Is this vehicle hello and welcome to drive swag im stephanie, and this, as you may already know, is the tata nexon ev max and well with its max range. It has got us out of the city uh. Well, we are about 140 kilometers into the drive and well, it still has more than 60 percent of its battery left and we are here to check what this vehicle is all about. Does it really have a maximum range maximum amount of features lets find out. So before we get started about the design and features of the new nexon ev max lets start talking about what max really stands for so max, as you can imagine, stands for maximum, so the next one has already been in existence for a while. Now the nexon ev was first launched in january 2020 and since then, it has skyrocketed tata into the number one position in the electric vehicle market in india and the nexus ev has now transitioned into a new version which has a maximum of everything. Maximum range, maximum performance and maximum features – and this is what this vehicle is all about – now – that thats out of the way lets get talking about the design. So, as you can already see, it looks exactly the same as the nexon ev theres, not a lot of difference and at first glance, im sure you wouldnt make out a lot of differences. However, there are two very important differences.

Firstly, youve got the alloy wheels. Now these wheels, though they look very similar to the older ones. These are more premium a bit sportier looking alloy wheels, the design has changed. The size remains the same. These are 16 inches dual tone alloy wheels. Secondly, and more importantly, the color. Now this is an exclusive color that is found only on the evmax, its called intrinsic teal and, as the name already gives you a clue, it is a bit more intensive than the usual teal color that was found on the nexon tv. So its a bit deeper and it gives the vehicle a bit more serious, more premium, look more mature design if you may. Finally, youve got the roof. Now. This is a dual tone: variant, uh, dual tone: colors are standard across the nexon evmax range and well. This roof is finished in daytona grey and this roof finish is standard across all color variants of the new nexon evmax, the color options being intensity, daytona gray and pristine white. Now that thats out of the way lets start talking about the design uh quickly. To sum it up, it looks exactly like the nexon eevee theres, not a lot of differences. Youve got the same, wrap around headlamps. Those are halogen units, youve got the electric blue elements all over the car, so youve got the eevee badging on up front and on the side as well, and then youve got at the bottom. A scuff plate and youve got the triarro pattern as well and that pretty much sums up the exterior design of the new nexon evmax now lets go inside, because a lot of new features that i want to tell you about Music now.

This is the interior of the new tata nexon ev max and first things. First, you notice the new color of the interior. This is called makarana, beige and well, it looks very premium. It looks very elegant, classy finish and then youve got the stitching on the seats. So these are electric blue stitching and it looks fabulous. It gives you a very youthful feel, and also it tells you that you are in an electric vehicle right up front. Finally, also youve got ventilated seats up front for the driver, as well as a passenger. That is excellent. Now were not very sure how big a role it plays in reducing your range. However, it is a very comfortable feature to have and unless youre hypermiling or clocking really long distances. That is a very useful feature that will come in handy in indian climatic conditions. Now that thats done lets talk about this entire cockpit and this interior. So not a lot changes uh compared to the nexon, the standard, nexon ev, so youve got the same steering wheel. Leather wrapped, of course, youve got the same. Electric blue stitching its a flat bottom steering wheel, its nice and chunky very nice to hold youve got, steering mounted controls for cruise control, as well as for your audio and in front of you in the instrument. Miracle. Youve got a digital analog setup, so the digital analog setup simply means youve got an analog speedometer and then youve got a seven inch screen, uh full color screen that displays a lot of information, including the range.

How much throttle youve been using? How much region youve been creating? Yes, when it comes to region, youve got different region modes, so it displays which region mode youre in and the level of region, the battery percentage state of charge, etc. Everything is displayed on there and uh its very useful. Indeed, while driving and then youve got another seven inch display, that is a touch screen, so this infotainment system has been updated on this new model. It comes with tatas new connectivity, suit, uh. It comes with over 48 new features and you can connect to your smart watch. Your smartphone and you can monitor various facets of the car using this uh connectivity suit and the rest kind of remains the same. So youve got your climate control knobs right here. Youve got your uh air conditioning vents with the electric blue accents. Of course, electric blue accents are found all over the vehicle and uh its really nice to look at im, not complaining. So this is the newest bit on this vehicle. The evmax so youve got this new dual gear. Knob uh tata calls it the dual gear: knob thanks to these knurled uh. This knurl pattern on the side of it and its got an active display in the center. So when you turn it on uh its really cool to watch this, so it the display changes according to the gear youve selected and behind it, youve got the electronic parking brake, as well as the controls for auto hold and also for the different region.

