Enter the BMW i4. An electrified energy bursting Coupe sedan. That has everything it takes to rival. The big guns, including the all powerful Tesla Model, 3 and Tesla Model, Y. Grab your favorite snack and join us in todays video. As we reveal everything you need to know about the BMW i4. Before we jump right into the business of the day, it might interest you to know that there are three different ways of gaining entry into this car.. Well be revealing them during the course of this video. So do well to stick around till the end. BMWs initial foray into electrification was a success. By all accounts. The BMW i3 is an excellent vehicle. And it deservedly received plenty of accolades., But lets be honest. It doesnt give off the same vibe that youd expect to get in a typical BMW car like the M5.. We believe thats one of the things the German automaker tried to correct with the i4, because the exterior of this car is absolutely gorgeous and it looks like a typical BMW car in every sense of the word.. Compared to the BMW 3 series. The i4 is longer.. The German automaker claims that this car is a blend of convincing new drive performance with a new digital experience and bold Gran coupe design.. These were some of the things we looked out for, while reviewing the i4 and all were just as the BMW described. The front. Showcases that long standing, BMW design heritage that weve come to love over the years.

. It has a smart panel, thats packed with several technologies, and a blue highlight to signify that its an electric car. This panel or what would have been the grille area, is flanked by two slim laser headlights.. The i4 is fitted with air ducts and lightweight 19 inch. Aero wheels that are designed with five large shining spokes. BMW says these incredibly large spokes will help to reduce, drag and increase the miles.. If this is true, we are certain to see more electric carmakers adopt this type of wheel in their future vehicles., The electrified. Bmw. I4 Coupe offers a smooth combination of new age aerodynamics and luxury styling emphasized with recurring sharp lines. At the rear, youve long, three dimensional extended tail lights and crisp edges, complemented by two pronounced diffusers that look like exhaust pipes. Lets make our way now into this electric Car., But before we get on with the description, you might notice the BMW, i inscription directly underneath the position of the door. Thats. One way to know if a BMW car is hybrid or fully electric.. Youll most likely find this mark the BMW, i3 BMW i4 and any upcoming electric offering from the brand.. Obviously this is an electric car and you know were most likely going to get a big driver, focused screen and BMW doesnt disappoint at all.. The screen here is curved and really big, probably around 15 inches or so. Thats proper EV stuff. If you ask us.

And trust BMW to always go overboard with the tech features., This Drive 8 infotainment system actually allows you to set up a personalized profile known as BMW ID., So multiple users can have their different profiles saved on this system, just as it is With your computer or laptop. Once the profile is changed, it affects all the settings and features of the car, including the slim, LED lights, thats heavily featured throughout the car.. This would definitely come in handy for you if you and your partner share the same vehicle. When its your turn to have the keys. All youll have to do is log out your partner and login your ID. And thats it. You wouldnt even feel that the car is being shared. Whats even more interesting is that you can login to your BMW ID on another BMW, i4 car.. It doesnt get better than that.. Once you push the start button to bring this car to life, youll be treated to a special musical, sound delight composed by legendary German film score composer and four time. Grammy award winner Hans Zimmer., The 64 year old, legendary music producer is responsible for the soundtracks of movies, like the Lion King and Interstellar.. Another cool feature about the BMW i4 is that although its a pure electric car, you can choose to drive it like a combustion. Engined car majorly because you can choose to turn off the regenerative brake feature. And if you change your mind, you can turn it back on as well.

. The dashboard is trimmed with classy wood, which blends effortlessly with the entire cabin. Hold your breath, though, because theres one more mind: blowing technology installed in the BMW i4, its called the reversing assistant.. Basically, what this does is to reverse the car following the exact path that was used to drive it forward.. This is actually a big deal because, according to reports, one out of every four car accidents occur when drivers reverse. So the introduction of a reversing assistant is undoubtedly a welcomed. Development., Not sure theres, any other car. That has this feature, but if you know any do well to let us know in the comment section., This full sized sedan has got a large 470 liters trunk. That can be expanded to 1290 liters by lowering the back seat.. The trunk has multiple lock handles and can be opened by leg movements., As we promised earlier lets. Tell you about the three different keys that can be used to unlock this car.. The first one is the traditional key that most car owners are used to.. Alternatively, you can choose to unlock it using the dedicated, BMW app. And, lastly, you can open the i4 with the special BMW ultra slim card., So the choice is yours., Which do you prefer? The most Let us know in the comment: section., There are two models of the BMW i4.. The first is the BMW, i4 eDrive and then theres the BMW, i4 M50.. So, in terms of power, the eDrive variant cranks out 340 horsepower, while the premium M50 will deliver 540 horsepower and 586 lb ft of torque.

Cruising in the eDrive should get you from zero to 60. In about 5.7 seconds., Whichever model you opt for youll get enough power to move you around town easily and, of course, theres. The instant torque that comes standard with all EVs.. The BMW i4 EV has a range of 590 kilometers. Thanks to its fifth generation charging technology. This stunning, all electric beauty, can charge from zero to 80 percent in just about half an hour.. With the i4 M50 BMW has created an automotive piece of magic., One that threatens to dethrone the powers that be in the EV space. With a starting price of 66895. This Coupe sedan is quite affordable as well.. In fact, we dare say its the perfect high performance everyday car that you can gift yourself. Considering the range drivetrain and the endless tech features that it offers.. The competition for customers is fierce and to be fair, its going to take a lot of grit and a marketing master plan to rival Tesla, Polestar Hyundai and the other automakers in its category..