But just because my phone is a little bit older doesnt make it irrelevant in todays market. Now the same could be said about the 2021 kona electric, which starts from roughly 29 000 pounds in the uk. And if you go for the larger 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, it can be found for roughly 35 000 pounds now. Indeed, the kerner electric is available in two battery pack: models: a ‘ and 64 kilowatt hour sizes, and here what youll find is the former gets around 180 miles, while the latter gets 300 miles on the wltp cycle. Now, in our own mixed driving test, we netted 240 to 260 miles, which is certainly impressive, although all not that surprising. The reason we say that is because the previous kona electric, the non facelift model, achieved the same score and likewise did the kia niro and the kia soul ev. Now something worth bearing in mind is that we use the normal driving mode with the climate controls, enabled and also go on the motorway country, roads and also within any city commutes to attain our figure. So, therefore, you might get lower or higher, depending on how or where you drive now. Another very important factor is the fact that we have a heat pump installed in the kona electric, and the reason this is of importance is because this used to be included as standard in the higher trim levels. But unless thats no longer the case and as a result means that youll have to shell out around 900 pounds, so something you might want to consider if you live, for example in the uk or potentially might be of somewhat redundant to you if you live.

For example, in the us now, something that we would like to also highlight is the fact that the hyundai group have removed the functionalities and customization of the rajendra breaking levels. You still have the flappy paddles found behind a steering wheel whereby you can adjust between zero level, one level two and level three, and also you have the ability to enable smart recuperation via the infotainment system, which is quite handy and therefore automatically tries to figure out How we should decelerate the vehicle, however, we do find it quite cumbersome. The fact that when we change driving modes, the last preset mode is not saved. This used to be able to be selected by the infotainment system and now thats been taken away all together by the later firmware updates. We can only presume and as a result right now, if we were to go on to drive mode and lets, say just drive couple of meters and then go on to stop, go on to drive modes and switch to sport, switch back to eco and then go To normal mode, which were previously on you can see now the rejection braking level has gone to level one, whereas before we had it on level, three, not sure why the hyundai group have chosen to remove that very useful function, meaning that you dont have to faff Around with the regenerative braking levels, each time you step inside, but nevertheless thats the case now elsewhere were just going to go forwards a little bit and bring the car to a complete standstill.

Now weve lift off from the accelerator pedal and if we hold down on the left, flappy paddle, you can bring the car to a complete standstill. That is a good inclusion, but yet again in comparison to what else you can find out there specifically from the hyundai group, whereby you have got the ability to have a true one pedal driving approach. Well, thats, not quite the case, youll have to resort to using the flappy paddle each time you want to come to a complete standstill or, of course, place on the regular or traditional brake pedal. They also call it one paddle driving mode, which i find absolutely ridiculous, but one paddle driving mode is effectively one pedal driving mode. But of course you having to press on that pedal or paddle, shall i say each time you want to come to a complete standstill. Now, of course, if you want to retain energy, you can plug it in, and here theres a type 2 and ccs port found towards the front of the vehicle. The latter supports up to 77 kilowatts of input charge and therefore means that if you find an appropriate charger, you can go from 10 to 80 percent in just mere 47 minutes. If you find a 50 kilowatt charger instead, it will take roughly one hour on the larger battery pack model. As for a wall box, if you find it at home or at a workplace, the 7.2 kilowatt input will take roughly nine hours in terms of the larger battery pack model and six hours on the smaller battery pack variant.

As for a three pin socket, it will take 28 hours and 17 hours respectively. So what about when it comes to its performance? Well, here the kerner electric houses a front mounted motor and it dispatches 150 kilowatts of power. That equates to 201 horsepower and it gives you ‘5 newton meters of readily available torque. We had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour using racelogix vbox sports at 6.91 seconds, which is certainly impressive, although yet again, not that surprising. Given our previous experience of the kona electric and among a few of hyundai groups, other vehicles of its class now theres a few things that wed like to highlight. Given the expansive list of evs, that weve tested on the site already, and that is first off. In terms of the drivers, feel its not quite there, even in terms of its sport mode, preset, which you can select via the button found towards the center console, youll, find that, even though it stiffens up the steering wheel and gives you a bit more of a Responsive accelerator pedal, it doesnt give you that one to one drivers, input lets, say in comparison to the bmw ix3, but i understand that is a vehicle thats, a lot more expensive and a completely different type of breed of asuv. So i suspect, thatll be a non issue now, while its raw drivers input might not be of importance to a lot of individuals. There are some other factors that you might want to consider and here the koner electric operates on a front wheel, drive system and, as a result, means that if youre putting your foot down to the metal, you might notice a bit of wheel, spin or indeed a Bit of slip – and this occurs both on wet and dry tarmac and as such, you might want to tether the accelerator pedal instead now elsewhere.

