If you see a green plate attached to a car odds, are its a tata nexon eevee as a car that fell right under the rupees 15 lakh government. Subsidy price cap it hit the sweet spot and, with the 250 kilometer real world range, it was ideal for inner city commutes. Not only is the tata nexon ev indias best selling ev the fact that it had an eevee alternative made the nexon, the best selling suv in the country, replacing even the mighty hyundai creta. So the question is, with the new model in place. Why starter trying to fix something that isnt broken Music enter the tata nexon ev max on the surface? It doesnt really look very different from the standard nexon ev, its got, the same architecture, the same dimensions and apart from this new color scheme, it looks pretty much the same. However, the most significant changes are underneath the surface, because the nexon evmax gets a larger battery pack, 30 larger to be specific, and that means more power and less range anxiety offering over 83 kilometers of additional real world range as compared to the nexon ev. But before we get into the details, lets get a few things out of the way. Firstly, the tata nexon evmax isnt here to replace the standard nexon ev both will continue to operate in their own domains. With the former built to tackle the inner city commute where the latter is here to take on the highways.

Secondly, with the starting price of rupees 17.74 lakhs, the tatan exxon, evmax isnt eligible for government subsidies, unlike the entry level, nexon ev and thirdly, the evmaxs 40.5 kilowatt hour battery, along with a few other safety features, adds roughly 100 kilograms. The cars overall weight, even lowering the ride height by 10 millimeter how this alters the way this car drives is what were here to find out. If you thought the changes to the car were limited to the size of the battery pack, you were mistaken. Yes, on the inside, the steering wheel shape remains the same, as does the overall layout of the dash take a closer look and youll find a few standard changes that really help elevate. The interiors, starting with this jewel knob, which comes standard across all variants, its straight out of jaggers and land rovers of the past. Then you have wireless charging. Ventilated seats, youve even got three separate driving modes which, when pressed and engaged you get this crisp, aural feedback from city drive mode activated. It also tells you how it changes the range of the car, so if youre in sport mode, for example, the range of the car is different and if youre in eco mode youll immediately find it activated, youll immediately find an increment in the range theres. Also, a multi regen brake mode system which allows you to control the level of regenerative braking you want working alongside its standard brakes. The tata nexon ev max did manage to check all the boxes.

At no point does it feel deficient in power. In fact, you just tap the throttle and it surges ahead, makes this clean whistling noise uh, which is always refreshing to hear and so far ive not really grown too used to it. There are a few things that im not that big, a fan of to begin with this jouled knob. While it does look nice, i much prefer something thats, a bit more tactile that feels more solid, because when you use it, it kind of feels like a washing machine knob, and you always have to look at what mode youre in um, because theres no solidity to It as such, secondly, for a car that costs as much as it does, i mean it does bring you into fairly competitive territory. I think data could do well with putting better plastics, because the one on the bottom half of the dash are just they just feel a little flimsy and i think thats the only aspect that otherwise can diminish how this car can make. You feel inside. Of course, the range ive not been able to test it out completely and thats. Something were going to have to do on another day, yeah its, not its, not going to be a thrilling drive, but the suspension, all of it, which tata motors had claimed, has been tweaked in accordance with the additional 100 kgs which it gains in weight. Doesnt seem to have altered the right, its not particularly stiff, its fairly softly sprung, but not so much that it induces a lot of body roll around the corners.

You know this is still a bottom heavy eevee and, as such, you get flat contouring great performance on tap yeah color me impressed now, of course, coming to its neatest little party trick, which is the multi regen modes, that it has its fairly simple to operate. Theres a little button here that shows you, the levels that go up and all you have to do is build speed up its off at the moment. The only way to really show you is, you know, by gauging the speed of the trees passing by and in zero. I take my foot off the throttle and the car continues to just cruise not really lost any speed. Speed loss is very, very gradual, so it allows you to essentially cruise on highways now thats level, one level two and thats level, three thats, the maximum setting for the multi regen mode. As soon as you take it off my foot off the brake, the car is starting to slow down again and immediately. You can see the regenerative brakes just playing their role, taking effect and doing a phenomenal job. I mean i was fiddling with this feature earlier in the audi drawn, which obviously being far more expensive in premium. It provides you a paddle shift to be able to tweak the level of regenerative, braking and thats a fairly neat feature, because the way evs operate, theyre bottom heavy and they carry a lot more momentum because of the weight and therefore its always good.

To have regenerative. Braking not only assisting you in recuperating power, but also in helping bringing the car to a grinding halt. The battery size and regenerative modes on the only way tata has managed to squeeze more range from the evmax. It also gets a new vacuum, less iv back system that allows for more effective cooperation between the disc brakes and the regenerative brakes, along with low resistance, tires giving you just that extra bit of range now youre, probably wondering what role does the evmax fulfill in indias Ev ecosystem and the way the eevee landscape is, at the moment, its pretty sparsely populated with some very expensive, very premium, evs on one end and just a handful of entry level suvs on the other, and that, i believe, is where the nexon dv max comes in Its going to help essentially bridge the gap between the entry level and the premium, its not going to be able to do it entirely by itself, but it certainly has a leg up over its competition, which is a lot more expensive and not considerably more powerful. What tata motors has done with this car is show a vote of confidence in the ev buyer in the internal combustion car buyer. Who can now take a leap of faith and go for a card that can tackle highways that can be taken to a road trip and more than that, its also a vote of confidence in the burgeoning but patchwork ev infrastructure.

Now, tata, power has set up about 1300 fast chargers in the country, but with a car like this tata motors is working with tata power to essentially earmark densely populated highways, which could use far more dc chargers and when thats in place, cars like these will seem.