It is so hot in phoenix today and its not even summer yet lets see if i make it through the end of the day, but i have to because today we are checking out the kia ev6 Music, Music, Music Applause. The ev6 is built on the electric global modular platform, which makes ikeas first dedicated battery electric vehicle. This platform is also shared with the hyundai ioniq 5 and the genesis gb60 kia plans to deliver 11 all new electric models by 2026.. The naming convention will start with ev, followed by the number that indicates the cars position in the lineup. The ev6 is offered in five trims and the prices range from forty thousand nine hundred dollars to fifty five thousand nine hundred dollars, depending on the configuration the range starts from around 232 miles and goes up to 310 miles. This car we have today is the all wheel, drive ev6 wind, which starts at 50 900, has an epa estimated range of 274 miles and gets a 105 miles per gallon equivalent. The motors output, 320 horsepower and 0 60 is 4.6 seconds. One of the highlights of the car is its dc fast charging, which is capable of working with both 400 volt and 800 volt dc fast chargers, which means using 800 volt dc fast charging. You can get up to 217 miles in 18 minutes later on. Well, do a real world test of the charging speed. There are two battery size options: 58 and 77.

4 kilowatt hours. With the 58 kilowatt hour pack, you can get 232 miles of range. The 77.4 kilowatt hour pack is used for the longer range trims and will get you either 310 or 274 miles depending on. If you go for the rear, wheel, drive or the all wheel drive systems, the charging port is located on the rear passenger side of the car. It has j1772 for ac charging and ccs for dc fast charging. The onboard level 2 charger is capable of charging up the car in about six to eight hours. The fuel economy on this car is decent depending on the motor configuration you can see between 105 and 117 miles per gallon equivalent. Interestingly, the extra weight from the battery didnt have a big impact on the fuel economy. According to the epa, it had a slight reduction on city and highway driving, but not enough to reduce its overall rating. This next section is going to go really in depth with details about the batteries and motors. So if youre just doing some light car browsing, you can skip ahead to this time, starting with the battery the cells in this pack are a typical lithium ion polymer battery. Using a nickel, manganese, cobalt chemistry, theyre made in south korea by sk innovation same as the hyundai ioniq 5. weve got some interesting voltages here. On the 58 kilowatt hour pack, the nominal voltage is 522.7 volts and on the 77.4 pack at 697 volts.

Usually, these packs stick pretty close to 400 to 800 volts theyre, both pretty far off the mark. Thats, not a bad thing. Just an interesting quark. The pack weighs in at 816 pounds for the smaller one and 1052 pounds for the bigger one. The fast charging specs are pretty impressive as well get up to 180 kilowatts for the 58 and 240 kilowatts for the 77.. Both packs are achieving a c rating above a 3 which gets them a gold star. This translates to a 10 to 80 charge in 18 minutes when using an 800 volt dc fast charger. The ev6 comes standard with the 48 amp onboard charger for all trims. That should lead to a pretty quick charge at home for the smaller pack. The wind and jitsi trims also have an optional heat pump. Hvac system having a heat pump is a good option, as it should give you some extra efficiency and colder weather for the drivetrain. All of the trims are using synchronous, permanent magnet motors for the dual motor variants. The two motors are not mechanically linked and are controlled independently. This gives the car better handling on poor quality roads or in bad weather conditions on all variants of the ev6 theres. A single gear reduction at 10.65 to 1. on the light trim. The motor has a power output of 125 kilowatts for the wind and gt line, the rear wheel, drive car can output up to 168 kilowatts and the all wheel drive can output 2′ kilowatts.

The design of the ev6 implements flush door handles which we are now seeing in many new vehicles in the gt trim, you automatically get extending door handles, but on this car there are manual and they kind of do slam. So you open it by pushing on the right side and then pull and then, when you let go it kind of just slams back kia vehicles are distinguished by their tiger nose grill. However, here we have features reminiscent of the tiger nose grille for the electric version. The digital tiger, we can see a unique pattern designed for the headlamps and an aerodynamic car body. The ev6 has a somewhat assertive look and the creators describe the rear part as a hidden beauty of the ev6. The ev6 comes in at 184.3, inches in length, a width of 74 inches, a ground clearance of 6.1 inches and a wheelbase of 114.2 inches as a comparison of size. The kia ev6 and the tesla model y have very close measurements Music, depending on the trim. Your exterior paint colors will vary. The wind trims have eight colors to choose from the trunk, has a smart power tailgate which should open automatically when it senses your key. I could never get these things to work so im just gon na push the button on the key lets put the seats down, so we can get a better view, so theres a handle on both sides that you can pull and the seats go down same for This with the rear seats folded down, you have 50.

