My name is derek reilly. Today we are in powerscord in county wicklow and we are with the mercedes, benz, eqe and eqs launches, but theyve got the full range of eq models here. So youve got your eqb and that review is up on my channel already. Weve got the eqe really excited about like a smaller sibling of the eqs, and that is based on a fully new eq platform for mercedes benz were gon na. Have a quick walk around that in a second, then we also have the eqs, eqc and eqa over here as well, but lets have a quick walk around the eq ae. Youve got that fully closed off grill and, depending on the trim, well dictate the styling along the bottom of this, as well, so fully flush and cant get access to that bonnet at all. Where you get the access is over here, and that will be where you put your window. Washer fluid youve got a number of different sizes of wheels, and these are bridge stones and they are trying to find the size of it. Music cannot see the size on that bridgestone nice, big, aero, wheels, youve got the glass black wing mirror with the indicator built in your handles flush with the chrome top on it, and it has that chrome along the bottom, with the glass black also really nice swoop. In the line, little roof spoiler at the back and this little at the back as well.

Now the difference between the eqe and the eqss eqs is a full hatch, whereas this is a and youve got your boot really nice size boot space and its 40 20 40 power tail lift that has the glass black element with the fins and diffusers theres. Your charging flap here up to 22 kilowatts on ac and 130 kilowatts on dc nice charge and flap there too, and then there we go on the door. Weve got our heated and then our memory fully electrical adjustment on your center lock in frameless door. Youve got your electric and your boot mercedes benz sil, oh nice, Music, and so what we got here, eqe 350 plus and price is 85 hundred and eighty and then ive got the standard equipment, etc. Youve got a lovely wooden dash. This one doesnt have the hyper screen. Weve got the mbux interface again familiar to what weve had in the um eqa eqb and eqc, no sort of red seatbelts, red stitching and its got that microfiber alcantara skip youve got your charging and its got those usb type cs nfc as well for pairing, and Then youve got some more usb, more storage down there exit so youve got your satellite navigation and youve got your eq. Youve got your shortcuts along the bottom as well. Youve got your drive modes parking cameras, the e cube, and that gives you the watch. You have thats 82 and 443. Kilometers is what its recommend your car settings, your hazard lights, your fingerprint sensor, and you can have up to two users on that uh on and off your radio, and then your volume up and down.

So everything is built into here. This one doesnt have a head up display, but it does have augmented reality in there and then youve got your driver. Cockpit, with your twin three spoke but theyre dual. Really nice designed your regen paddles your drive modes on the side, lovely yeah and youve got some more storage in underneath here as well. This got some badging on the side in the rear. Then nice big wide opening door and again that frameless door and you have that tinted windows. Nice slender seats, plenty of room there like three or four centimeters height headroom here as well good in the rear we dont have any usb. Oh, we do nicely conceal their mercedes down here, air con seats in behind, and then you also have. Oh, i like that. So its a phone holder first and then you double tap it again and then the usb uh isofix 2 lovely thats your dash. There then lets have a look at the eqs before we have a look at the eqs lets have a final bit of a stat roundup on the eqe so coming to the market in ireland at 85, 980 euros and thats for the eqe 350 plus, which is Equipped with um electric motor on the front axle – and it has a usable energy of 90 kilowatt hour battery, combined electrical consumption of between 22.5 down to 19.7 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, it has a 215 kilowatt electric motor, giving it a range of up to 654 Kilometers wltp other models available will be the amg eqe43, which is 350 kilowatt.

Electric motors uh, combined across the two electric motors and thats, coming in at 120, 180 and then coming later on then well have the eqe 500, which is 300 kilowatts worth of electric uh motors and the amg eqe 53, which is up to 505 kilowatt across the Electric motors, both of those last ones, are equipped with 4matic all wheel drive the also. We were told that there will be at some stage an eqe 300, which would be coming in at a cheaper price point. Um other points to mention on the eqe. It has 19 to 21 inch wheels and the boot capacity is 430 liters and before i get asked in the comments, there is no fronc lets go on to the eqs. So on the other side we had the eqb and the eqe. Here we have the eqc again, ive done a review of them. The channel ill put a link up on the screen. Weve got the eqa again, we have it on the channel ill, put it up on the screen, and then we have the biggest of the last. The mercedes benz eqs – and these are beautiful – its kind of a gray theres, a black one over there as well youve got all your panels and sensors inside here. Youve got the beautiful mercedes, benz youve got that light bar. That goes all the way across youve got the digital light as well, and the depending on the trim will dictate what this looks like down.

