Now more than 140, approximately 141 horsepower and the torque is also now 250 newton meters, which is available in a typical instant form like any ev. So we were well aware that the nexon ev also had that typical eevee fashion performance, but in the evmax yeah you get those understeers so that ev evmax gives an added rush to the older nexon eva, and that is where uh, that extra horsepower and that extra Torque comes into play also, a single gear ratio is lag free and it detects all the throttle responses, uh very well uh in both the modes right now i am in sport mode. But, however, as soon as i go into the eco mode, also economy drive mode activated, okay, so it still up has uh. You know that detection capability, when you feather the throttle and it doesnt, get confused on the amount of inputs its getting. So that is something which is a good calibration uh done by tata motors, with uh the throttle, the battery pack and the motor to work in that synchronicity to give it a seamless, driving experience. Also, as we are talking about the performance, it is also very important to note and appreciate the fact that tata motors have listened to the consumers and have given uh the evmax variant, all four disc, brakes and uh. I think the tires are also upgraded with though they are still mrfs, but they are eco, tread giving in mind uh the overall eco theme, so thats.

Another noteworthy observation i made when i started driving uh the nexon a few hours back. Another highlight and an added feature of the driving performance and the driving feel is the customizable driving regen modes. There are, i believe, four modes you can select. So accordingly, the car selects the regen powers. The driver may like right now, as i can see, that was on level two and it was pretty strong in uh that level of uh braking so anywhere two or three. It is very, very drivable in city, and if you are getting used to this, you will be able to save on a lot of service cost when it comes to uh, brake service requirements, be both the pads and a longer life for your disc as well. So, while driving the nexon evmax, i found out something interestingly positive. Let me elaborate that with a few examples suppose, when you drive a very low slung sedan or a sports car, your center of gravity is down very low and similarly, if you drive a very high ground clearance or maybe a body on frame, suv or a large Bodied suv or a van, your center of gravity is very up high, whereas in the nexon ebay, the center of gravity fails extremely low and thanks to the battery pack, which is at the base of the car on the floor of the car. And this makes and gives the nexon ev a very low center of gravity, and it not only does that, but also gives it a very interesting and a very rare driving experience, because it is a high ground clearance.

A very high ground clearance, uh car, which is having the crossover suv style body around it and with a low center of gravity, its something very uniquely uh rewarding when you want to get an indulge in a sporty drive to understand this segment better. It is important to understand the platform, so the nexon ev is based on the modified x1 platform, with the adaptability of the ziptron gen1 ev architecture, which makes it inherent a good ride, quality and decent road manners. So, as we are talking about the ride quality, also, the ground clearance is very good. We took that speed breaker without you know any hesitation at uh. You know around 20 kilometers per hour. Also, the suspension is very well tuned uh to take care of whatever road undulations, which the city as well as the rural roads might put you on. It is having a decently sized uh thick tire profile at 215.60, and that brings a good amount of confidence on bad roads as well. A point which uh with respect to ic engine nexon, was that it had a bit of a bumpy ride, whereas in the nexon ev, thanks to the battery pack being at the base of the car, it has settled down a bit with another important factor for it. To make it settle down is the weight also, which makes it uh settle down and uh the suspension ride much better, because this is around 150 kilos heavier than a typical ic engine nexon.

So, overall, i think the ride quality remains another strong point for the nexon. Now, coming to the handling, though most of it was covered during the center of gravity discussion we just had, but i missed out on one point, and that is the nexon ev max gets a 50 50 weight distribution, and that is sort of a good thing and It is, you can say, uh not entirely easy to achieve that, but in the evmax tata motors are confident about that 50 50 weight distribution, giving a handling edge over the regular internal combustion engine nexon. So the thing about the dimensions of the nexon is that its as small and compact youd want in a city, whereas its as large and as spacious as youd require from the interiors perspective. That is something which has connected with a lot of nexon buyers, both ic as well as the ev and another great highlight, or i would say the strong point about the interiors is the sound insulation. I know this is a ev and that is expected, but overall uh, the sound insulation with the cabin materials and the build quality reflects more. So when you spend a few minutes in the car immediately, you can feel yes. This is a good, well insulated car. So that is a strong point. Another highlight of this cabin is this jeweled gear knob or the gas selector. It does have a bit of jaguarness in it. You can say the typical jaguar handshake.

They say, though it doesnt come out, but overall the materials used and the quality with the display, its absolutely you can say, maybe segment first, so this feels truly uh magical other than that. I would say that the steering is again typical, tata like and though it has some blue stitching, it feels very premium to touch and feel so that is a great touch. Another aspect which will click with the indian customers is uh. Are these new seats uh with this kind of beige stone in them and though it doesnt feel typical beige, and i believe there is a bit of ivory tone in it as well somewhere between beige and that tata, safari, ivory uh seats, which we have seen. I feel this is a very soothing beige and indian consumers will accept it pretty well for the eevee tata motors have really worked to add a lot more features like the ir vm is now auto. Dimming there is auto hold the electronic parking brake. There is wireless charging and a whole host of other features, which is like cooled seats as well as the cool glove box. I will just drop down the list of the entire feature list, which has been added by tata motors in this evmax, so that immediate customers that the target consumers can refer before they finalize their nexon evmax. A couple of critical feedbacks here, starting off with the cluster. I feel the analog speedometer feels a bit off and with this refresh, this evmax deserved a complete digital display, which is something i feel could have really upped the ante for tata motors point number two is uh, the headroom is, you can say just okay, and that Is something which is understandable? Considering the batteries are underneath the floor? However, considering my height, i feel it is manageable, but any person over six feet one six feet two might really have to adjust the seat pretty low.

Finally, to conclude things, it would be fair to say that today the economical aspect of owning an eevee, a well priced tv is the real attraction of buying an av and, with the tata motors ever increasing charging network all across india. It makes it even practical. Tata motors today enjoys almost 90 percent of the personal mobility electric vehicle market share in india and uh out of which around 19 000 of those have been nexon. Evs lets be honest here.