So before we go all max with the tata next, on ev dont forget to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell. If youre new to our channel – and we are also present on instagram, the handle will be right over here. Go ahead and check out our page and follow us there as well now lets begin with the review of the tata nexon ev max Music, so the nexon evmax has the same key as the nexon, so you have four buttons: lock unlock hold to unlock the boot And then you have the follow me lights, so the car still looks the same. I was hoping to see led headlights with this nexon evmax, but we still get projector headlamps with a reflector high beam headlamp with that the car gets led drls, which are doubled up for the turn indicators as well in the center. You have a broad piano black grille, which looks really good, and you have ev badging with that. You get halogen fog, lamps, which double up for coronary lamps and on the bumper you get black rubber cladding with silver skid plate. In fact, the blue inserts on the nexon stars look really good. The car is still powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, but now it delivers 20 ps more so the maximum power has gone up to 143 ps and the torque is up by 5 newton meters. Bringing it to 250 newton meters, this motor can take you from 0 100 in just 9 seconds, and it has a top speed of 140 kilometer per hour.

The battery pack is also improved and it is 33 larger than the nexon ev. Battery capacity is 40.5 kilowatt hour, which means you get more range. The ara i claimed range of this car is 437 kilometers, which is almost 30 percent more than the nexon ev. You might think. Bigger battery pack means more charging time, but this car can be charged in just 6.5 hours with the 7.2 kilowatt charger that you can get with the nexon evmax at just rupees, 50 000. You get a standard 3.3 kilowatt charger with the nexon evmax as well, but that will take a longer time. It is better to take the 7.2 kilowatt charger and if you plug this car to a fast charger, it will get you from zero to 80 percent. In just 56 minutes from the side profile: well, it does look like a nexon. It is available in three different colors and two variants exit plus and exit plus lux. Today we have with us the xz plus lux, the car gets big silver grab rails and the paint schemes available are all dual tone in this nexon evmax. With that you have black b pillar, and then you have a blue shoulder line which symbolizes the electric revolution. With that, the door gets rubber, cladding electronically adjustable and retractable orvms and ev badging on the front door. With a larger battery pack, the car weighs 100 kg more than the nexon ev, so the weight hovers around 1500 kgs and the ground clearance goes slightly down, but it is still around 190 mm, which is decent enough for your city usage, as well as your short Tools, the car gets 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels with a 215 by 60 section mrf wanderer on it, and now for better braking performance and safety.

The nexon evmax gets all four disc brake. The looks at the rear are still the same, and the blue shoulder line runs from the drivers side, a pillar around the car to the passenger side, a pillar which gives it a connecting effect between the two tail lights. Well, the tail lights are led with that. You have bulb turned indicators and bulb reverse parking indicator with that it gets a shark fin. Antenna high mounted stop light rare defoggers with washer and viper as part of the reverse parking system. You get a camera mounted below the tata logo and two reverse parking sensors on the bumper. Despite of having a bigger battery pack, the boot space has not been compromised, it is still 350 liters and the complete battery pack has been adjusted in the floorboard of the car, so you get a bigger range, but you do not compromise on your boot. Space now lets get inside the car Music. I really like this leather seats with base treatment. They are very comfortable. However, the under the support is slightly low for an adult, but it is decent enough for your long drives. The back comfort is good. The headrests are adjustable, but you only get two headrests so for the third person do not sit in this car because you have a center armrest with cup holders. The front seats are scooped out, so you have decent amount of new room. However, someone about six feet will have slight problems in sitting on the rear seat.

In fact, for the rear passenger comfort, you do get rare ac vents plus you do get 12 volt charging socket, but its very oddly positioned its behind the headrest of the left passenger on the doors as well. You get this premium base treatment, which looks really good with that you have chrome, handlebars and a speaker with twitter on all the four doors. The windows are power windows with that you have space to keep one liter bottle and an umbrella now lets get in the drivers, seat, Music, say hello to the most comfortable seat of the car, with good amount of thigh support, as well as lumbar support. This is a good seat for long drives. In fact, now in the nexon evmax, you do get ventilated seats, which is a good plus in these summers. The seat is very soft and comfortable and the same leatherate beige treatment has been given to the front row as well on the drivers side door as well. You get the same premium. Leatherette finish. All the four windows are power windows, but not even the driver side gets one touch functionality with that it has the orvm controls with a chrome, handlebar and a big pocket to keep a one. Liter bottle an umbrella as well as a duster. The car gets a eight speaker, harmon system, which means you get one speaker on each door with one tweeter. The car gets a dual tone dashboard with a slightly hard plastic on the top, a piano black treatment in the center, which gets blue nexon inserts.

In fact, the ac vents also get this blue treatment, which is same on the shoulder line and at the bottom, its beige, the car, gets a flat bottom steering wheel. Just like you see on the ultras, the horn button is big. It runs from the left side to the right side. In fact, all these steering controls are mounted on the horn button. On the left hand, side are the instrument control button and, on the right hand, side is the cruise control button with mid control buttons. The car also gets automatic wipers, as well as automatic headlights. Now coming to the instrument cluster, you get a blue treatment around the instrument cluster to complement the electric evolution that the nexone is bringing on the right hand. Side is the analog speedometer and on the left hand, side is a 7 inch tft. So on the tft, you have a multi information display in the center, which can give you trip readings as well as odor reading, and then you have the settings. You also have energy flow representation. On the left hand side, you do not have a tachometer, but you do get a regenerator meter and a drive meter and now in the next one ev you have option to select between the regenerative mode. So there are four regenerative mode, starting from zero, which is basically off so there will be no intrusion at all and then going all the way up to level three, which is the most intrusive.

