I havent been in a modern mg, so this is my first experience out in one of these since mg folded. However, long ago it was 2005. right. Well, i just put my foot down and despite the fact that this is supposedly only about 120 horsepower, it feels a lot quicker than that woof. Its unbelievably quiet, though suspensions nice seatings, very comfortable, its electric as well. This is the top spec zs. I cant remember exactly what their uh terminology was: okay, so im on the what oh wow this is a big crest or dip see what the suspensions like! Oh manages. It perfectly well see what the steerings like around the twisty bit its actually surprisingly good. Apart from someones, put some speed bumps on the road. You can really feel the regen when you lift off, which is quite nice, around some twisty bits. Oh thats, the limit of the grip, but it is front wheel, drive as far as i can figure out, but it took quite a bit for it to um lose traction there, which is good im just using the regen coming down the hill im, not even touching The brakes – oh, i am now up around here around this bank up the hill break into the corner, its very controlled, its very easy, and it feels extremely european which, given the you know, i guess it is chinese now thats thats a given with mg, but it Doesnt feel any different to any european car electric cars.

Ive driven, carry on round were going up a 14 gradient. It really pulls its thats. The thing with electric motors is that torque theres only 120 horsepower. I think the uh the range on this is about 270 miles, which is right up there with sort of what the other manufacturers are are pumping out these days, so theres no re, and indeed it actually does say, 270 miles on my readout. I suspect, if i was driving it like this all day, probably wouldnt, but oh this is the famous jump i am also. This is my first run out: im learning learning the circuit as well. There we go, i believe, thats the circuit finished the brakes are. Actually, surprisingly, progressive often on electric cars, you find that because of the regen, they uh for one reason or another, just sort of feel odd. Dont want to go over the belgium, parve huh im not going to drive over the belgian pave. My cameraman is saying i should have driven over the belgium pave. I think that would be a silly thing to do in a car that i dont own right. So i thought id give you some more details that i forgot on the day in voiceover. Firstly, the price the mg zs ev starts from around 27 and a half thousand pounds, but this top spec car is around 35 000 pounds thats still well under the average price of a new car in britain.

Today, though, which is fyi nearly 41 000 pounds, the claimed range is 273 miles on a wltp cycle, theres a 72.3 kilowatt hour battery that can be charged from zero to eighty percent in just over an hour from a 50 kilowatt public charger. As i mentioned before, this version has 141 horsepower and torque is 206 foot pounds. That means a respectable knot, 60 time of 8.2 seconds and the zs will go into a top speed of 109 miles per hour anyway. Back to um me, i guess well, i have to say, im very much impressed with its road holding abilities. The interior is lovely. This screen is really nice and i like the fact that youve got actual physical controls for like the aircon stuff. Still, i hate it when its all done through the touchscreen, but everything feels really. Nice feels really screw well screwed together. Well, there you go. That was a unbelievably quick drive of the mg. Zs evie very much enjoyed it. I would like to spend more time in the mgs, because i i want to see what what the brands like now that its its basically reinvented itself lets watch out for this man. Probably cant hear me coming being electric well there we go ill pull up at the mg stand and uh have a go at something else.