It was about cars. What was that question again? Question was: why do you reckon the best used? Electric car is out there right now. That is a very good question. Yes, today were discussing what the best used electric cars are to buy army tommy. Yes, we are, and we know exactly what youre thinking youre, probably thinking you know what electric cars havent been around that long to have a good choice. A good catalog yeah there is no secondhand market. Exactly even the new ones are still just about ready to take home, theyre still delivered, but you would actually be slightly wrong because theres been loads of manufacturers bringing out loads of new models and electric cars have been around for like three or four years now. You are starting to see the used market slightly deeper. There is, you know, a classified section for electric cars, and that means relatively recently, there is a bit of choice and choice is a good thing, absolutely and uh. With that in mind, should we kick things off? Go on lets start with uh i3, its a strong start, though go on. Then. What do you like about it? You know what i love the size of it and i think its a great city car as well. Its narrow isnt. It indeed also i3s were quite early ones. Yes, they were one of the first. When you see them on the motorway. Everyone used to laugh thinking. They wont last that long youll run out of battery very soon well.

2013., so that was one of the first electric cars to be knocking about, and it did look like a spaceship when it came out. Didnt it yeah. Everyone was like oh thats, interesting butterfly doors and the interior was different, yeah, a bit of wood in there and yeah really really nice. The good thing about from point of view of the used market on them, theyve sold roughly 200 000 of them. Its a fair few – and it means that if you want to buy a second album, obviously youve just got a bit more choice because they are knocking around. But what are the things to watch out? For i mean what three different battery sizes, so you have to be careful. I mean ive got it here, but it was 18.2 kilowatt hour. Then there was a 27.2 kilowatt hour and a 37.9 kilowatt hour yeah. So that would give you a range of what probably 80 to just over 150 miles, depending on what you go for. Is that enough for you, which one would you have i mean you dont, buy that car to do long journeys? So i think, whichever one you go for out of the three yeah youre, fine yeah for city driving, going school, runs or shopping, i think its pretty good. Do you think the doors are actually useful or not? I think theyre funky theyre funky, i think, depends on parking spaces. So when you go shopping you might have to be careful but im sure they had that in mind when they were designing.

It so – and i havent seen anything online of anyone complaining really about the doors, but the mx 30 has got the same door exactly it cant. Be that bad in real life. You know what i think, though, on design the wheels always make me laugh because theyre so thin, oh and big, but theyre tall, but theyre only theyre like bicycle wheels, yeah. They do tend to understand when im driving behind one im always like, oh god, its funny. They did do a faster one, they did the i3s right and that has its not really a drift mode. But you know the rear drive like you can make them sort of skid around a little bit. So if you like, driving theyre, actually pretty good, where are you going to be skating in that youre driving the city youd rather barbican id be pretty good at that? Oh its going as well, so its 2022. There will be no more i3s its being replaced by well its been replaced by another suv called the ix 1. It looks like theyre doubling down on the ix series yeah, but i think theyll be good yeah. You know the i3 felt really fresh yeah. I dont think wed be getting that again and i think i quite like the i3. I like it when theyre all two toned and they look a bit more spacey yeah. They look pretty wicked from one of my favorites to something a little bit more humdrum.

We talked about this earlier, but you cannot have any discussion about electric cars especially used electric cars. Unless you talk about the nissan leaf, the reason its been so popular one, it was one of the first so nissans had leafs leaves nissan leaves. Nissan leaves its had. Many leaves on that tree knocking around for years, so there are tons of them, but there are slight issues with having had cars knocking around for over a decade those cars. You know those really early ones. They had quite not rudimentary battery chemistry, but like the batteries were not that wicked. It means that, because theyve been gone through loads and loads of cycles, you know like your mobile phone, you check all that out. Dont you yeah yeah, you get battery health. If you know how battery works, the more you charge it the holes, whether the chemicals are going through, they get clogged up over time, so the battery health reduces over time, yeah yeah thats exactly the same. That happens in cars right. So, even though you started off with maybe 120 miles of range as youve gone through all those cycles of charging and discharging the batteries, they do exactly like the mobile right. They just lose the ability to hold that charge, so you could have a 10 or 12 year old leaf that perhaps only does 70 miles on a full charge right. But if youve only got a 30 mile round trip every day, it would suit you and those cars are second hand theyre cheap.

