A lot of people are shouting out and suggesting people to go green, but today we have for you a little bit of orange, which is on the greener side. This is the pure eevee e pluto Music. How good is the design the fit and finish, and how good is the performance of this electric scooter? Pure electric scooters have been in the market for a very long time now. It is safe to say that the market has accepted battery operated scooters more than pure electric motorcycles. The pure ev pluto 7g has a very generic scooter design, and that is a good thing. It doesnt try too hard to please and impress with ev quirks, and that makes this design language easy to digest. Pure ev retails, two variants of the scooter, the e pluto and the e pluto 7g, and we have with us the 7g variant which offers better range and better performance. For my height of 5 feet 8 inches. You can see that there is enough space on this e pluto 7g, even while riding it. I felt at ease and daily city commutes wont, be a problem at all. Also, thanks to the universal scooter design, this one blends well in traffic, and it is just the bright color option which pops out and turns heads customers have an option of total 6 color ways with this e pluto 7g features include a circular led headlamp with a Chrome bezel some extra chrome as the border of the front apron, which flows till the side, profile, chrome, ornament on the front, mudguard led drls and turn indicators on the front.

Apron 10 inch dual tone: alloy wheels, telescopic front forks, practical and flat foot floor carved out section for the pillion feet, rear side, step contrast, body, decals, curvaceous, rear body panel, single piece, contoured seat, silver painted rear grab; rail chrome accents for the tail lamp plastic panels Covering the rear, wheel, components in body color, dual rear shock, absorbers, removable battery pack placed under the seat round shaped rear view, mirrors a useful lockable glove compartment and a luggage hook. Above with the pure eve, pluto 7g, you get a full digital led screen, which shows you your mode selected, speed, readout, odometer and battery percentage. You cant see the range left over here and we wish that this was on offer. Switchgear quality is acceptable and we think it will improve with more mass production and experience. Your right thumb has access to the mode selector and the park button, and there are some chrome accents on the handlebar too, for a premium touch. Interestingly, this scooter also has keyless operation making use of an external remote key, so you need not have the key slotted in the ignition top speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Music pluto 7g is a 2.5 kilowatt hour patented battery pack, coupled to a bldc motor with 1.5 kilowatt nominal power and 2.2 kilowatt peak power within a metallic casing. The scooter makes use of nmc cells for optimum performance. This e pluto 7g also has regenerative braking function which pushes some juice back into the battery pack, while breaking and decelerating the brand claims gradability of 12 degrees and a 0 to 40 kilometer per hour sprint time in 5 seconds.

This e pluto 7g has a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour, while the lower priced model can only ride up to 25 kmph. This 7g model has a range between 90 to 120 kilometers on a full charge. The battery pack is removable, so you can charge it anywhere and put that range anxiety to rest. The battery, though, is a little heavy to move around with, with my weight of 78 kg this pure eve, pluto 7g managed a top speed of just under 60 kilometers per hour for riding it up to its top speed. You will have to ride it in mode 3, which is the highest setting. What really impressed us is the range we were riding it in mode 2 or mode 3 for maximum amount of time, and even after riding it for over 70 kilometers, we still had almost half the battery charge left as seen on the speedometer. However, the battery bar display on the speedometer has different values in percentage. In reality, we started off at 1048 kilometers on the odometer and ended our journey at one one, one: nine kilometers on the odometer, and even after that, we are sure that this scooter could have easily done 20 to 30 kilometers more. If we would have used only mode 1, 120 kilometers would have surely been an easily achievable range number. So what pure eevee is claiming? That number does make sense and you will get that range. I have to mention that we were riding it on a hot sunny day in mumbai, with temperature of over 37 degrees, and we did not notice any drop in performance, which is promising.

The ride and handling package is neutral too and very comfortable. It is a very easy and light scooter to ride, and everyone in your family will appreciate it tipping the scale at 76. Kg living with the scooter is an easy task, even when you are stuck in traffic. Suspension tuning is ideal for the indian road condition and the setup is more towards the comfort side, which is a good thing for your daily commutes. The seat is reasonably long and supportive too, so two of riding should not be a concern making lock to lock. U turns is also not a problem, as the handlebar does not foul, with the riders knees. Tubeless tires front, disc, brake and a rear drum brake, ensure that you are aware of what the scooter is doing at all times. Braking performance is sufficient for what the scooter is meant to do. Overall, this is a very sensible electric, two wheeler to own, with a range claim that is actually delivered in real world and a respectable top speed so that you are not a slow sitting duck on the roads. You will appreciate the package of this pure ev e pluto 7g other fancy. Electric scooters are priced, much higher, have more tech, but then they do not have enough range to take you further for peace of mind. You have 3 years or 40 000 kilometers of warranty on this e pluto 7g scooter. So what do you think? A pure eevee e pluto? 7G electric scooter comments.

The range is very, very respectable, scooter car daily. It looks decent too, and it is quite accommodating as well. Do ask me, and i will try my best to help you out so that you can make an informed buying decision.