You do also have the suspension system, which we feel has got a good blend between having that sort of soft feel when youre driving in and around the city and therefore absorbing potholes anomalies on the road or indeed, speed, bumps and equally holding its own. When youre going around country roads and therefore inducing minimal body roll its, not exactly the best in class in comparison to, for example, the audi e tron, which will have floaty like suspension and equally its not as responsive in terms of its body, rolling comparison to like Say the bmw ix3, but for a vehicle of its class and indeed in terms of its price, it is certainly impressive. So this perfectly leads us onto cabin noise, and here the kona electric is actually pretty well insulated from the world around. While you will hear a bit of tire noise, creeping in at higher speeds and a bit of rattle coming from the door frames when youre traversing uneven terrain, we still think its pretty good. Now, if you want a detailed breakdown of all of this, do check out our dedicated written audio review down in description below, or indeed in the pinned comments. Now, if you want a little bit of a demo of the audio system that comes comprised as standard which is made by krell in the hyundai kona electric do check out our dedicated audio review on youtube. That can be found on your pop up banner now here, youll get a little bit of a taster of how it sounds.

But what well say in a nutshell and subjectively is that it is quite punchy and fun to listen to and while it doesnt excel throughout the frequency range. It certainly will suffice for a lot of consumers now moving swiftly on. We get onto the use of technology within the cabin, and here hyundai have used a 10.25 inch center weighted display its slightly a shame not to see it angled towards the driver, but nevertheless, due to the menu system being very intuitively, laid out and responsive and the Use of physical buttons just found below it, it makes it very intuitive to use on the go now. On that note, you do also have physical buttons found just below it, which are always a welcome sight. Now. Android, auto and apple carplay are both supported in a wide format unless at the time of filming wireless support is not there now. On that note, we should mention that android auto only uses two thirds of the screen, something that we previously noted on the kona electric. In terms of the 2020 model and also the other vehicles from the hyundai group, and that also includes vehicles from kia. Its a shame not to see a full optimization of the screen and its quite baffling to see that, even in this day and age that the hyundai group havent optimized it the same could be said about the navigation data that is fed through lets, say, google maps To your instrument, cluster or in our case lets say in the ultimate stream via the head up display here this navigation data isnt fed through, but of course, if youre using the built in navigation, you will see this data now on the note of the instrument cluster.

Its moved up to a 10.25 inch fully digitalized display its very vivid and also semi customizable. As for the head up display, it does prop up and might look a little bit ugly to some, but we do think its a fantastic inclusion, and it gives you a little bit of insight as to lets say your overall speed or the safety systems that are Being used and as such means that you can keep your eyes planted on the road rather than having to glass down towards the instrument cluster or indeed the infotainment system. Now, should you wish to connect up your smartphone to the infotainment system? Youll want to use the usb type, a port found towards the front of the center console. This will allow you access to android, auto or apple carplay, for example. If you just want to simply charge it, there is a wireless charging pad that can be found on the premium trims or above in the same location. This can also be concealed if you want to hide your smartphone when youre away from your vehicle from prying eyes. Now below this center console unit, youll also find another type, a port, although this is used for charging only and similarly youve got a 12 volt socket now the 12 volt socket can be quite handy to power lets, say a dash cam and if you want a Round up of our favorites do check it out down in the description below now.

Similarly, here, if you want a power bank, you might want to look into some alternatives or suggestions for those people who are sat at the back, because theres no usb ports, or indeed a 12 volt, socket at the rear of the cabin, which is quite a shame. And as a result might make it a little bit more cumbersome on those longer excursions that youre having with lets say: family or friends. So with that in mind, it brings us on to storage within the cabin, and here youve got the glove compartment and then the front door bins, which are large enough for a 500 milliliter bottle to be sat along a medium to small size, purse or wallet. And then the rear two are, unsurprisingly, a little bit more limited. Thankfully, in the center console area you have got the armrest area, which is pretty large, a small little key fob, slash, loose change, place and then two cup holders and below the center console unit. You do have a open area as well, which can be quite handy for certain valuables, although just bear in mind that itll be in plain sight for all prying eyes. Now one complaint weve got about the storage within the cabin. Is that most of these places that weve mentioned dont have a non slip, sort of material or a fabric lining and as a result, means that if youve got lets say some loose change placed towards your door? Bins, youre going to hear that rattling and moving around when youre driving, which is quite annoying and therefore detracts from the otherwise serene in cabin experience.

