This right here is the tata nexon evmax, which comes with a bigger battery extra power and some new features, but most importantly, the claimed range has gone up from 312 to 437 kilometers, which means the rear life range of 300. To 320 kilometers can be expected and to test that i am going to drive this car non, stop from navi mumbai to pune and back and lets see how it goes. Okay, so it is time to get going. The car is on right now the battery is showing 97 percent and the range is showing 323 kilometers. I will reset the trip meter. Trip meter has been set to zero im in navi mumbai right now at palm beach road and from here to the taliga toll. Naka, the distance is approximately 1999 kilometers, so well do a round trip that will be approximately 200 kilometers and after coming back ill drive. The car locally for 30 to 40 kilometers so well get a proper test of around 250 to 40 to 50 kilometers. And then we will see what is the actual range of this car and ill be driving the car very normally. I will drive the ac on ill play music along the way, and yes, i will try this card just like any other car. So lets see. How is the real life range like Music, so im on the expressway right now? The trip meter is showing 23.9 kilometers and the range is 290 kilometers without ac and with ac the range is 261 kilometers.

I switched off the ac only for doing the speaking part, because the ac noise would come in the audio otherwise. Otherwise i have been driving constantly with the ac set at 23 degrees and the blow speed is set at two. So im cruising at 80 kilometers per hour right now, because that is the speed limit on the expressway and obviously i do not want any challan. If we talk about the energy consumption, the display on the instrument cluster is showing an average of 146 watt per kilometer. Now i think the car will definitely finish this trip in one go and there will be a decent amount of charge left. But still my fingers are crossed and there is a slight amount of range anxiety because im not too sure what are the locations of the charging stations on the expressway and hopefully i wont have to use them now. If you talk about the power bump, the next one evmax makes 141 horses. The regular nexon ev makes 127 horses, so there is an increase of 14 horsepower and the torque has also gone up by 5 newton meters from 245 to 250.. Apart from this, one, more thing i wanted to mention is that the top speed of the regular next one ev is 120 kilometers per hour. It is electronically limited for the ev max. The top speed is electronically limited to 140 kilometers per hour. Of course, i also forgot to mention about the battery specs, the regular next one ev has a battery pack of 30.

2 kilowatt hour. This one has a battery pack of 40.5 kilowatts, so that is an increase of approximately 30. So, yes, we should see a real world range of around 300 kilometers, because users of the regular next one ev have been getting a range of 180 to 200 kilometers on a full charge: Music Applause, Music, so ive just crossed the first troll plaza, which is the Kalapatrol and the trip meter is showing 46.5 kilometers right now. The range is 254 kilometers. Without the ac and with the ac, the range is 228 kilometers ill, just switch off the ac. Only for this talking part otherwise ive been driving constantly with the ac on and the battery has just dropped to 79. So now this guy has three driving modes city mode: eco, mod spot, mod ive been driving in city mode throughout and ive been maintaining a speed between 80 to 100 kilometers per hour, because the speed limit is 80 at some places, 100 some places. So it gets a bit confusing on the explosive area, so ive been driving at anywhere between 80 200 and ive been driving the car very normally just like any other ice. Car music has also been on for a better part of the drive. So, yes, it is going good so far and i still have around 160 kilometers to do before you know. Dropping the car back and range anxiety is kicking in slightly, but im really hoping that i wont have to you know plug in the car on my way.

Back and hopefully the car will finish this trip in one go, so this um that attacks on eb max also gets three levels of regeneration. Basically, there are four levels level: zero is, if you dont want any regeneration at all level. One two three work really well and right now the car is in level one regeneration but level. Two and three also works very nicely, especially in the city not much on the highway, and it is definitely useful for boosting the range of the car. Apart from that, the next one evmax also gets an auto hold feature now, which was extremely useful in stock, go traffic because there was a slight amount of queue at the toll, so that feature came in to be useful over there and right now. It is time to hit the guards – and i am thinking of driving the car – a bit spiritedly in sport mode right now, Music. So we have just crossed lonavala on the way to pune now, and there was a lot of traffic on the guards and there were like tons of trucks and all that and because of that, the range of the car has really got affected. The battery is 68. Now the range is 207 kilometers that is without ac with ac. The range is just 186 kilometers and the trip meter is showing 62.7 kilometers, so we still have around 140 kilometers to go. You know what the weather is really pleasant.

Now i think i should drive without ac and open the windows for some time. Okay, just kidding ill keep the ac on, but yeah im, not driving the car very spiritedly, now im running the car, quite sedately, of course, if theres a petrol or a diesel car with me right now, i would have gone all guns blazing on the guards, because The enthusiasts really like pushing our cars right, especially on the empty sections, not in traffic Music, so i just took a: u turn from the taliga toll naka a couple of kilometers back. The trip meter is showing 102 kilometers right now. The range is 154 kilometers. In eco mode and the battery is 54, which means it is going to be a really really tight trip and the last 35 kilometers i have driven the car without the ac. It is quite pleasant outside right now the window is shut because i am shooting – and i plan on trying for the next 40 or 50 kilometers also without ac, because trust me range anxiety has struck me and i am in no mood to charge the car. I want to make sure i reach navi mumbai, the starting location without charging the car. So i know it is going to be a bit tight, but im really excited – and i know this is quite challenging. So at the end of the drive ill tell you how exactly i felt and how i drove the car.

