We have a very modern and stylish looking scooter and it just stands out with its metal body and 16 inch wheels. This is the d15 pro from biggos and it looks quite unique as it is a design. First for india, it is sturdy like a bike, but then it has the convenience of a scooter, but is it safe and actually economical to the pocket lets find out before we begin subscribe to moto beam and dont forget to hit the bell icon Music. Now, with the current situation with evs battery safety is the highest priority and hence over 20 safety features have been included in this scooter to make you safe. Now, let me show you the battery pack. You have to open the boot from here and then this big unit is actually a lithium ion battery, which is ip67 rated. It is removable once you just remove this plug, and then you can pull this battery out because it is a heavy unit. Now this is 3.2 kilowatt hour 60 volt, 55 ampere lithium ion battery, which has over 21 700 cells damn. This is a big battery with good capacity, so this first in segment safety feature like a rollover sensor. So the moment the scooter falls or it tips over it, cuts off the motor and then theres a side, strength sensor. So unless you pick this one up, you cant really move forward. Just like this Music theres also a lymph mode safety feature which will facilitate the rider to reach the service station or a safe place.

If any issue arises with the scooter this, because d15 pro has a bad ass water weighting capacity of 250 millimeters, which is very impressive and hence the motor is also ip67 rated. The design of the scooter is actually a very, very good thing because it just stands out. Some say it looks like the deer. If it does, let me know in the comments below, but then the best feature. For me, the most unique thing over here is the 16 inch alloy set thats there standard on this scooter for the front, as well as the rear, and then the metallic paint, which goes all around plus a metal body. This just stands out. If you go into the details, you can see the biggest logo in the headlight thats chrome here as well, and then thats chrome on the meter too. Plus you get leds all around headlight indicators. As of the tail light, you get leds, the overall fit finish is quite nice and then bigos logo, as well as the d15 logo on this scooter comes in 3d, which looks very good. The switcher quality on this has a plasticy feel, but it is very nice to use, and then, if you want to switch between the moulds, you get two moulds, sport and eco, you can just switch with this button and use it. This is a started button which you actually, if you do a long press, becomes a reverse gear, engagement too.

So that is another great thing, so everything is quite accessible to your finger and then, if you look at the meter, it is a simple lcd unit but has a ton of information on the left. You can see the battery percentage actually the battery level, which is there on the top. It is a torque input which goes around right below. It is a speedometer right below it is the odometer on the right its the gear. Basically, are you in eco? Are you in drive that is sporty or are you going in reverse? It shows that right below it is the exact range and on the corner on the right. Is the voltage of this battery now note this one thing: you get the actual range that is left from the scooter and from the start that we have been riding weve, been getting close to 100 kilometers per inch and right now we can actually see that this Scooter is ready to go for another 80 kilometers. That is actually a very good thing. Music. The seat height of this scooter is just 765 mm, which makes it very very accessible, and you just saw if i would have been wearing a dress or a saree. Maybe i could have accessed this scooter very easily because you dont have any hindrance in between and the footboard face is actually quite spacious. You can actually move your leg around and you can actually keep your stuff here.

The storage spaces around here as well, but the major talking point – is the seat, which is long enough, as well as comfortable for the rider as well as the pillion plus. Then the grab rail behind is actually very good and safe to hold on to for the pillion. The foot pegs are attractive and they are made of rubber, so theres no issue on that part as well. The performance of the big os d15 pro is actually quite nice, because the 3.1 kilowatt motor has a continuous rate of 1.5 kilowatt, and the torque in the low end is very, very nice, be it in any mode, eco mode or the sport mode. You hit 40 kilometers per hour within seven seconds, and then this one has a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour in the eco mode and 60 in this sport mode. What is even impressive is that this one has a claim range of over 115 kilometers, but then in our test we were able to extract close to 100, and that is quite nice, which is very close to a claim range. There are a few things like while taking a: u turn this scooter does not cut off if you are throttling and pressing the brakes at the same time. So as a safety feature, many of you do that and this one does not cut off, which is brilliant, because there are other evs which do that, and that is very, very intrusive.

That said, this one also has an anti roll back. So, if youre on a slope, if you hold the throttle as well as the brake, it understands something like a hill hole, kind of a thing, and then it actually holds the scooter where you are plus this one also has a reverse mode, which ive already mentioned It takes the scooter at a very slow speed behind and it is very, very useful, just like this Music. All i have to now do is just press the starter button and i can come back in the frame Music. The because d15 pro has even more connected features like geo, fencing right statistics, live tracking, firmware, update that happened via bluetooth, and then this accurate distance trimmer, which ive already talked about then real time. Vehicle diagnostics, gps, anti theft, alarm as well, and many more charging for an ev is a source of its power and for the d15 pro ive got this charger, which takes about five and a half hours to go from zero to hundred percent and within four hours. It will reach eighty percent, which is very good, but the best part is the connector, which is the chocolaty connector over here. You can just use it with just one hand, lock it and to take it out. All you have to do is pull it back with just a single hand. You can operate it, which is very, very, very nice. That said, ive already talked about that the battery is removable and then theres, something that you can actually connect this charger directly onto this board.

I just took off this port to show you guys you can just connect it with a single click and you can charge the battery at your home as well. If you dont have a convenient charging spot next to your scooter parking, but then you might even say that you can get different set of batteries and switch it. No, that is battery vehicle pairing. That is standard because one battery is specific to one vehicle, and only then this vehicle will work if you put down the battery. If another b goes into this, it wont work. So that is another safety feature which is there. The charging information is also available on the app that you use from because Music, the riding dynamics of this scooter, the begos d15 pro – is actually very exciting because it actually rides like a motorcycle, not just like a scooter because of the 16 inch wheels. The overall feel feedback on the handlebars is actually very nice and then the suspension setup is compliant on our indian roads. You get teresubi folks at the front and dual suspension at the rear as well, which are adjustable so the overall ride quality has a balance of dynamics as well as comfort. If you tip the scooter into a corner, it actually holds the line very well and has a very good feedback coming to the handlebars. But then the moment you have a pillion with you. It does not weigh up as much which is again a great thing when i say the ride, quality is actually better.

I am comparing it with the other type of e scooters in this segment, and hence this one actually has the feel feedback of a motorcycle on a scooter. You only get drum brakes on the because g15 pro, but the feedback is quite nice plus it gets comfy. Braking system, which makes it quite safe, the begos g15 pro also gets a ground clearance of 175 mm and then theres a bottle in my hand. So you can actually use the storage space to carry your water bottle if youre not carrying one. You can actually put your phone down right over here and then theres, a usb charging port to charge your phone on the go for the biggos d15. You get two variants, basically an i and a pro this one is the pro the i comes for 99.99 and this one is one lakh, 14 999. So in this price bracket it is very, very competitive. It is very good on the design. It looks very unique. Just look at it, it is very practical plus it is convenient, and then it has the dynamics of a motorcycle from a scooter.