Settings now. For the first time in the nexon ev, you can actually turn off regen completely or you can have it at the maximum level, which allows you to have a single pedal, driving style and ill talk to you about that more in detail while were driving it so That pretty much sums up the entire interior and the new features on the new tata next one ev max at the rear two there isnt any change so were not gon na go into the rear. It looks fabulous. The new beige is simply classy. Apart from that, the interior remains the same now its time to go driving, because that is where this vehicle excels. Music whole point of the tata nexon evmax is to have the maximum of everything, and the engineers at tata motors have done just that. It features a bigger battery, a more powerful motor, increased range and significantly greater performance. The tatan x1 evmax is powered by a 40.5 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is a 10.3 kilowatt hour, increase over the 30.2 kilowatt hour battery in the standard nexon ev. As a result, the battery is taller and wider, while also weighing nearly 70 kilograms heavier the motor that drives the front wheels now produces 143 bhp and 250 nm, which is 14 bhp and 5 nm higher than the standard nexon ev. This, of course, leads to an increase in performance tata motors claims that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 9 seconds and will then go on to touch an electronically limited top speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

However, we didnt push the nexon evmax to speeds that were remotely close to its claim top speed. We did do a couple of hard acceleration runs but cut off throttle at just 80 kilometers per hour, because we were doing something far more important. What is of utmost important is the range and the tata next one ev max boasts an aras certified range of 437 kilometers, which is simply fabulous. However, the range would be significantly lower in real world conditions, and that is exactly what we set out to test. We set out with 98 charge in its battery and a range of 407 kilometers. Throughout the day we put the electric suv to the test. In various environments, there were some open highways where we could use the cruise control set at 80 kilometers per hour in the surroundings of the ranganti to bird sanctuary. We did some off roading too. We even navigated through rashad traffic, do watch this video until the very end to know exactly how much we got out of a single charge now coming back to how it drives the nexon. Evmax features three drive modes, eco city and sport. It is at its economical best in the eco mode city mode is best left for bumper to bumper traffic sports mode increases performance and the slightest input on the throttle makes a big difference in performance. However, the range on the screen immediately drops by 30 kilometers when you switch to this mode.

The tata nexon evmax features four region settings. It can be turned off completely and can go up to level 3 where it has a maximum level of regeneration in level 3. You can really drive with a single pedal, as a braking created by the region is pretty strong charging. The suv is a much better experience than it was earlier. You can opt to have a 3.3 kilowatt ac charger which can juice up the battery pack in about 15 to 16 hours, or you could get yourself the 7.2 kilowatt ac, fast charger, which does the job in about five to six hours. A 50 kilowatt dc fast charger can charge it up from zero to eighty percent in under an hour. The ride quality in the tatan x1 evmax is almost perfect. The suspension is supple and soaks up potholes and speed bumps pretty well. The springs are a bit stiffer to handle the additional hundred kilograms that are added by the battery and the additional features on offer. It is pretty quiet inside the cabin and the fact that is an ev helps further theres. Barely any noise from the motor – and the only thing you hear at higher speeds is some road noise from the tires the steering wheel feels great to hold and is pretty heavy, even at lower speeds. Needless to say, the wheel does weigh up nicely at higher speeds, and this does increase the drivers. Confidence on the whole, the new tata nx1 evmax, is an excellent electric suv and driving.

It is a brilliant experience, particularly with the extended range tata motors has built up a significant lead in the indian electric vehicle market. All thanks to the nexon ev and now to increase the lead for the tata motors has come up with the nexon ev max and, as the name says, it does offer the maximum of everything and that 437 kilometer ara certified range is the real deal and well We have been testing it, we will continue to test it and we will give you the actual figures: the real world test at the end of the video, so stay tuned for that the tata next on evmax has a starting price of rupees 17.74 lakh ex showroom And that is a pretty steep price. However, when you look at it in its entirety, when you take into consideration fuel costs and how cheap it is to actually run this vehicle. Well, it all starts to make sense and the top end version retails at 19.24 lakh, and that is a pretty decent price for a vehicle that offers so much thats our take on the new nexon ev max. Do let us know in the comments what you think of this new electric suv and well, if you have any doubts or queries as well, you can ask us in the comments and well make sure to reply to them, for you thats it from us for now. Thank you for watching this is stephen neal signing off for drive spark do stay tuned, stay safe and drive safe Music, a quick update on the real world drains test that we did with the new tata and x1 evmax and well were proud to say that we Have clocked 310 kilometers well to be exact 309.

8 kilometers on this vehicle in just one single charge, and yet we have 10 percent of battery left. Yet we should also inform you that when it hit 10 percent, the vehicle went into a sort of limpo mode and im here to tell you what that lymphoma mode is like so uh. Well, it does move, it does carry a bit of speed. The only difference is that the throttle feels a bit spongy and well. It doesnt really react to your throttle input unless you pin it to the floor its only then that it starts accelerating and were confident that, with that 10 percent it could do another 40 or maybe even 50 kilometers, we dont know we havent tested it uh, but With what we have achieved so far well, it has proven itself the 437 kilometers range that is certified by the ara. Well, it has not achieved that. But yes, of course, that is in the ideal conditions in real world conditions, 310 kilometers on one single charge is more than ideal and well. This has really impressed us. Well were gon na end with that.