Auto show in front of us is the new citroen ami. This is a fully electric little car. It kind of reminds me of the smart when it launched, but its not even close to smart, because this is just like a plastic box on wheels connected to a battery and its. I dont know its funny, but ive been ignoring this car since munich ea when it was launched, but i guess uh you might be interested in seeing one. So we have a standard version, this ones like a sport package, and then we have the cargo version on the rear. You can see the front one. This sport package has the black badge on the top uh and this bumper, the other one doesnt im gon na focus on this one that im gon na show you the difference on the other one. So on the front and the rear of this car, it looks exactly the same. So if i do a little walk around of this car, you can see that front and rear are identical. Look at this! If you remove the spoiler, you dont know wheres the beginning, wheres the end. Look at this besides looking at the taillights. These are your turn signals and then coming to the front again turn signals and headlights. So i dont know it looks a little cute car but honestly i wouldnt feel safe in this car and im going to show you why theres a one wiper here on the front, i dont think you can open the front.

If you can. I really dont know how it comes on this small steel wheels with the plastic hub cap, so its 155 65 r14 and whats interesting. You also have a like a glass roof uh its not tinted, though you have this spoiler. This feels like really rubberized but its just a black plastic and then some sort of colorized plastic im, not sure how this is going to look when it fades out on the sun for the years, then you have like really retro side mirrors and there, and so On the driver end, you have the suicide door, so you press here, you can unlock the car. You press in. It opens up the front doors and thats it. On the other side, you have normal doors. So let me just go to the other side. So, on this end, its normal its, where you would expect it on a modern vehicle now uh just to show you why i dont feel in such a safe in such a car. So you can see plastic here and theres like nothing saving you. If you get t boned uh, there is like a frame chassis, but if someone t bones you directly into the doors i wouldnt want to be in the car honestly, this is to pull to close. You can open this by pressing down here, and then you pop the window. You can just extending all way there or just pop it back and it just clicks.

This is to pull to close, and from this end you can unlock from the inside. You can see here you can put a like a here. We have like a rubber mat. You can put a carry on case there theres like a net here. You can put your groceries here and from this end, you can see you need a physical key theres like a smartphone holder here, heater fan, i dont think theres ac here and you have hazards and one usb a theres, a little room behind the seats theres a Washer fluid behind there, like i dont, know some circuits and the seats, the passenger seat is fixated. This is soft. This is soft, but god forbid he hit this. This is very hard, so im gon na come to the other side and just jump in the car. Also, no tint no heaters on the rear, so with no ac i dont know this car can get really compensated so over here is the same im gon na actually pop this window. So i dont get suffocated inside and look at this. This is like drive neutral. Reverse thats, where you operate the automatic, you can slide the front seat so thats it, and this is how you open theres, a cup holder here and a blue symbol. Oh oop get in there and lets hear the closing sound, so its a solid closing, sound uh. If i zoom to y lens, you can see the interior, you have this um interesting steering wheel, its uh rubberized and uh theres, no airbags, so you die like a man.

Theres no need for protection. Well, you can, you know, die like a man. I dont know. Uh this looks freaky, i mean its a little bit scary honestly, when you think about. If you get crushed in this car, i dont i wouldnt want to be inside, of course, theyve reinforced this, but actually this is plastic. This is reinforced, so it definitely would be an interesting point of view driving in seeing all of this retail space with the glass, but its definitely interesting there, okay, zooming back in so uh. You have this small screen. If i turn on the hazards, it kind of just shows the electronics and thats it, and you have like this. This is like adjustable here, and all of this can be removed. Then over here, as well so its like, i dont know i can get it in different colors thats, the air vent. I believe and thats it you can see. The inside is like i like a frame so if you tip over its gon na hold together, but i dont know if the glass breaks. I believe this is safety glass, but still uh, and then you can open or close this. You can see like view for the side mirrors. I guess you need to like manually adjust them. You know if you want to see that and then, if you like open this one up, you can like adjust that one sort of so you can see that um.

Its definitely interesting, but i dont know uh seat belt is not adjustable its here. So tell me in the comments: what do you think about this car? I dont know uh besides the safety part, i mean this is this? Is street legal but uh im, not sure if i would want to take this on the road, and i think when you check the uh cargo version im not even sure how to close this properly um. If you check the cargo version im going to show you uh its, how would i say youre going to see the purpose of this car so just to show you its a fully electric car 5.5 kilowatt hour battery thats, a really small battery uh has auto autonomy Of 75 kilometers – i guess this is vltp im, not really sure in the real world. If you would get like 60, maybe you would get something around 70. It takes three hours to charge. I assume its an ac. I didnt even saw where the plug is to be honest, so thats interesting, wheres, the plug on this car thats an interesting question. I havent figured it out to be honest, so pressing things, maybe its gon na pop up somewhere, but uh. No. So this is the concept of the car, and but where is the outlet its an interesting question? I assume it might be somewhere in the front. You can see like some sort of parts there, but i honestly dont know: okay, uh lets show you the cargo area.

Theres a gentleman watching the cargo version, so im gon na wait for him to finish up so continuing on with the cargo version. So you can see it. Doesnt have painted uh bumper, its just all great plastic uh. But if you come to this end, youre gon na see whats the purpose of this car. So, as you can see, you have like a shelf here, so imagine you can put a clipboard here. This is something you would use on an airport as a shuttle car. You could put this up, but it seems that you can take it out as well, and then you can see here theres a luggage room theres like a uh, feather points here and here and im not sure. Oh, this goes like this yeah, so you can put that in there theres a room for luggage. There will be room for seat here and uh. You can, i guess, push in here to open this, so theres like a little compartment there and so im, not sure. If this is a chargeboard, i mean honestly, actually i opened it so theres definitely washer fluid. You can actually see through. Oh my god, uh. I dont think this is place to charge the car and i havent figured out honestly where to where the plug is. But you can see this extra divider is added to the cargo one and over here the same just different colors. So push this back in thats the purpose of the cargo version so im assuming you know that this could be an airport car.

So you can use this one to taxi people and you can use this one to taxi luggage for like priority people, so definitely all the same. Looking there and of course you have your like turn signals, i showed you turn signals intervals and yeah. The rest is pretty much the same in this one. Let me just get inside switch to wide lens. I think the seat could go a little bit whoops. I like that, and you can see that so definitely looks like youre in an airport. Just here im missing the reflective vest but yeah thatll, be it but no ac. Imagine all this glass and a lot of sun in the summer thats crazy. So i hope you have ac, but i dont think theyve managed to fit ac inside this car so thats it. That was the old citroen uh. If you know where the charging port is, please do leave a comment below and im going to read it. Definitely. I cant figure out where the charge put is in this car.