are reviewing the 2022 mercedes benz e q s amg line were not were not reviewing, it were not moving.

The regular eqs were doing the amg all right, basically theres someone open sum it all up. Amg gives you faster acceleration, higher top speed and better handling, like i said so without further ado lets, talk about it and uh yeah. So this is what now, how this video is gon na go is im gon na talk about what i like about the car? What i dont, like you, know what my issues with the vehicle because again ive had this vehicle for more than a month. Irl time i got this vehicle in the game like i think last month, so i had it for a while all right and also were also going to do. Some tests were going to do a zero to um 60 brake test 100 brake test. Well, do a 0 to 60 and a 0 to 100 acceleration tests were going to do a lighting test for you guys the lighting for the vehicle, both leds training channels, all that and after that, well um, im going to tell you guys what i think and Its basically is it worth it all right, so first off i want to go over is the price the amg um, the amg eqs is 140 1k, but with the black edition terminal that i have is 142k um, i get another fun fact um, how you know If its amg or not of each us is to grow, if you see that girl you, you dont need to think you know its amg if its, not if it has the stars in it instead and its a regular eqs.

So, first of all things i dont want. First of all the things i dont like about this vehicle things that ive you know. I think i want to talk more deeply about, because again i have been ive owned. This vehicle, basically im going to tell you guys a little bit a little bit also what its like to own this vehicle for more than a month and tell you the ups and downs of my ownership of the eqs amg for the more than the entire month. So im going to tell you guys what its, what its been like. The first thing is at first didnt bother me, but when i start driving it because again i drive the eqs more than any other any more than any other car. I have in my car collection right now right and ill. Tell you right now. I do not like the sound the sound of this vehicle when youre driving around i dont, like it. I really dont like it but theres. Another thing i dont, like um its handling. I dont okay, im, not gon na, say this. I dont hate it or just i dont dislike. I dont strongly dislike the handling. The handling is just a little bit uh, its okay, far better than a regular eqs for sure um, but um. Any issues ive had with the vehicle were the actually the um right headlight. So sometimes, when i get in the car, the right headlight led doesnt turn on im driving with one led working one, not working.

I turn the right tensioner on and turn it off and then it works. This has happened to me six seven times already, so you know other than that things i like about it. I love the way the car looks. The car is vehicle very efficient, 400 miles of range on a single charge, very efficient. It drives extremely smooth right and good brakes and again, like i said i do like the way it looks like thats, why i got it one of the reasons i got it and its affordable, for you know so without further ado lets go ahead and do the Break test and acceleration test then were going to talk about the so the lighting and were going to see. Is it worth it so lets see you guys in the break test. Three: two one break not bad for a five thousand six hundred pound um electric uh sedan, not bad, not bad, look were gon na. Do the 100 mile an hour break test and lets see if this people can pass flying colors the brake test, also um, actually, by the way, i will be doing a um by the way um. If you guys want to know um, i will be testing out the ab um, the automatic braking stickers automatic braking because again, this vehicle comes with all the features: automatic, braking automatic lighting and automatic um on automatic lighting, automatic braking and blinds not monitoring but uh. All right, because all that three two one break not not too bad, not too bad thats, the acceleration test um, were going to test it by the way.

Also um. I could say this right now. I did. I have again, like you said now, as you guys know, i have playing and, as you guys know, um i i do play google public service too, and i say right now: the abe. The automatic braking system on this car is quite good, so, Music, everyone, Music, Music, Music, Music, two one go five point three seconds. So this thing from zero to sixty, and so once this thing went from j60 and three point there. Five, no three point four seconds and zero to a hundred and five point: three nine seconds: thats, not bad, not bad at all, not bad at all, not bad at all. So now its the big boy time, trying to tell you guys is it – is its vehicle worth it, but before i actually know before i do that the lighting test now lets talk about what i like about this vehicle. I do love the reverse lights. I think theyre awesome. I love the turquoise on this car theyre very detailed, and i love that that lights like when they light up, but look at this it looks so good. It really looks so good and its just such a great looking car and i love it. I dont i do not regret spending 140 some k in this for this car. I dont, i dont regret it. I dont regret it whatsoever. So the question is: is this car worth worth the money im gon na, be honest with you.

If you were in the market for the regular non, a regular eqs, not the amg im talking about the regular eqs, i would say no its just its just no ive driven a regular eqs before i cut it before i got mg. I did try out the regular eqs, kept it for like a week or so and like im, trying to no its just if the healing doesnt feel as responsive, because one thing i will say that handling on the amg feels a lot more responsive im. A lot more engaging the norman quest, it doesnt feel like that um. So if, if you were to get so, if i, if i had to say, is it worth it i would say the amg in my opinion of the eqs is worth is worth it. Yes, regular one, not so much so if you want to eqs, i would recommend the amg if youre going to get the regular version, get the get the premium 450 plus thats what you should get. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video and that the next, the next vika i will be reviewing on this video. The next vehicle i will be reviewing – is the 2022 kia stinger scorpion trim yeah. If you guys, like kias, thats your next card review and see again that crack only for even longer ive owned that for even longer a little bit a little bit longer, because i got that vehicle at the tail at the like.

The tail end not like the very very end but like the starting to start just starting till end of february, so i i did not buy it last month. I bought it before then ive had a vehicle for over a month quite a bit over a month. Right and i still have the ksm its been through multiple color changes and rim changes, but its still the same exact kia. I purchased back in february still the same car just different coloring room changes over the top over time. So, im going to give you guys a review video because thats going to be interesting. I got a lot to say on that.