2 cubic feet of rear cargo room under the floorboard. There is a little bit of extra room, not much here. We have a tire mobility kit that can fit under here. The car also has a front trunk and to open it theres a lever inside of the car. The front trunk doesnt offer a useful amount of space, but there is a compartment here. Its super tiny, the interior layout of the ev6, integrates some high tech features with a 24 inch combined curved display, along with some physical buttons throughout the center dash, and some on the two spoke steering wheel. There is a floating center console with some storage in this vehicle. There are eight power, adjustable driver and passenger seats with lumbar support, convenient heated and ventilated front seats. You can use the lt connection in the car as a wi fi hotspot, and it supports both apple carplay and android. Auto charge your phone up with wireless charging or through various usbc ports in the front and in the back, the seat material is nice and smooth, and there is generous space for passengers as the design allows for a flat floor, perks of not having a drive shaft On the side of your seats, you have two usb c ports, an ac vent for your passengers to control this car is equipped with meridian sound system and then here on the bottom, there is a 110 volt outlet. Before we begin our drive, i am making a note of the miles we have starting with a 100 charge.

I will be driving it today on both highway and city roads. It is currently at on the odometer. You can get an estimate of what the range is at 100, depending on your driving mode here. If we have it in eco, its at 253 miles normal is 245 miles and in sport it estimates 2′ miles. My goal is to get it down to 10 to 20 percent, to see how many miles we have left and we can extrapolate its real world range after that we can test out the charging speed at dc. Fast charges lets go for a drive, so you have an actual start button so well push on the brake and power it up Music, all right and were ready to drive. The screen provides a nice view of your 360 camera and a 3d view of your surroundings. So were going to put it in reverse now you can see your back up camera and your 360 view side to side, and then, when we put it back in drive, you should be able to see that 3d view of your surroundings again, but you do have To drive pretty slow under 5 miles per hour, or else that screen will switch. So if you drive a little faster, it goes back to your normal screen. The first thing i noticed, the visibility through the back window is not great and also when i look to my left on my blind spot. That b pillar obstructs it a little bit, but luckily we do have a blight spot warning and also the camera that shows up in the center.

When were merging lanes. There are three driving modes and you can change those with a button on the steering wheel. You have eco, normal and sport. The car is very responsive and its easy to control its actually a very delightful drive and its pretty quick too. It has more of a like sporty feel to it. The ev6 comes standard with certain safety features like adaptive. Cruise control lane keep assist, rear, cross traffic detection, blind spot warning and lane departure warning so im going to activate adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist with the buttons on the steering wheel, all right and now its engaged so currently were keeping a distance with the Car in front of me, and also its keeping me between the lengths, okay, so im gon na, have this on and see how it does Music overall, its doing fine as the road curves or we make a turn. It steers me in between the lanes and it hasnt abruptly stopped or done anything weird. So far its been smooth, i drove a little more at night and also performed without issues Music. The noise inside the cabin is not too quiet and not too loud. Its kind of average, but when you do accelerate quickly, you do get some of that motor noise coming in. Just like the hyundai ioniq 5, you have these regen paddles on both sides of the steering wheel. The left, one is to increase the level and the right one is to decrease the level, and you also have one pedal driving and in this car, its known as eye pedal and overall, these pedals adjust the way your car slows down and what eye pedal means Are one pedal driving? It means that when you let off the accelerator, your car will come to a complete stop without you actually having to press on the physical brakes, and this helps with efficiency, and it makes the drive much smoother.

The car has parking assist, so it can move forward and in reverse, so lets move it back into a parking spot. Im gon na hold it down a little longer till we get closer to the edge, all right and stop, and this is also pretty neat too, because if youre in a tough parking spot and you cant get in, you could also have it go forward. And once were out of that tight space we im like okay, i think i can get in my car, its pretty convenient Music Music. Before we begin charging, i want to provide an update on our battery percentage and miles. We are at 17 and that is 47 miles estimated remaining and we are at 2163 miles on the odometer. We drove 228 miles consuming 83 of the battery doing some math. If i ran this totally down to zero, i should have gotten 274.69 miles out of this charge right on target. At the end of the day, this number will vary depending on your driving style and environmental conditions, so lets charge it up. As mentioned before. This has a max charging rate of 240 kilowatts ive got us lined up with an 800 volt ready, 350 kilowatt charger, so its all up to the car. At this point also, with electrify america, you get 1 000 kilowatt hours of recharging thats around 4 000 miles. All right lets plug it in Music, i plugged into the 350 kilowatt charger, but unfortunately was only getting a rate of 57 kilowatts, the charging style wasnt working.

Well, i decided to move over to the one with 150 kilowatt charger. Since the other 350 was occupied on this stall, we were able to get a consistent charging rate of 170 kilowatts until it dropped down to about 115.. The charging curve didnt end up being a curve at all, but rather two flat lines wish we could have fully charged on the 350, but thats just how things are at electrify america. The vehicle to load external adapter is on the wind and gt trims. The v2l is a power source which provides a peak of 1900 watts of power. You can connect computers or other devices to it, its also capable of doing a vehicle to vehicle charge at 1.1. Kilowatts lets connect it and the outlet is right underneath here, online kia shows the detail being used to connect a projector to watch movies in the woods. Well, i am not by the woods, but i do have a projector Music. The ev6 is a practical ev offers a fair amount of range and has quick charging speeds. It has modern tech, unique stylings and pretty good efficiency. Kia also still has federal tax credits available of up to 7 500. If youre thinking about the ev6 make sure to test drive the wind trims as these offer a higher range and favorable additional features without having to go up to the gt level, this car is very similar to the honda ionic five go check out that video next To get a good comparison thanks for spending time with me today have a new viking review.

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