You can pick them up for four grand and, if youre picking them up as a used vehicle yeah, is there anything you look out for or is there anything that you can do to make sure things like battery degradation doesnt affect the one that youve picked up Charge it fully and see how many miles its got on the range. The thing with electric cars is people used to be really worried that electric cars were going to be super super unreliable, because we didnt understand the technology, its not true. Electric cars have far less moving parts than yeah. You think about an engine. Its got cams its got exhaust its got gearboxes its got all this stuff. Electric cars dont have it so they last really well, but the batteries still have the same problem, its one of those ones where, as long as it can do the things you need it to do its fine, i wouldnt worry about them. They werent massively expensive in the first place. The leaf is probably one of the only pure electric cars that i can think where you can get them sort of four or five grand. Apart from like river g whizzes, considering that price thats pretty cheap, i think thats pretty good and you probably wont even worry about things like battery degradation again when you spend that sort of money youre, probably going, you know what five grand does my job. He does. The job – and that would be like that second car thing – youre talking about like youre, not invested a ton of money in it, but then youd still have a 10 or 12 year old car.

So like the interiors are going to be a bit rough. Modern leafs come in different battery sizes and you can still get them second in hand. They are a lot better. Yeah theyve got a lot more tech, theyve got a lot more driver assistance stuff than the very early ones, and you know a three year old leaf. Is a really good practical proposition i cant get excited by them. Tell you what you might be excited about hatch, volkswagen e golf, its not really hot its, not that fast yeah! I thought about this, like you know, were going to get a new generation of new drivers coming through and yeah theyre going to be driving the electric cars most likely. So something like this could be a first. When i passed my tests, i was looking for used cars, yeah theyre, going to be looking at use. The electric cars and cars like the e golf would be that kind of car that theyll be looking out for. Well, it is isnt it i suppose, and its gone a long way from like the 1970s, its changed a lot yeah because they did do it. An electric golf back in the day in the 1970s didnt they yeah yeah that had lead acid batteries. Did it yeah? It really did so you didnt want to crash it. Its got decent range as well. Ive got here, so you know theyre starting off with a 24.2 kilowatt hour battery thats tiny, though these days that is tiny but 118 miles on that is not bad.

You see why i mentioned that later on when we mentioned a different car that has a big battery, but the range doesnt quite match up. Oh youve got a counter point yeah, but then it says here that it got an upgrade, so it got a 35.8 kilowatt hour battery yeah later in its life and did underneath five months, but 885 miles is probably usable in it. Exactly considering theres other cars out there as well, like your, i dont, know, mini e with similar battery signs, yeah, thats, true and the hundred yeah. That will still get you that no, the weird thing was when they were priming us for all the id stuff. This was them like trying batteries out and electric drive trains theyre, actually pretty good. They dont look like anything else, but a golf yeah yeah, which is quite nice. You can pick them up because they never sold hundreds of thousands of them. You know theyre, not. You know every street corner yeah, so youve got to be a little bit careful but yeah i like them. We were always going to talk about these, but you know the korean stuff, like it sold a lot. People really loved them past two or three years, like the e nero and the kona and all the stuff that basically stuff. We recommend this all the time, its probably our fault that theyve all been so popular and we should get some sort of commission commission yeah.

I think so key is big things to remember when youre buying second hand, they have a seven year, warranty thats a lot as well, its pretty good peace of mind peace of mind and it passes between owners. So it goes with the car, oh nice. So, if youre picking up maybe a four or five year old car, or probably not that old, even a three year old car, its still got another four years warranty on it. Is that not something you get with the other cars, not all of them? Okay, originally, when people thought that batteries were going to fall to bits – or perhaps things would go wrong with them, they didnt have the warranties when the manufacturers suddenly clicked hang on these things, aint going to break theyre like oh no were going to give you a Massive warranty, it was a great selling point theyre not going to give those warranties if they thought they were all coming back. Yeah yeah, so its been really interesting. Watch those warranties get especially battery launches, get bigger and bigger, bigger, because theyre, confident theyre not going to break lets talk about warranty as well. You know this warranty on battery and the car as well, right or yeah. Has that changed two different things. Youd have to look out for that as well. Yeah. Some of them are eight year battery warranties, but at which point the cars probably looking a bit tired yeah. You know its been around the block a couple of times because they have different warranties on things like paint and yeah.

