That means we have twice the amount of cables all over the place on our garage floor to trip on every night. So today, im going to go through some solutions that hopefully will help me to manage all these cables and get them out of the way, so that theyre, not so much of a tripping hazard, stay tuned Applause. All right lets talk charging and cables in your garage. We have two charge points sitting here on the wall and i have them installed on this wall, because the electrician really didnt want to you know, lay the conduit all the way to the other side of the garage, and we also didnt know which ev we were Getting when we put them in so theyre, not necessarily in the best place for the charge port on our evs, so youll see the uh level two charger of the charge point charger. I have is plugged into this id4 right now and its running underneath the car and it uh has a zip tie. I put on it right here and then i run it along the the base of the garage right there on the side here. Using these special ties that you can screw into the wall, so when im done charging the id4, you unplug it and what i did was i put on my wall here kind of an adapter to put the j1772 adapter there. So i can just hang it up here towards the back and dont have to worry about it being a tripping hazard and it gets it off the floor and keeps it from getting too dirty so thats what we did for the id4.

But we still have a problem with the machi, because that has its charge port in the front of the car on the drivers side for the machi. The charger right now has this dirty cable. All over my garage floor and its i like drip on it all. The time and were going and doing laundry at night and it gets all dirty and its unpleasant and heres where it goes into the car here so every night i got to plug it in that way and then every morning i got to like unplug this and Try and put the cables back over there, all right so now with the cars out of the garage. Let me explain what were going to be doing here were installing something today called ev hover, which is billed as an adjustable arm for your electric vehicle charging cable, and what this thing is going to be doing. If it works, is you basically mount it on a wall like here? So i have a stud right here: ill mount it on pretty high and its kind of a kind of an arm thats on hinges that can come out as much as nine feet, which is more than enough that i need to reach my mock e on the Other side of the garage here so thats the story and were going to open up this box here and check it out and install it. If all goes well, all right so lets see whats in this box here, so do not cut cable tie until after install okay were not going to do.

That looks like this is the the arm itself. Let me put this down here, so it looks like we got brackets packing material. This part, which is probably the whole business end of things. This looks like the the r of so this is interesting. The arm and the brackets seem to be all um already assembled. So i was worried id have to install all these arms together, so um. This is probably installation, hardware and instructions actually well labeled. I like how the uh the arm itself came in good condition and isnt scratched at all uh, not that its the most attractive thing in your garage but nice when youre spending this amount of money. For this thing, not to have a be something that comes uh damaged in any way, okay, so first problem is they actually didnt give me an allen wrench that would fit the screws that they used so im here, using my own allen, wrenches or my own allen. Screwdriver, this is a 1 8 inch allen wrench, which is fitting these screws and taking them off. They gave two other alum wrenches of different sizes, but theyre not actually the one you need for the screws they used so not sure what went on there. But that seems to be the first little hiccup and mist. If you didnt have this a set of allen, wrenches uh, you know that you can use for bicycles and other things uh in your tools, uh, you would be going to a hardware store or calling them up confused.

Perhaps all right so were going to be putting this thing right above where the charger is, and this is the bracket were going to be putting. It goes uh with this side up and kind of the curved. U thing down and its got three big screws that youre supposed to put on the stud, so im going to kind of put it right around about this height. I think, which is probably going to be good enough to uh, get me over where uh we typically would walk so uh to do this. They want you to put a a pilot hole in uh, first to drill uh pilot holes. Im gon na get my drill going uh with uh a bit here to get it drilled in and well take it away from there Music all right. So my second complaint here is that these screws, its supposed to be screwing into the wall. These are not phillips head, not normal, phillips, head screws. These are like square sq3 whatever that is so got to use that for this, its not included with it Music all right. So, as you can see, ive got this bracket in here, its not going anywhere. I could see how this will definitely hold the weight of this kind of metal really well built arm now. I think the next step is to get this thing on here, so Music, all right. So now we got this big arm itself here. That comes completely assembled, which is really kind of cool.

They actually put a uh a zip tag on it and they have like uh, do not remove this cable tie until after you put it in, and i can see why it could really be dangerous. If you let it swing all over the place there, we go all right so its on now and now weve got to screw these uh screws in on the bottom uh and tighten them by hand. It says in order to attach this thing fully Music, so im putting this thing in these screws that hold secure this on, although its secured, obviously by gravity but just kind of make sure its not going to come out and tighten these by hand all right. So it appears our next step in these instructions is to cut through this cable tie here, holding it from extending all right. So this seems to come out like this and youll see its got like an end here, where i think you put this kind of hook on and it extends out from here. So this will be more than enough, as you can see, to extend it out and be able to hang my cable off of here all right, so it looks like the next thing you got to do here is install these carabiners that come with it in the Right places: Music, Music, all right, so ive got the cable threaded. Let me show you the finished product, so i was able to wrap the excess cable around the charge point and they give you a velcro stay with it.

So theres velcro on that and then, when you look up here, you can see heres the heres, the gadget itself, heres the the bracket and im gon na pull it out with me here, and this is kind of as far as im gon na extend it and Youll see that i got my car in the garage and its right at the right place for my car, so im gon na open my charge port here. Take this off of the hanger and easily can plug it right in and, as you can see, the cables are no longer on the floor and still plenty of room for my other car to uh be on this side of the garage. So here you can see here is coming from the wall at the excess cable neatly on the charger itself. Cable comes on the top here. The arm extends up to nine feet, which is kind of what we have it at and then its plugged in, on the other side, into the car, with plenty of clearance between the id4 and mac and cheese. So what did i think of this? I think it was a really good idea for my exact use case, so heres the pros and cons. So, on the pro side, it does exactly what i needed it to do, which is to get my cable off the floor and get it in a way that i can store it when its not in use and be able to easily plug it into my car.

On the other side of the garage nine feet away, when i do want to use it so thats, the first plus that it actually does the job i need to, i think the second big positive is. I was kind of worried that it would be a really big installation process where i would have to like assemble each of these arms together and have 20 million different screws. But this device actually came up pretty well built uh. Everything was kind of put together and all that i really needed to do was actually screw it into the wall, which was pretty easy to do so. Uh thats, the second real, big positive. However, there are a couple of negatives here and i think the biggest negative is uh the price. This thing wasnt cheap – it was 299.. The second uh negative of this was that it didnt include all the tools i really needed and some of the tools, and especially the drill bit that part wasnt included, and it was an esoteric bit, not a phillips head. The second negative is its not the most pleasing to look at so lets. Just look at this right here right and if you look at this uh, this is actually not the uh most exciting addition to my garage but its functional and i think uh function and not tripping in the garage kind of wins over aesthetics any time. For me all right, i hope that this has helped give you an idea of this evie hover and if you got one i hope it might help you with some of the questions you might have and obstacles you might face in installing it its andy.