Here, 21 inch tires and youve got thats how you access the window washer you cannot get in the boot. Youve got chrome, glass, black and then that gray this one has their sunroof. This is the 450 plus and you can see 40 20 40 and it has a monstrous boost, because it is that hatch youve got that load lip, and then it goes down. That hatch is lovely hard to keep this cane on a day like today, but it is a cream interior with those pillows on the headrests gorgeous and youve got the hyper screen so on the door. Youve got your memory and youre heating, and this is heated and cooled and youre fully electrics and three state three memories: youve got your center lock and youve got all your windows controlled down here, decent size, a boot open as well. You can see the perforated leather here for that this is the hyper screen so lets turn this feather on start stop wow! Let me just turn down the radio mute and so without profile. Welcome youve got your driver screen. Look at the size of this thing, its gorgeous on your big eq, stuff and again, very similar menu to youve got your drive modes, your volume, your parking cameras, your eq, which brings up battery usage 665 kilometers with a 97 battery. Your start stop button. Your fingerprint sensor again for profiles, your on off radio, your mute and your volume up and down, and this one is coming in at 129, 000 stunning, though, absolutely stunning look at that screen.

It is huge amazing, full reviews coming to the channel soon im going to take both of these out for a drive today and add them into the review here. But ive fallen deeply today, its just a first impressions, first drive, hopefully youre enjoying the reviews in the channel. If you havent already please subscribe, we are on a target to aim to get to 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year um of 2022. If youre watching this still in 2022, lets take these out for a drive before we take the eqe out for a drive, i didnt need a chance to drive the eqs today but, as i mentioned, were going to be getting full reviews on the channel moving forward. It comes to ireland in two different model variants: the eqs 450 plus, which is the one that was here today that has rear axle electric motor priced at a starting price of 129 965 and then theres the eqs, mercedes, amg, 53 4matic, all wheel, drive version, and It has motors on the front and the rear, and that has a starting price before any extras of 180 thousand and 15 euros. Um both have a drag coefficient of 0.2, which is one of the best in any mainstream manufactured vehicles in the market as an operating range of 735 kilometers wltp and has a power output of 245 kilowatts or 333 brake horsepower and has a quota top speed of 210 kilometers electrical consumption ranges from 16.

2 to 18.9 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, so very efficient um, the hey mercedes um support virtual assistant, supports up to 27 languages and it has a 15 speaker surround sound system, so im really looking forward to getting both of these Cars um for a longer spin and have a more in depth review, but now lets take the eqe out for a quick drive whats it like driving the mercedes, benz eqe beautiful, not the cheapest car in the world, as we as we know, with the price coming In at starting at for the 350 plus 86 000 euros, there will be a 300 coming at some stage, but yeah youre talking its an executive, its a premium executive electric car steering is well weighted. The seats are amazing, really nice seats. Music throttle response is good and thats in comfort mode lets change the dynamic to sport. Oh yeah first drive first impressions today its its im going to be getting these cars for longer. It is a firmer suspension. I changed that to comfort on the way back down again very smooth, braking like we had in the eqv. So this is the fourth or fifth electric passenger car ive had for mercedes benz. If you havent already make sure you subscribe to the channel and look and just search mercedes, benz, eevee, review, ireland and youll see all the ones so ive done. The eqa eqb eqc and those three are based on the petrol platforms, combustion engine platforms that theyre based on petrol and diesel and theyve just electrified it.

Whereas the eqe is its own eq platform and then um the eqe and the eqs is going to be or is on its own and theyre gon na have the suv versions of this as well. The eqe suv, eqs suv but um yeah nice. Just here on the grounds of powers court, the garden center is behind me. There, Music, very refined. I only have for a couple of minutes today now im not going to go too in depth, but steering it feels good. The throttle accelerate. The throttle is nicely weighted. Rear visibility is a bit on the small size with that coupe roof line wing wearers id like them a small bit bigger, but then were starting to nick pick here now. I definitely would spec a windscreen for this because with the dark headliner and the dark interior, its a small bit dark internally, but these are all personal choices. I love the red seatbelts and the ambient light 64 different colors and as much as the hyper screen is nice, with the normal screen, the 12.8 inch screen, i think its loads. There is a big expanse of whatever finish you go for and this one its kind of like a gray wood um, but i i would prefer this to the hyper screen. I think the hyper screen might be a small bit of overkill. Its lovely dont get me wrong, but i think it just might be a bit too much yeah looking forward to having this for a bit longer than a couple of minutes.

Hopefully, youve enjoyed my look around the eqs and the eqe make sure you subscribe to the channel, leave a comment and a like and remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.