You just have to be careful but yeah if theyre passing between the owners, its pretty good. The interesting thing with those is keep looking at all this stuff, but the e nero. I like it because its practical, its just a mid sized suv. You could get two different sizes, ‘ kilowatt hour and 64., so 180 or 280 miles, depending on which one you bought again, not massively expensive in the first place, and you get a decent charge, speed as well. What do they get? Seven to seven kilowatt dc charging? Yeah their charge curve, which is the thing that actually decides how long you stay at the charger youre big on this, i love charge curves its like they say: oh itll charge it three million kilowatts and its like it. Charges for three million kilowatts for 30 seconds and then bombs to like 50.. What you want is a charge curve that arcs like that yeah, so that it stays charging at a decent speed and what they do. This korean stuff, especially its got a really nice charge curve, so they stay charging at a decent average rather than just peeking. Really quick, ive done really boring investigations. In tours. I saw your tweets. I was like you must be bored genie needs to get im, not bored during this video because it matters its like. You can take a photo of your peak charge speed, but actually what you want to do is be at the charger less time right yeah.

So you might have a peak of 65, but if it does it from zero to 100 percent at 65, youll be at the charge of 20 minutes. Yeah yeah the e nero as well dont forget theres, a new one, theres, a new one, yeah, so theres a new one coming out this summer. Yes, and with that in mind, it also means theyll, stop selling the older ones or taking orders yes, um, and that will make it cheaper. Everyone will want the new one. The old one will look a bit like outdated, outdated and then everyone will go. Oh knock! A couple of ground off that i still think theyre good cars thats the thing that they think all around the package. Yeah yeah. I think they really work the new one, its a bit divisive in the way it looks. It looks like a robot. You know how i know that cast popular as well, when i start seeing them on uber driving please so now i see more neros everywhere, cheap to run man, yeah theyd be really cheap and theyre fairly spacious yeah, which makes a big difference. Yeah. Oh, this is the one you talk about im sure it was that you can get second hand jaguar. I paces and we love the ipad theyre. Quite popular company cars arent there. So when theyre done on the lease yeah and then you would talk about this earlier, where were going to keep seeing more of it now as they come off those glaciers youre going to see more of them, but theyre really odd, specs yeah.

So, to get the efficiency that make them cheap on the leases, they all had like really little wheels, yeah, which most people probably wont like because design wise it doesnt its not that attractive. The geezer that designed it this guy called ian callum. He designed it with truly enormous wheels because it looks wicked and then, when you put the 17s on its like what is wrong, someone broke your car. They were all expensive yeah. I think its always been expensive, uh weirdly enough, but again like we were saying they were one of the first ones that went out to market so and it was good. It won so many awards exactly yeah and theres a reason for that, because its really good its really good to drive good to drive. I dont think it looks good its got a big bit of space, its talking about over 650 liters, big big space. It doesnt look it. I agree and i love the infotainment system now. Theyve improved the over time, the pv pro, because i remember the first eye pace that we reviewed when we did the tech stuff and i was like pressing away – you rested away and then and then it did two presses yeah, because you pressed your weight and you Wait, i remember messaging you going. This is worse than the say it yeah you because ive got to say at the time, because that was the id3 yeah stuff and i was like no, it cant be yeah, it cant be its broken.

Well, its improved a lot. Now and its more intuitive the way its laid out, you know, but do you know what used to annoy me? It looked great, but it didnt work yeah its almost worse, like it just winds you up, yeah, because it gives you the illusion and the expectation when you look at it thinking yeah. This is going to be great, but once you start tapping away its the worst distraction, you need, when you do, that. Also i mean its got a whacking great big battery yeah, and how much did we use to get out of it? Knocking around doing the testing 200 miles its not great, not the best thats, a big battery 90 kilowatt hour, getting just 200 miles if youre lucky out of it. But you know if youve got an ipac. All of them started at 65 grand thats, not common new sort of amounts. Youre talking about there thats new. They were all 65 grand ive, seen them below 40, but they aint going to be super super cheap. So what do i do if i want something that can take my family, but that isnt going to be 40 grand used whats a good car mg, zs thats, always a good call, yeah its spacious as well. I think all round a great package again for practicality and its ugly and its got some wobbly bits, but we like it yeah yeah, to be fair, though i think every mg that ive been in, i have done a decent job inside its, not all that bad.

