But today we are heading out to marrickville metro, to check out evs new dc fast charger in the car park and there it is right there. There is marekville metro right there ahead of us, so as always look for the car park and also look for the charger at the same time. Okay, so this is marek for metro. Just be careful of pedestrians, as always looks like quite a nice shopping center theres. Some food outlets there well go check those out while were charging its a shared zone, so just be patient with pedestrians, okay, so, according to plug share, it is in the newer car park on the corner of smidmore and edinburgh. So this looks like the newer car park as opposed to the other one so on level. Two yellow apparently so lets have a look up this ramp. Hopefully we land on the yellow car park, yellow nice all right, so theres always a bit of a treasure hunt on where the charges are so it looks like theres no parking limit or ticket at least that i can see no license plate recognition, so normally theyre In a corner somewhere, no signage where they are currently so well just keep looking there. We are straight ahead straight ahead, excellent, well, Music! Well back in because we know the charger is on the left: Music, okay, so theres, the back camera. Okay, excellent lets press park. All right lets go check it out.

Okay, so welcome to marrickville metro ev charging station go electric, go anywhere, love the signage trademark, ev logo, fast charger, so its a tritium, rtm charger 50 kilowatts, both sides charge mo and ccs2 as well. If youve got an rfid card, you can use that to tap its very easy to use. I didnt bring mine today so well use the app today and theres a station id ms 036b, and, as always, these charges are funded by the australian governments. Australian renewable energy agency arena – and this is a tritium charger, as we can see right there, all right so around the charger itself. Good signage electric vehicles accepted only while charging shops are this way. I, like that dont forget your reusable bags, its quite a handy reminder and uh whats cool on this side too, is that theres actually another ev. Another kia must be a day for keys. This is a kia nero so thats charging as well, which is good to see when its occupied, like that uh. The other side cannot be used, which is slightly different from the other ev charges. Weve seen so and on the floor you might have seen as were driving in the floor is marked as well. Presumably, under the cars you can see the ev logo all right lets get things started so lets follow the instructions so lets press the button to start ccs connect ccs plug to your vehicle. Okay, we shall do so.

The port on the kia ev6 is on the right side. So, yes, the cable does stretch theres, actually a pulley as well so extends slightly. If you need that extra length and to open the ev6 charge port, we just tap it like that flips open and we remove the dc flap like this, so everything is exposed literally just plug it in like that all right. So now we have to use the app because we dont have the ifid card today. So there we go lets press charge, lets scan the qr code right there, okay, connector, two 50 kilowatt ccs2 is available. Lets press that and its 40 cents per kilowatt hour. 50. Kilowatts ccs2 lets press begin. Okay, its fine paypal is what weve got got a click behind me. Eb started thats, good okay, so you can see there. It will flick to the right very quickly to show you how much charge were getting not going. Is it i dont know, have you stopped? Why is it stopped its because weve got too much charge its weird? Do that again? Okay, try that again, okay, Music! Okay, your charge session is underway. Great look at this. Maybe theres too much charge a few moments later. So, my okay, okay, so we moved the car to this parking spot to uh a and uh. We can see that its working, which is great, were concerned at first, maybe because the car had such a high state of charge that it wouldnt charge but im glad to see that even with the car at 97, it is charging.

Obviously, it wont stay very long because uh its such a high state of charge well do another speed test another day, but its definitely working for unit 1 or unit a and um good to see. The kia is dc fast charging away here, very nice okay. So when the car is charging uh, you can see that in five minutes time, itll reach 100 percent, its charging at 36 kilowatt, which is basically what it was pulling from the machine as well: Music. Okay, now that uh, this spot is free. We can now have a look at the logo on the ground and the ev charging logo as well, and there are the charges right there. Okay, so were going to demonstrate how to stop charging now so lets press stop. Okay, all right and im going to pull out now, thats it joys going to latch it back on the cradle excellent, all done and on the car were just going to put the dc cover back on Music and press the button and the door shuts excellent. So there we are the evdc fast chargers at marekville, metro, great location in a very cool shopping center with some great restaurants and what exactly happened with charger b? Well, when i got home to edit this video, i looked at plug share to find that ev had commented. Charger 2 is currently down due to a hardware fault. We will provide a planned resolution date once it is known.

Ev networks apologizes for any inconvenience caused phew that makes me feel better all along. I thought it might have been my stomach getting the better of me. Thank goodness for that yummy malaysian food at nanyang malaya cafe that was so delicious ill have to go back there with our model 3, once ev fixes charger b.