I have come to sundaram honda showroom, which is located at rani, gaje, hyderabad, telangana state. So come with me so guys this is our honda e huv, hybrid car. It comes with immediate technology. That means intelligent, multi mode driving technology so guys this hybrid car uses electricity at the same time fuel to get more efficiency and to lower the fuel consumption. So if you observe this car, it looks like a standard ct car, but if you observe this from front view, it will give you a spotify look so ill. Show you how to come with me so guys. This is the front part of this vehicle and it gives you a spotify look in the friends if you observe here they have given full led headlamps with nine array. Inline shell integrated, led, drl and l shaped return signal guys in this vehicle. They have given a fog lamp with a claw like design so that it give you a premium look and it would, and it will make the difference between a normal car and a hybrid car so coming to the tire part of this vehicle. This is a 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels, which is coated with a black paint for these species. They have given disc brakes for all four vehicles, which is a good concern coming to the side view of this vehicle. They have given a small camera here. So the driver can see what type of vehicles are coming so that he can drive carefully.

So we all know these are the handle. So if you observe it carefully, this is a sensor with which we can open this hybrid car without having a key in the car, so guys, if you have key in our pocket also, we can open this car. Let me show you how like this like this, it will open thats the importance of this sensor. All of us think that this is the charging port, but no, this is only a fuel chamber for this viking so welcoming to the raid part of this vehicle. This vehicle comes with a z, shaped 3d wrap around led tail lamps, with uniform edge light and led side marked lamps. And if you observe here they have given a new red bumper diffuser with the carbon finish, which gives you a premium look, and these are the parking sensors we all know. So if you observe here there is a tiny camera, it will capture the footage and it will project that footage in our display. So guys, if you observe this patch carefully, they have given a slightly tinge so that it will tell us that it is a strong hybrid car in this vehicle. They have given a boot space of 3.6 liters, but it is reduced to 3.6 liters from 5.6 latest. Just because it is having a big battery pack thats why they have reduced it, but if you observe this boot space thoroughly, it has a space under these.

Also, if you see this, this is the space in this space. We can keep the things which we dont want to show others like a normal car. They have given a shark fin antenna for this way kid they have given a radar system. If you observe that they have kept that there ill tell you the use of this radar system later in this video now ill open the bonnet and ill show you whats there inside this bonnet. Yes, this is our bonnet. So guys this vehicle comes with one internal combustion engine that is this, and that is 1.5 liter atkinson cycle do hc, ivy tech engine, and also it has two motors. It comes with a lithium ion battery and the engine used in this vehicle gives 98 hp power and 127 nm torque. This engine with motors works as integrated starter generator and the second electric motor used in this hybrid car produces 109 hp power and 253 nm of torque, so guys now ill go inside, and i will tell you how it is yes now im inside the car, it Looks very premium: the interior in this car also is same uh like the standard car, but here what makes the difference is dual tone upholstery, which is ivory and black. This seat has also a nice amount of leather on them and, of course, it has ivory shade on them, which is difficult to maintain. We have a one touch: sunroof Music, electronic parking and also the brake hole they have given here and guys.

If you see this, this is a 8 inch infotainment display they have given here, and it has radio usb ipod, bluetooth, audio connection, and you could actually make phone calls with these also, and there are come some kind of apps also there. So this is the infotainment display, so guys, if you observe here, this is the seven inch tft meter Music. This display will give you the guidelines and also the status of the car, and this will show you the speed of the car. It looks like a normally electric bike car display, so guys, if you see this, this steering also looks like a standard ct car, but the main difference is uh here they have given the buttons of a add az control that is adaptive cruise control and also a Lane departure warning button here on my left. They have given volume buttons and the buttons related to the media player and also the buttons related to the calls. So guys, if you observe here, this is the armrest and they have gained a small amount of area so that we could actually keep our things here and beneath the beneath the armrest. Also, there is some space so that we can keep some kind of cool rings and kind of things here. This is the interior of this vehicle and it actually looks like a standard city card. But what makes difference is i already told you, the leathery seats and the dual tones texture so guys now let me go to the right read and ill.

Tell you how it is Music, so guys this is the red side of this vehicle. If you observe here, they have given an armrest, so with these armrests uh, two person can sit without this armrest three person can sit comfortably so guys, if you observe carefully, they have given a small air vent here with this air vent. With the help of these, the air inside this vehicle can go to the battery and it can be cooled that is the best part of this vehicle, and i like it most and if you observe here there, there is enough comfortable space for to sit and travel And also they have given here, uh ac, so guys now ill go to the driver seat, and i will tell you how this uh, this hybrid car works guys. I already told you that this vehicle comes with intelligent, multi mode driving system. That means it will have a three riding most, that is uh electric drive and the second one is hybrid drive and the third one is engine drive, and this vehicle is a enabled. That means it will the most in this vehicle switches according to the situation without driver permission. That is a very good feature. While starting this vehicle, this uh vehicle will be in ev drive mode after reaching 0 to 60 kilometers per hour speed, it will be switched to hybrid drive and in the hybrid petrol engine, acts as an electric generator and motor drives the wheels that provides an exhilarating Feeling so guys, if you want to switch to triple digit speed, then the engine drive will come into the picture.

Engine runs at a high fuel efficiency to directly drive the wheels. The motor provides a peak power boost when required. So this is this is how this will work and well coming to the features of this vehicle. This has a lot of features, and that is the best part of this vehicle, and this has the features like honda, sensing lane, departure warning adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist auto high beam, assist emergency, braking front collision warning system. So these are the best features of this vehicle. I already told you that this vehicle doesnt have any charging board because it is having a regenerative braking system and with that regenerative braking system. This vehicle used to get charged, and also this vehicle, is also having a smart watch connectivity with smart functions and alerts with the smart watch provided with this vehicle. You can actually switch on and switch off your ac. You can lock and unlock your door. You can open your boot, there is a feature of a car, finder, auto crash notification and also there will be geofence alerts to away alerts these kind of alerts, and these kind of features will be available with this smart features and also you know something these car Way also works with alexa also, it is indias first connected car with alexa remote capability thats, the best part of this vehicle, and also we are having more kind of features like find. My car tight, deflection, alert, remote ac operation live car, location and car dashboard.

We can check all these kind of things using our phone also, if you are going for a picnic and if you want to enjoy the sunlight, you could actually with one click open. This sunroof ill show you how. So this is how it will open and with which uh you can enjoy the sunlight. While you are traveling, so if you dont want to enjoy the sunlight, but if you want to enjoy the breeze, you could actually use this button. This is how it will open and you can enjoy this breeze with one touch: welcome to the warranty of this vehicle. They are giving three years warranty for this whole car and for battery. They are giving git us warranty. This vehicle is available in five colors and the colors are radiant red metallic platinum, white, pearl golden brown, metallic lunar silver, metallic and metroid grain metallic. This vehicles, ex shown price, is 19.49 lakhs and thats all about this car guys so thats all for now, if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video to your friends and family members whats your thoughts on this card. Please let us know in the comment section and for more such videos. Please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.