So it was only a matter of time before we saw this, the nexon ev max or the long range version of the tata next one. Even the nexon ev max has a larger 40.5 kilowatt battery pack good for an arai range of 437 kilometers. The standard nexon ev can do about 230 kilometers, as per our test, so were hoping. This one manages close to 300. theres, also a new, more powerful, 143 ps and 250 nm motor. But you would have to look very hard to know that from the outside, since theres, no max badging, anywhere the only change being a new design for the alloy wheels and a dark teal paint option. So today, while we tell you whats different about the nexon, evmax were also going to do a quick range test to see how far the cv actually goes in the real world Music. So like the outside. Not much has changed on the inside of the nexon ev max, although you do get this nice, steel and black look to this panel over here and as for the changes, there is a new beige upholstery which looks quite premium as well as ventilated seats for the Front two passengers, but most of the changes are centered around here. This new console and the most striking of these is this new gear. Selector knob, this dial, which has quite a striking display to it, and you notice that it changes the color. According to the sport eco or the city mode that you choose, another change: is this new selectable regen mode, which is quite useful and well show you later how it works, and this electronic parking brake as well as an auto, hold function? Moving on theres, this new wireless charger, obviously a useful feature, although the touchscreen, which is the new sort of buttonless one that tata has been putting in its cars, doesnt, have wireless android, auto or apple carplay, just a wired connection, but now you also get an air Purifier in the cabin theres also, this irvm, which is now automatic, but our drawback of this new layout is that there are no cup holders here anymore, which might be an issue for people on long drives.

Music generally, the cabin could have been more practical theres. Just one usb port surprising for a high tech, ev and the front door. Pockets are too slim to hold any bottles, but there is a good list of features, since the nexon ev max is based on the top xz plus and xz lux variants of the nexon ev, highlighted by more connected tech features a sunroof and auto headlamp sand wipers. So tata motors has done quite a commendable job of packing in the larger battery. Theres been no reduction in legroom or headroom, and there is a small hump in the floor but which keeps you in a marginally knees up position, but the nice backrest angle. The soft cushioning, means that the rear seat is still a comfortable place to sit in. Even the boot is the same 350 liters most of the battery pack. The larger pack has been packed in by making underlying changes to the structure so that the cabin space isnt hampered Music. Now the improvements that tata motors has made with the more powerful motor and the reworked battery management system is immediately apparent once you start moving in the nexon evmax, unlike in the regular nexon ev, the eco mode here is perfectly usable as a daily driver. Progress is seamless, you have this calm sort of smooth power delivery without any of the labored feeling of the earlier car, and this mode might just be the only one you need and, of course it ramps up in city mode.

But aside from that little bit more energy in the way the car moves, theres really not much else going for the city more and of course, changes have been made to the suspension to manage the heavier weight of this car and, to be honest, that hasnt really Affected the largely you know, comforting ride quality that was always a positive with the nexon ev and you still have some amount of pitch and dive, as you would expect in an suv, but again its not exactly uncomfortable and progress is quite calming. Actually, in fact, outputs are identical in the city and sport mode at around 98 ps and 170 newton meter, with only changes to the throttle response. This ramps up by a significant 47 percent in spot mode for the full output, but with a 13.1 second zero to 100 kmph time in eco mode and the instant tv talk. This mode is a perfectly usable one. Music now minor, flaw in the earlier next one that hasnt been corrected is that the delay is, when you shift from say, drive to neutral, to reverse that those delays are still present. The new shifter looks quite striking and makes using the dial easier of course, and of course you now have that park mode, which is something that should have always been. There is a useful addition, but more impressive are these now manually, adjustable vgn modes and tata has done well to tune this, because even in the highest region mode, the highest of four, the nexon evmax doesnt feel jerky or doesnt slow down abruptly its still a smooth, Gradual deceleration, although, unlike tata, claims this isnt a full one pedal driving and when you have to come to a complete halt, you have to press the physical break now to give you a sense of the real world range of the next one ev max earlier.

When i was speaking to you, we did about 31 kilometers in city traffic and the average consumption was about 147 watts per kilometer. Well, show you the converted figure below, and this was with no concessions made to the fact that this is the navy. So we were switching through the modes doing some heavy driving the ac was at full blast because of how hot it is in bombay. Today and now that were on the highway weve done about 17 kilometers and the difference its only 167 watts per kilometer. Now the average consumption is much less than what weve experienced earlier with the nexon ev, the regular one, which means that the claims the tata motors makes of reducing losses in the power train and the improving drag. Those seem to have worked, and now the nexon ev max might be quite a good long distance car too, if you have the necessary infrastructure, where youre going to explain further the nexon ev max showed a city range of 275 kilometers and a highway range of 241 Kilometers but remember this was with very heavy driving for our shoot and testing the range indicator, which is fairly accurate, showed 342 kilometers of range on a full charge when we set off for the day so tata motors claim, our 300 kilometer real world range seems accurate. More usefully we didnt have to really change our driving style or deprive ourselves of the cars features in the max something we had to do quite a lot of when we drove the standard, nexon ev.

So now, with the leeway that the nexon ev max gives you, with its bigger battery, you might be tempted to use sport mode, quite a bit say out on the highway, and here the power delivery is genuinely quite exciting. The cars are leaps forward like now and with handful. The tata motors has finally added esc, because that does make a difference in controlling this sudden, quite rapid surge of power. But we would have liked slightly better suspension tuning in the sense that there is some torque sphere and maybe a bit better tuning for the drivetrain in the spot mode, because sometimes, when you hit the throttle, the car will still accelerate for a split second after youve. Let go of the accelerator, which can be a bit disconcerting for first time, ev drivers. These improvements have come by the iv back system which reduces lost energy while braking and the new power electronics that accompany the new motor. The nexon evmax feels reassuring, while braking from high speeds with the transition from the regen to the physical brakes quite natural. A new hill design function has also been added that limits speeds to 6 kmph on downhill stretches via the newly added cruise control feature and, of course, out on the highway. The same quite steady, comfortable ride, quality remains and the steering is reasonably well weighted, if not fully precise, and there is some wind noise, obviously because the car itself is so quiet and yeah, otherwise, its a safe, pretty direct driving experience obviously helped by the 50 50 Weight distribution and the lower center of gravity, so body roll, of course, is there, but it isnt too disconcerting, and if you drive like how you should drive a next on ebay, its quite a nice soothing, driving experience even out on the road.

As for charging, the tata nexon evmax dc fast charging speed has gone up to 50 kilowatt from 30 kilowatt enough for a charging time of under an hour. The new 7.2 kilowatt ac charger, though an option also makes for brisk home charging topping up the battery fully. In six and a half hours, so despite the bigger battery, the max now takes less time to charge than the standard nexon ev. So should you pick the nexon ev max over the regular nexon av, especially with the one lakh 80? 000? More roughly that this one cost plus the 57 more, if you want the faster ac charger, we think this is the one to get, especially if you do a lot of long distance trips, then its a no brainer but even otherwise say.