With that on the top you get battery percentage and the range that is available for the car, the active mode is shown in the center and the drive mode does change the color theme of the instrument cluster in the center. You still get to see the same. Seven inch touchscreen by harman, i was hoping to see a bigger and a better in response touch screen on the nexan ev max, but we still have the same. It does get android, auto and apple carplay with that this car does get air purifier. So right now the aqi is 25. Now lets check out how this harmon system sounds Applause, so very good stereo system, just like we see on the altros and the nexon below the infotainment screen, are the ac vents and then are the controls for the automatic climate control. And then you have a 12 volt charging socket with a usb socket in the center. Is this new jeweled drive mode knob, which also displays the active mode you are in and with that you have two buttons to push the car into sports mode or eco mode, and now this car gets electronic parking brakes with auto hold feature. You can also change the regeneration levels using these buttons, so you can increase it or turn it off completely with that it gets a wireless charger and then is this armrest. The club compartment is more than sufficient. It is very big, it is cool and it does get a light.

It has two cup holders and a side pocket with that. You do have share car inside the glove compartment in the center is an auto dimming irvm with that are led cabin lights and then is a sunroof and just like any other car in the market. The nexon evmax also gets connected features. So there is a list of 48 features that can be accessed using the zconnect app that you get with tata nexon. The safety list on this car is also max with abs, with ebd and two airbags. It does get electronic parking brakes with auto hold function. It also has hill ascend control, as well as hill descent control, with that it also gets esp with iv back, which is a new intelligent vacuum, less boost and active control technology that tata has introduced in the nexon evmax now its time for us to take the Nexon evmax on the city, roads of delhi and see how it performs and before you go on a drive, dont forget to wear your seatbelt and follow all road safety rules: Music, Applause, Music. The seats are very comfortable now they are cushiony and soft, with good amount of thigh support, as well as lumbar support. The comfort is enhanced with the addition of ventilated seats for the front row. The ac also works really well right now, its 46 degrees outside and you cant feel the heat inside the cabin. However, the car does smartly cut off the air conditioner, sometimes when the system is hot or when additional power is required on sports mode Music.

Talking about the performance, its just push of a pedal away. The moment you pin down the pedal to the floor. All the 250 newton meters of torque kicks in the three driving modes, alter the response of the throttle, with sports mode being the quickest and giving the least range. The top speed is limited to 140 kilometer per hour and can be achieved in all three modes. Just the time to get, there will vary. The power delivery is very linear in the eco mode and super raw in the sports mode. The city mode, obviously is the middle ground, and i feel driving in eco mode is the best. If you use this car for commute, because even in eco, the response is quicker than an ic engine plus the car will offer the highest range that could be close to around 400 kilometers, but still it will depend on outside temperature and the way you drive the Performance of the motor is really good and by the time you look down at the speedo, its already crossing the 80 mark Music, the steering is very adaptive and responsive. It offers good feedback when at low speeds, its very quick and agile. It is really easy to maneuver the car in the city at higher speed. It acts stiff, providing good stability and control Music. The four discs in combination with abs and new esp are a delight to operate. They offer good amount of feedback. However, the bite is not as crisp as it should be for a full disc braking system.

Definitely it has an edge over the previous system, but still has a scope of improvement. The intelligent vacuum less boost and active control system enables modulation between the braking and regeneration system, for the most efficient combination for highway drives its better to keep region off and, while in city traffic use it at level 3 as it can enable single pedal driving the Suspension setup is on a softer side, enhancing the comfort in the cabin. The spring rate of the suspension is higher as compared to nexon ev to compensate the additional weight without compromising the ground clearance. Despite that, the body roll is very well controlled, plus the car doesnt compromise on its agility. I feel due to equal weight distribution across the floorboard. The handling is even better Music. The drive is smooth noiseless and vibration. Free the performance is also good now and so is the range it does miss out on some features that i was expecting to see on this evmax, especially transitioning to all led saving even further on battery power, but i feel well have to wait for that to Happen until then, this one does cater to your requirements. Music. There is no denying the fact that this is a silent car and with extra range and more performance, this one is a better deal over nexon ev, but then with more range, more performance, more safety and more features. You also have to pay a premium, and this one will cost you 19.

24 lakhs ex showroom daily for the xz plus lux variant with a 7.2 kilowatt charger. The nexon ev max starts at 17.74 lakhs ex showroom daily. So the choice is yours. I hope this video was helpful, for you do give it a thumbs up and if you are new to our channel hit that subscribe button ring that bell, so that you are never missing out. Any update from us do share this video with your family and friends, and we are also present on instagram, facebook and twitter. The handle will be right over here. Go ahead, check out our pages and follow us there as well.