Right now it looks quite similar to the tigor ev, but its not as feature rich, so before going further into the video make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit that bell icon to not miss any of my future updates. So the express t ev packs a 21.5 kilowatt hour battery which can be fast charged from zero to eighty percent in one hour, fifty minutes using a fifteen kilowatt fast charger and with a normal charger it takes eleven and a half hours. It gets a 72 volt. Three phase motor, which produces a peak power of 40 bhp and a maximum torque of 1.5 newton meters. Now there are two variants on offer: the xm plus and the xt plus mechanically both are same, but the difference lies in the exterior styling and some convenience features. However, the xpres t ev is available only in a single color, which is the pearls and white which is right in front of us coming to dimensions. It is 3.9 meters in length 1.67 meters in width, 1.53 meters in height, and the wheelbase happens to be 2.45 meters in terms of safety. It gets pretty basic features like two airbags abs with ebd, reverse parking, sensors seat belt reminder and automatic door lock as standard across both the variants and tata provides 3 years or 125000 kilometers of warranty as standard up front. As you can see, it gets. This blue insert on the front grille, which indicates that this is an ev and just in case, ev written right there in blue, and this is the charging port for normal charge and the bold tata logo just beside it.

Coming to the headlight. It is a halogen unit and the turn indicator is partitioned and on the lower half of the bumper, you do not get any fog lamps, but there are black inserts and moving to the side. You get wheel. Caps finished in silver color, and these are steel wheels and the tyre size happens to be 175 by 65 r14, and these are tubeless tires. Turn indicator placed right there on the front. Fender you written on the front fender too. The outside rear view mirrors and the door handles are finished in black, since this is the xm plus variant and it starts at a price of rupees, 9.54 lakhs and coming to the rear. This is how the express t ev looks, which is again very much similar to the tigor ev. The tail lamps are led and, and these are the reverse parking sensors and on the lower half of the bumper, you get the reverse light and the reflector – and you have a provision over here for the reverse parking camera express t written right there and before showing You the boot, let me just show you guys quickly: the engine bay and unlike the ziptron ev in the tigor, this one gets an electra, ev badging and, as ive mentioned earlier, it gets a 72 volt, three phase, ac induction motor, which produces a peak power of 40 bhp and a maximum torque of 1.5 newton meters and the top speed happens to be 80 kilometers per hour, with a range of 213 kilometers per charge and insulation right there.

Even on an ev and coming back to the boot, it gets an magnetic boot release and the boot carrying capacity happens to be 255 liters and the spare wheel is kept right there and it also gets hydraulic struts, which is very rare on a saran and now Lets move to the rear seats of the vehicle. The rear door opens quite wide enough for ingress and digress and the rear door pockets can accommodate one liter water bottles, provision provided for tweeters and speakers right there, and the red bench happens to be wide enough to accommodate three others, and there is a massive hump In the middle for the middle passenger – and there is adequate amount of knee room and leg room head room is also great, and another support is also not an issue handles placed on either sides and now lets move to the front seat of the vehicle. The front door pockets can also accommodate one liter water bottles, and these are the switches for the power windows and you get a manual adjust for the outside radio mirrors, only recline adjust for the drivers seat. These are the accelerator and brake pedals and you get a proper dead pedal too, and you also get a lever over here to open the bonnet and some storage space right there and the ac vents get this blue treatment, which again reminds you that youre in an Ev and you get the viper stock on the left and the headlight stock on the right, and this is how the speedometer looks which will come to in a bit – and this is a two din infotainment system from harman which gets soft touch keys and down.

Here. You get the ac controls which feel like an automatic climate control, but its not its premiumly done, but its still a manual one and you get the usb port and a 12 volt power outlet over here and some storage space. And this is the gear lever to select your drive mode and you get twin cup or bottle holders over there and some storage space over here too, and the front seats are also quite comfortable, and these are the provisions for your tweeters and the glove box is Of decent size – and it also gets cooling function as well and coming back to the infotainment system. It is a soft touch unit and it gets bluetooth, fm connectivity and it is tuned by harman, and it shows you just the basic features like time in which media mode the device is in and you can also pair a bluetooth device, and that is about it. Coming to the instrument cluster, it is an analog digital unit with the tachometer to the left, or you can see it is the energy meter associated right there on it mid in the middle and to the right you get the speedometer and the mid shows you the Gear position, clock charge level and you can also increase or decrease the illumination, and you can also set the time and it shows you the door, ajar, warning and also the odometer, and it shows you some telltale lights on the speedometer as well, and that is about The instrument cluster, as it is, a very basic unit, and this is how the key of the xm plus variant looks.

However, the xt plus variant gets a keyless entry and as soon as you turn on the ignition or the battery, does a full swipe like this. Before turning on the vehicle – and it turns on quite silently and smoothly – and the air conditioning also works really well on this vehicle, no autonomy against a rear view mirror and the passenger side visor also does not get a mirror. However, there is a cabin light placed over here, which is an led unit and the drivers side.