So initially i drove the car in city mode right now, ive been driving the car in eco mode only and spot mode. I used only for a couple of kilometers on the guards, so, yes, this is the written journey and it is going to be an interesting day ahead. Now, if you talk about the other changes on the next one evmax, you get this illuminated gear knob over here. You get an electronic parking brake, you get front, ventilated seats. These are nice to have features. I made use of the ventilated seats a lot while coming from navi mumbai to lanaola, because it was quite hot that side of maharashtra, apart from that, the eliminated gear knob. Also looks really cool, but i really hope it doesnt. You know suck some battery because, okay, i do have a power bank with me in my bag, but that power bank might not be enough to charge the car. So, yes, we are trying towards lonavala. Now we might take a food halt at one of the food plaza Music. So right now, im at the lonavala toll plaza. We took a: u turn from the taligan and right now we are on the way back. So when i was taking the? U turn the battery was 55 and the range was approximately 155 160 kilometers without ac mind you, i drove the car for 85 kilometers without ac, the weather was pleasant, but right now ill have to drive with ac, because it is getting hot right now and the Range right now is 137 kilometers in eco mode.

Without ac and the battery is 46 percent, we actually managed to increase the range while coming downhill, and i was on regeneration level 2, which really helped matters Music. Okay, so i just had a scrumptious meal, and now my battery is charged im, not sure about the cars battery the battery showing 44, which means we have actually managed to retain a lot of charge while coming downhill and the range is 127 kilometers without ac and Around 110 kilometers with ac and right now, im trying to get in city mode, and it is really hot outside so ill, be switching on the ac and keeping it at 18 degrees. With the blower speed set to 3 because without ac, it wont be possible to drive because it is really really really hot and im also making use of the ventilated seats feature. So performance is not much of an issue with this car. It is more than sufficient. The power does make its presence felt that talk does make its presence filled and driving the car out on the guard on the expressway. It has been a great experience indeed, and the only issue only concern has been the range anxiety. Apart from that, no complaints with the car as such it drives in a very nice manner. The audio system is nice. The features are very good to have, and overall the car does have a feel good factor to it. So yes, lets make it back to navi mumbai and then ill update you with what is the range and what is the battery remaining okay im just about to reach my destination the same place where we started in the morning.

The trip meter has just crossed 200 kilometers. The range is 64 kilometers in city mode with ac on and the battery is 25. The battery icon has turned from blue to orange, which means yes, the battery is low. Now and yes, i think it was a very good drive. I mean if i give you a breakup of this. I drove 85 kilometers without ac in eco mode, and the remaining drive was done with ac on, and the car in city mode performance has been very nice, and while i did get some amount of range anxiety in between apart from that, the drive has been very. Very smooth, and indeed the next one did make it back without having to get it charged now talking about the charging times with the 3.3 kilowatt standard charger. This car takes around 15 to 16 hours for a full charge and you can also opt for a 7.2 kilowatt fast charger at a premium of 50 000 in the exit plus and the exit plus lux variants, and that charges the car in about 6.5 hours, which Is very decent, apart from that, you can also charge the car at those public charging stations with a proper dc, fast charger and with those chargers. The car goes from zero to eighty percent in about 56 minutes, which is again very nice. So, as you saw, it is indeed possible to do a mumbai pune round trip in the tata next on evmax.

But the thing to note over here is that i started the drive from navy mumbai and not proper mumbai, and i did not enter pune city. I took a: u turn just from the taligan toll, plaza and right now, with 200 kilometers on the order. This car still has a range of approximately 63 64 kilometers left. So realistically, you can expect a range of 250 to 300 kilometers, depending on your driving style. In a mix of city and heavy conditions, you will get a slightly higher range. If you do a highway only trip you will get a slightly lesser range because of lesser braking regeneration. So, yes, im quite happy with the range of the tata next one ev. Some more range would have definitely been welcome and i think i could have completed the full trip with the ac on, but then it would have been really tight and the range anxiety would have gone through the roof. So, yes, im glad i drove without ac. For 85 kilometers, so, yes, i think the tata next one evmax is indeed a very nice package. Now lots of features and good driving feel along with a much improved range. Yes, the pricing has gone up significantly, but i think the next best evie is the mg zs ev and even the hyundai kona, but those cars are pricier by almost half a million rupees. So in this price range you really cant get anything better than this and i think the next one ev is truly a very nicely engineered electric car, so i guess thats about it.

If you guys have any questions about this car.