The throttle response has gone through the roof wow and the chassis stability, the chassis orientation and the kind of acceleration and the suspension setup really really amplifies the performance and takes it to the next level. Okay, guys now its time to take the nexon eevee max for a spin, and let us see whether it offers fun to the max as well as much as it absolutely flows us with the kind of features and specs that i have parked this with now. We are starting in city mode, we have 303 kilometers range left 93 and the battery here you have the jog dial. Here you have the reverse mode. Uh, the camera is decent enough. It could have been better again. This has been a complaint, even while reviewing the outros. I was hoping that they could up the ante further and offer a hd panel or far more intuitive display, but this does the job for you and it has dynamic guidelines as well, which kind of move. While you steer so that helps you park in tight spaces, this is neutral, and now we are in drive, which is city mode, and here you have the auto hold function. And now you cant see that but auto hold is on and you can turn it off. As well, i have turned it off for now and the parking brake is engaged now parking brake is released now lets see whether it takes a creep. Yes, it has the creep function so lets just get going.

The ride quality is phenomenal. The seats are super comfortable and we do get ventilated seats as well, so it really really ups the ante in terms of offering a little bit of luxury as well. You have cool glove box, a sunroof and the steering feel is really good. The suspension is absolutely bang on. We are on a little bit of a dirt road, but still we are simply sailing over this effortlessly 16 inch wheels really do the job uh, maybe in the future upgrade they can offer 17 inch 17 inches to again make a statement because they are always ahead Of the game in terms of offering class leading features and specs, so the advantage of having this enhanced bit of ground clearance is this. You can take on any terrain any time any place, so lets be careful as we enter the highway and off we go. It shows uh yeah this level. One is maximized for fun level. Two is maximized, not yet maximized, but it optimizes battery efficiency and level. Three is what max maximizes battery optimization and the range moved up from 300 kilometers to 315 kilometers. Now let me drive in this, and the drive feel is pretty pretty uh stable and the power delivery is nice and linear. It doesnt feel sluggish, even with the battery being optimized to its max. Now, if i down it to level two and in the city mode immediately, i can feel the throttle uh coming alive.

As soon as i uh put my foot down the car comes alive and we can literally go at pretty decent speeds. Mind you. This comes with the top speed claim of 140 kilometers per hour and not 200 comes up in just nine seconds, which is absolutely phenomenal. Now next, well, uh. Try and uh put this into sport mode and lets see how it responds immediately. The this thing fell to 288 kilometers per hour 288 kilometers range, but the car comes alive. Goodness gracious, we are flying at the rate of knots. The throttle response has gone through the roof wow and the chassis stability, the chassis orientation and the uh kind of acceleration and the suspension setup really really amplifies the performance and takes it to the next level. Nice rigid kind of a feel while youre pushing it to the max the steering weighs up adequately as well. You can see we are absolutely cruising and flying across the competition and flying past the traffic leaving everyone behind. This is the magic of the nexon evmax, which maximizes fun to the next level as well, just as much as it maximizes. Every aspect of an ev in this segment now lets not push it too far, because uh i have to get back to the dealership as well, so we have to preserve the range and also have to vlog in telugu now lets switch to economy mode and now, In economy mode, it doesnt feel too sluggish.

Yes, the throttle response is not as aggressive as it is in the uh sport mode, but then uh it uh goes pretty chill like pretty linear, consistent power delivery to cruise effortlessly through the highway, and you can cruise at 80, 90 kilometers per hour, or maybe even 100 – and that is the kind of versatility the weight and the flexibility that tata have packed this vehicle with. What i love is the steering feel it is really really good nice good grip at the 10 oclock and 2 oclock positions. Then you have the three spoke steering wheel with the flat bottom steering wheel and yes, you have all the safety features on board, but the ride quality the brakes again are really really brilliant. You get disc brakes all around disc brakes on all four wheels, which again highlights and underscores how much tata emphasize safety so overall, i feel this is an absolute delight to drive just as much as it scores in terms of practicality in terms of features in terms Of specs in terms of absolutely obliterating the competition when it comes to the range and the battery charging capabilities, it kind of makes a statement with its performance as well. It is super fast in sport mode off. We go. Oh my god. Those guys are wondering behind me what happened this guy turned on the nitro or something he literally flew off in an instant, but anyway lets control. Our enthusiasm lets try and turn around.

Here. We have a turn coming up and lets switch to economy mode. The ride quality is absolutely amazing, so at this price point for the kind of package they are offering, this is an absolute killer. Deal make no mistake about it and i have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with this machine, and so will you the moment. You drive this the kind of features and specs and the kind of practicality and usability it packs, theres, nothing like it in the ev segment and tata have again raised the benchmark to another level, so thats pretty much it thanks for watching. If you like, pure automobile content, feel free to subscribe and like and leave your comment below and ill catch, you guys in the next video in the next review.