They keep changing them and you know what theyre really good at improving it. The first mg zs i drove was like. Oh you know. When you open the charge, flap yeah it like wobble, wobbles bad. I prefer the mg5 okay, which is like a little estate car. Rather than the mg zs, but the improvements keep coming yeah and its quick, which is not bad its, not a bad thing. Well, theyve just bought out a new mg5 yeah, with like a slightly more sleeker cooler headlights, all that kind of stuff which ones are they selling at the mg zls. Now because there was the original range and then theyve brought out the long range yeah theres, a new 72 kilowatt hour battery ones, so thats the bigger longer range and then used ones have 44.5 kilowatt hour battery. The range is still good on them as well. So whats that 163 miles yeah but 273 out of the new bigger battery one thats a lot thats proper, good thats going in the tesla territory. Sorry, hello, elon! I hope youre watching electrifying, but youve got a fan here. Dont know what youre talking about. He loves his tesla hes modified it small modification, rude boy, hes modified it within about 20 minutes of having it. One thing i like is what you get as a package in terms of the tech, so you got air con, led headlights, adaptive cruise control, killer, sentry its a lot of stuff yeah.

The thing is: if you get in it, you dont feel like youre in a cheap car, no, which is always interesting. It doesnt feel like a cheap car. It feels a bit bland. Do you know what i mean, but its all about functionality for them? I think when you get in and you get all that stuff there, if youre buying a used car say i dont know five years down the line. All that stuff is still up to date. I think yeah, it will still work. Ive got something thats current and they wont be doing that thing. What a lot of car manufacturers are doing now, where their subscriptions for some of the stuff, so you suddenly find out you havent subscribed to the brake package. You now have to stop with your feet. If you havent subscribed to the sat nav package, youre, not having that anymore, well, send you a to z, yeah yeah! Here you go its in the post, snail mail, the mgs though i do like them. I probably have an mg5 because ive got a dog and he likes to get in the back of that, but zs and mg5 really do like him. This is all your territory again, isnt it. The city cars city, cars yeah, i mean – were looking at volkswagen up sea at me. Electric and youve also got the skoda ctgo as well the same car and i love them. They do the job i think theyve put decent battery in them.

Youre. Looking at 160 miles of range great though, and theyre still clustered 60 cars but 160 miles for city cars, a lot, it means you dont have to charge it every day. Facts fans you go into urban. You can go from one city to another, explore a little bit, which is better than your hungary, which is what was that three or four miles before it needed charging yeah its one of those. I would never put the undere in this category a little bit. Theyre still expensive, though in comparison that is, i like them, because, instead of having a sat, nav theyve got a cradle for your clothes. Theyve got a real key, they have a handbrake, so you can do handbrake, turns thats childish, but theyre, really short, yeah and theyre. Really easy and if youve never driven an electric car, its literally got stop and go yeah and the rest of its like its familiar and the unleases and stuff theyre really really cheap. You can get them for like 180 quid a month, which means that used when you want to buy them, used theyre already slightly out of date, so it doesnt matter that youve not got all the newest bits and bobs, but then you can start calling it retro. Its okay, at what point does it become retro? Your retro is like oh, its thursday thats retro, now its too quick, and they were only 20 grand new year. So the volkswagen version was slightly more and then i think the set and the skoda were about the same price right.

So you pay slightly more for the volkswagen one, slightly cooler badge but yeah. They were under 20 grand new yeah. So you can pick them up, which one would you pick out? The three, though, do you know what i quite like the say yeah, but it might be just because it was the one i drove the most and i really liked it. This is a really stupid. Small point, but i really like this: you know when they got the usb drive behind the cradle, so you could put your cable behind it and you didnt. Have it hanging down in front of the dash thats, just a stupidly, clever little bit of things simple things: yeah phones charged can see. My sat nav. I can see my ways. Dont need apple carplay because on my phone, my phones charged when i get there thats right, simple, it works effective. So there you go theres a few brief thoughts on what we think of the current used electric car market, its by no means comprehensive its just. What me and tommy were discussing earlier absolutely and used electric cars and new electric cars that offer the same benefits: the quiet, uh, zero missions and theyre just all round grit class to have yeah theyre a lot cheaper to run than an ice car, and they have A far fewer things to go wrong than internal combustion engines, so they are a really good bet. Yep and just like you said, the bet it means used.

Electric cars are not much of a gamble, as people think they are um theyre. Just all around really good cars yeah go and try one yeah its great for making that switch to electric. If youre interested in buying a used or new electric car, you can find all the up to date deals at, where you can also find anything else.