Now, of course, when it comes to storage, we have to talk about its boot capacity and it is a little bit. Small youve got 332 liters and if you prop down the seats, youve got 1 104 liters thats smaller than a lot of its competitors. Elsewhere, youve got a 60 40 split only which is slightly a shame and therefore you dont have an integrated ski latch. Nevertheless, we really like the fact that the tailgate has got a hatchback design and the fact that when you do prop down the seats, youve got a flat loading bay and better still youve got an underfloor compartment storage to place a few goods, including your charging cables. Now, given its compact form factor its no surprise to learn that both headroom and legroom are limited at the rear of the cabin as someone whos just under six foot, i cant really extend my legs and due to the positioning of the seats, i feel that my Quad muscles will become a bit tired over time. Thankfully, due to the near flat, rear foot well design, it means that i can extend my legs, making a little bit more comfortable. Now, of course, if youre not using the rear middle seat, youll reveal a little area over here with two cup holders and, of course, can serve as a arm rest. Now, as for headroom behind, i have tried to curve the top end of the roof, which is certainly appreciated for someone whos, six foot or lets say if youre six foot two, but if youre anything taller than that, you might feel a little bit.

Henned in and or will have to slouch now at the front of the cabin theres. No such issue whatsoever, both in terms of headroom and legroom, and given the fact that you have got adjustable seats on the sc connect its no problems. If you want the electronically adjustable seats, youll have to go for the premium trim, and this will also add heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. Now in the ultimate trim. You get heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear outer seats, and the best inclusion, in our opinion, in this trim level, at least when it comes to comfort, is the fact that you have got a sunroof which brings in a lot of additional light and its Certainly appreciated for those people like ourselves that live in the uk. This brings us on to its exterior design where subjectively we think the 2021 facelift corner electric is a step above its predecessor and thats. Thanks to the use of body coloured wheel, arches and side skirts that give it a bit more of a uniform design. Indeed, at the front, youve still got that futuristic type of look thanks to the headlights and as for the rear, its still got that familiar feel as for its side profile, youve got 17 inch, alloys that come fitted as standard and in terms of its color options. The one pictured is what youll get, but, of course, if you want to customize that you can splash out some additional cash and change the color, and so finally, we get on to safety and visibility and first off on the former, it did excellent on your endcaps.

Rigorous crash test back in 2019 and the rating is still valid in 2022, which is definitely great to see now in terms of visibility and no problems whatsoever at the front side or at the rear of the cabin, particularly like the way that the a pillar is Designed meaning its quite easy to pee around corners when youre going around roundabouts now in terms of parking, you do have rear parking, sensors and a rear view, camera that gets fitted on every trim level now on the premium level models, or indeed the ultimate trim that We have on review, you also have got front parking sensors, which also takes away the stress when it comes to doing a parking maneuver. As for your driver assistance systems, youve got forward collision warning and avoidance lane follow lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control with stop and go technology, all of which are fitted as standard on all trim levels, which is absolutely fantastic to see. Now the premium trims add blind spot monitoring, system, rear, cross traffic alert and speed warning, while the ultimate trim adds an extra degree of autonomous driving whereby it incorporates highway drive, assist and that effectively gives you some steering assist when youre driving on the motorway. So with all of that in mind, it brings me on to my verdict and in beginning this review, i reference my smartphone, which is the samsung galaxy s10 plus now theres certain features i dont quite like about it, but i can still thoroughly recommend it.

Even in todays competitive market, but the same could be said about the 2021 facelift kona electric, which offers a premium interior and exterior design, has got that compact suv form factor and furthermore, goes the distance, at least in the 64 kilowatt hour battery pack model. As such, it gets our best buy awards. Now ive been treating your thoughts of the vehicle down in the comments section below and if youve liked. This independent detail review definitely do drop a like subscribe and hit that bell notification. It definitely does help and if youve done that already, we just want to thank you in advance.