Section of this review is brought to you by infosecure. In the back of the xc40 recharge. There are icepicks and the two outer seats they are within plastic guides and nice and easy to connect to. There are top tether anchorages on the back of all three seats and theyre easily accessible through the boots. Now i can only fit two infosecure child seats in the back of the xc40. Ive got the aspire more and the achieve more in the back. Here i did find i could just squeeze a versatile folding booster seat in between the two, but i wouldnt want it as a full time solution. Now i did find legroom in the xc40. Recharge should be quite tight in the passenger side in front of a rear facing child seat. It was a really really tight for a 180 centimeter passenger on the drivers side, probably about a 170 centimeter driver, would fit in front of a rear facing child seat. To learn more about the child seats used in this video. Just click on the link here: Music storage in the back of the xc40 recharge – is quite minimal. There are two cup holders in a fold down in the central seat: back theyll hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup. On the back of both front seats, there are net map pockets that will hold, but not conceal an ipad and the door bins are small. In the back here, although theyre carpeted, so nothing rattles around only a 600 mil water bottle would fit, and there are the little handle wells in the doors too.

Storage in the front of the xc40 is good. There are two cup holders in the central console: theyll hold a reusable and the disposable coffee cup behind them. There is a good size, central console box and its got a little well in front of that with a lid in front of the gear lever, theres, another hidden, little area, for maybe the keys and in front of that is a wireless phone charging pad and room In there, for your glasses, too theres no glasses case in the ceiling theres, another little storage on the side of the central console good for the passengers phone. The glove box is a good size in here that will fit my wallet with the manual, but the ipad wouldnt fit and the door bins are much better size in the front. Theyll hold a larger fillable water bottle and an ipad fits in them too. There are air con vents in the back of the xc40 recharge, which is fantastic for keeping rear passengers. The right temperature, while youre driving along the boot of the xc40, opens electronically and nice and quietly lets find out how much we can fit in the boot empty. Will hold 12 shopping bags or a twin pram and three shopping bags, or a tandem, pram and four shopping bags, or a single pram and four shopping bags, or a compact stroller and eight shopping bags or a medium sized dog? Now this is the twin motor bearing it does not to 100 in 4.

9 seconds so its seriously fast. It does about 418 kilometers to a full battery charge, which is a decent amount. Now its nice and easy to charge in the socket. Here you keep the cables in the front under the bonnet Music. The xc40 recharge is a fantastic car to drive. Now im going to tell you my worst first, which are these seats, they are so uncomfortable. I dont know whats with these headrests. You have to sit as if youre kind of straining to look at a computer the whole time, apart from that its great now, visibility is really good in here. Even with child seats in the back, thats been fantastic, now being fully electric youve got all the fantastic benefits of that family. So nice and quiet start really. Nice, smooth quiet drive as well, and you can drive your kids to sleep and do all the usual school runs and everything without churning through fuel and polluting the planet. So its really fantastic. The media system in the xc40 is really nice and simple. To use. Youve got google in here, so youve got google maps. You can access your account. You can also access your own spotify account as well, which is fantastic. Now within the settings screen. You can access the charging screen to find out exactly what charge youve got left and set timers to charge it now, when you put it into reverse the camera image, the 360 from above is lovely and clear, and so its the image from the front and the Sides, however, when it comes to the reversing camera, thats got this shark mouth shape, which just found that parking and maneuvering was a little bit difficult.

When reversing now, you can turn the parking sensors on and off on the screen, which is fantastic. So, to sum up with the xc40 recharge, its been a fantastic car with our family this week fits those two child seats nicely in the back and a twin stroller in the boot too. We did find the legroom was a little bit cramped in there for taller adults. Now the media system is good. The drive is fantastic and being fully electric theres. All those benefits for families like when youre driving your kids to sleep and doing the school drop, offs, etc. Youre, not churning through fuel youre.