, but before i get into it, please go ahead and push that subscribe button thanks now, as you guys know, ive driven a lot of evs this year, but man, the ionic 5, is going High up on my list of favorites because of a bunch of wonderful features that i want to show you right now, Music, one of the things i love about this car is the design its so bold, its so weird its so like 80s teenager. Imagine this in his bedroom and they actually made it. I just think thats so cool. It might end up looking really dated in a couple years, but who cares? I love it when automaker takes a big risk? Another thing i love about this car is the interior design, so many companies these days screw up this the screen – sometimes it just looks so clunky, but here this beautiful long screen is just fantastic and plus because of the dual screens your um co pilot can help You adjust your media, which is kind of nice. I am a woman that drives with a lot of junk in her car, and this is a wonderful interior store stuff. First of all, obviously because its an eevee, we can have this open, which is a great place to put a flat bottom purse, theres a little bit of storage right here. Cup holders theres wireless charging in the center two usbs and in this arm rest youve got a place to store stuff, also man, i love it when they think through the storage, its just fantastic Music.

One thing that really surprised me about this car is how much fun it was to drive. I did not expect that with the ioniq 5, i actually drove it at the la auto show on one of those test tracks that they have and it was kind of boring. But then, when i actually experienced this car for a week, i fell in love with it. So just please remember, spend some time with the car before you make a decision, two really fun things uh when youre driving this car is number one, the drive mode. I dont think it will. Let me do it right now: oh, it does okay. So the drive mode is right here with your left thumb, which i really like, and when you put this thing in sport boy, i can have some fun and if you hold this down, you can actually put it in snow mode. For those of you that live in cold climates, another thing i love about driving this car are these paddle shifters. So obviously, if youre driving an ev, paddle, shifters arent necessarily working your transmission, but in this case they are changing the level of the regenerative braking, which is something that actually can feel like shifting and in the ionic five. Once you get above um level, two um, it turns into an e pedal, which is just wonderful Music, now hyundai, isnt necessarily known for their comfortable seats, but boy they ionic 5, really nailed it.

The headrest is super comfortable. The side bolsters come in a bit which i can really appreciate, especially because this car can corner. I love little gimmicks and one of the things thats really cool about this car is this when you unlock it the little doors pop the handles pop out, which i think is cool and then, when you lock it up, they close as well as the side mirror. This is cool now. The ionic 5 has 256 miles of range, which isnt necessarily phenomenal, but it also is above that 200 mile threshold, which which a lot of people really like, like. I found that the 256 miles was plenty for me to get through a week and plus because of the regenerative braking. I was able to recharge it myself. While i was driving, which was pretty cool. The ionic comes standard with the advanced safety features from hyundai, which are fantastic. The sensors work really well. It comes with standard lane, departure warning lane, keep assist, emergency, braking and forward and reverse both of which i tested and worked really really well, and the other thing to remember is when you have adaptive cruise control in an electric vehicle. It works so much better because you get that instant torque love it. So there you have it. The ionic 5 is a wonderful ev that for 54 000, before the incentives gives you a lot of car. In fact, i would totally drive this thing.

Thank you.