I just thought i would uh share my opinion about the uh and they i dont know how you say it in your country, because you know in egypt we say hi and i but uh yeah. I guess its hyundai, so behind a kona electric ev electric vehicle, and i just noticed that it has a lot of really attract attractive features that a lot of people are hating in the tesla and some of the eevee cars, and i will actually go through many Of them, the the actually the most attractive feature feature to me at least is uh. Well im still, you know like looking around in it, but i thought ive seen a lot of in really interesting features like like. If i buying the the e vehicle, i would definitely uh choose one of these. So basically you know the the i dont know what they are called things behind the wheel where you can shift. You know in sport cars if they are here, but they are not for shift, which is really really sick, so they are at the back here. What you do is put to drive and it shows here level three, which is a an extreme, the uh, the most the highest. And if i press the other pedal, i would get level two level one and zero, and this is really sick, because whats whats happening here at level zero. You dont get any charge uh on the left by the way it if it is charging uh, it would show up.

You know with strips on the at the bottom. Every time you are coasting or you are breaking and if you are not, it will. If you are accelerating, it will just show in power which is really sick on its own, but this feature is really really i love it. You know those two not pedals, im, not sure what the they are called, but you know, if i put it say you are in traffic and uh. You know you dont need to break so you can put it on level three. What happens here is it actually break it breaks? There are like quite a break. You know with the engine braking uh, generative degenerative. I think yeah regenerative braking braking happens a lot here at level, two less level, one which is the normal. If you want to drive around and charge the battery recently, you put it at level one level zero is for just for. If you are like in a rush and you dont want to charge it at all level. One is normal level, two theres a bit more and level three is extreme, but its really sick, because i like to use those kind of things uh to uh in an eevee to basically, you know to save on even the electricity now. The other thing that i noticed here and i find a lot of people actually uh. You know, let me just put it in park. I have no idea why those it makes a sound okay.

The last vehicle ive been driving before was the bmw i3. It was different i can hear like some. Maybe it is for the ac or something like that. Im, not sure. Let me put the seo okay im not seriously different, but here i put it in drive. Although im braking it, doesnt really show okay, if i put it now on neutral by the way you can actually play around with it, i dont understand why there is neutral and there is the handbrake to be honest, its really stupid in that regard, yeah in here I dont really understand why they did this. I mean you can put it in neutral and then now it is, but there is a i dont get it. There is still a sound of a motor running in the front im, not sure if it is for the ac or let me okay, this is no its not for the ac driver. Only yeah there are. There is a lot of features here. I think economic features so driver only kind of situation yeah, so the air is coming from this vent only towards the driver to save on fuel okay. So if i put ac okay, i dont know what the is this sound, but if i put it in port, its literally 0 db, sound anyways, the the feature thats really attractive to me and to a lot of guys that do you know car reviews like tedwards? He doesnt like the fact that climate control on the untouched screen, so i found that this car he might really like it, because, let me just disable driver only because it what what happens here if that uh, let me check im.

Actually. This is like my first 30 minutes in this car, so yeah you press climate yeah. Usually this is the screen that i like, which is map navigation, plus, seek track, no idea. This is zooming in and out really this car is really sick. If i have money to buy a new v, i would buy this one to be honest, only for those uh regenerative breaking and this present climate. It shows you on the screen whats happening, but the interaction with it, its not by touch which is sick. We have here like manual things, so if i want to increase the fan speed, i do it like this and it shows up on this. This is what i love and i think, uh also tedward. He likes this. If i want to the airflow from bottom, the frost and bottom, this one the front, so you can have like an idea whats going on. This is really nice im digging this, because its not touch screen like tesla and all that it is still manual ish. At the same time, it shows up on the screen. I have no idea what the heck is heat. To be honest, there should be some explanation for this im, not sure anyways, so this is okay. This doesnt show up here on the screen, which is the uh directions of rear, defrost, okay heat, and here i have no idea what the heck is that seriously. I dont know what the heck is this.

To be honest, this is three three uh. You know: seat heat drive mode. Oh, there is drive mode, actually, eco and sport and comfort. I will try them out when im driving, but i cannot really do a. I drive you know while im filming, because i have my model with me and its not really a review. We have start stop button which i have no idea whats it for, and this i guess just increases the brightness of the screen. At the same time, this one its really really nice, nice uh eevee seriously. I will share, i would see uh, you know what happens. You know when im driving it and the original regenerative braking im, not sure if ill say it correctly. You know the way that it is charging while youre coasting and braking.