The nexon evmax, which gets a larger battery, is packed with more safety and premium features and promises a much better range. All these comes at a premium of rupees 1.54 lakhs over the standard version, which continues to be sold alongside to accommodate the new 40 40.5 kilo per hour battery. The entire floor plan has been reworked, as this bike has significantly grown in size. Ground clearances is now 15 millimeter lower than the standard nexon ev. The new nexon evmax is powered by high voltage state of the siftron technology and equipped with 40.5 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pipe. The nexon eva max offers 33 percentage more higher battery capacity than the regular nexon ev, with an ari certified range of 437 kilometer range with a single charge. The nexon evmax produces 143 ps of power and 250 nm of torque and resulting in zero. Two hundred under just nine seconds, the interior remains the same and no any significant changes added to this particular model. But the center console has undergone a significant revamp and gets a new uncluttered and clean design. It features a dual central knob, with active mode display. All new base, interiors leatheridge seat with ventilation for front passengers, air purifier, wireless smartphone, charging, auto demand, irv and crow is controlled. The nexon av max features three drive modes, eco city and sports. In addition to that, it gets a multi infotainment system with reverse parking, camera and guidelines, automatic line, sensoring bypass, sunroof, auto climate, controlling ac radiation controls esp and air bikes are standard.

Music Applause. The ventilated front seats also have three way: adjustable. Ventilation system place a vital roll in long journeys. The rear seat is equipped with the triarro seat designs and the new beige leatherette seats. The armrest with two cup holders is more beneficial to passengers and enough legroom and headroom or office Music Applause. Music major highlight of nexon evmax is the order range and the battery capacity, but the boot space remains the same in the regular nexon av 350 liters of wood space with puncture kit and spare tire provides. You advocate amount of space for your luggages whats. Your opinion about the all new tata nexon evmax comment below Music Music.