Actually, this mahindra etwo car was launched in 2013 and because of some reason they have discontinued this car in 2017.. Now the person who is going to give us, the customer review, has purchased this vehicle in secondhand uh and he clocked eleven thousand kilometers with this car. Within two years of time and now hes ready to share his experience now mr surya kanji is with us to share his experience, hello, kanji. How are you first of all welcome to our channel so and please introduce yourself to our guests. I am surya. Kanpati uh worked as a professor in engineering college from 2007. I am staying in hyderabad, okay, and this is my first electric car experience earlier. I have experience with the petrol cars. Okay, so surah kanji im very excited to ask these questions. Earlier. You have used petrol cars right. What motivated you to take these electric vehicles? First thing is cost cutting. Okay and second thing is uh in the city to drive gear vehicles. It is difficult! Yes earlier. I was planning for the auto gear vehicle – okay uh. So since it is coming with an ato gear that made me to go for the electric car right, okay, so there are a lot of other vehicles in the market uh welcoming to electric vehicles. So why did you specially choose this uh mahindra e2o? No, when i uh made a mine to go for the electric car, okay uh, all vehicles were of higher cost, okay and uh.

I was having a little bit fear about this electrical. What all echoes i was hearing from the other customers, users in the market. So thinking that i thought first, i will have the experience. What type of experience i get then later i will go for the permanent electric car right, so you have purchased this as a used one right yeah. So at exact, what price do you purchase this regularly? For three lakhs around three lakhs: okay: what is the actual cost of this vehicle uh? It is seven and a half to eight lakhs, so you have uh saved around four to five lakhs. It is not saved. That is the new vehicle. Is that in secondhand vehicle, because no people – no nobody – is there to yes uh purchase so thats why it has come for the lower price. Yes, you go. If more people are there, then the cost will literally go high. So the first person who has used this car how many kilometers he has club uh, 43 000 right 43, 000 kilometers. He has clocked and then he sold this car to you right, sir. So uh. So you said: uh three, three lakhs you have spent on these vehicles right. Have you experienced any kind of uh discrepancy uh when you have taken this car for for the first time? No, nothing so its very good after the forty thousand kilowatt, forty three thousand kilometers. Also right, yeah, yes, okay and one more thing i just want to ask you: is you have used with five to six uh petrol cars right yeah? So, sir, are you experiencing the power and comfortness of these electric vehicles? And if i ask you compare these electric vehicles with the petrol vehicles, what do you say about comfort and power of the power and efficiency and all things everything is equal to the petrol and i feel sometimes it is better than that.

Okay, so, and what is the actual uh range of this vehicle and how much you are getting a manufacturer he has given with 120 and after certain use when i perceive it was 115 by the earlier owner? Okay, and now it is giving 112 13 kilometers. Oh now now also its king 101, 112 and 113 kilometers, and what is the top range of this vehicle? Have you ever tested the top range of this bike and one more thing how much time it will take to charge this vehicle for complete 0 to 100? It is 5 hours and if it is 50, then it is 2 and a hour. Okay. Actually i have a small doubt. Do it has a auto cutter feature for the charging charging? Yes, it should be, and it is there, but still it is better to disconnect the vehicle after it is charged. Okay, but now i am having some small problem like uh. If i prolong it for the charging, then it will get discharging okay thats a one of the problem. You have not a problem, probably its a bms problem: okay and locally, some uh special persons are not available even with the showrooms, but its not a big problem. Okay, in which year you have uh purchases uh this one, sir 2020., okay in 2020 is this still continuing here are already discontinued. This model, the the company manufacturers and already theyre discontinuing okay, as you you already know, it was discontent, but why you have taken this? I thought of spending less money, okay for more experience, okay and always when all some model is discontinued and then the their prices will go low and since i know what is car and what is driving and yes, so at the time only it was discontinued.

Then have you never thought about kind of services, because its already servicing is a problem, but still for next five years or for some years they should give the service. And yes, there are some certain problems: right, okay, so and have you ever uh went for a long journeys like picnics and pilgrimages. I always planned within hundred kilometers, and i went for that. So have you ever faced any kind of issues while traveling no problem in the city? No problem? Okay. Actually, i just want to ask you, sir. Actually, this car is having only two doors. This is not having four doors and only four members can sit and travel comfortably right. Yeah. So is it comfortable to you and is it worth of money for three three lakhs? You have a purchase this weekend even for five six lakh, seven lakhs. It is worth okay and uh, it is for a family car. Yes, it means husband and wife, and two children very comfortably, our husband and wife and grandparents very comfortable. Yes, theres no problem! Oh, is this car. It looks uh so small right. So is it having any boot space small boot place? Is there yeah? Yes, this vehicle uh has completed nine years right, sir, so now coming to the warranty terms, is it having the warranty terms? No, no, no theres, no warranty, no warranty. If any problem occurs. Also, you have to pay the money and they will do the service right.

So as a technical person i can tell there will not be any problem. There is only one problem with the battery or the motor yes and both of them. They will be strong enough and nothing will happen, and battery comes down with the age and number of kilometers. They are running yes, so i hope there is no other expertise is required right well coming to service point of view. Well, the company persons are giving the good customer servicer for you. I am not that satisfied why, sir they dont have that much expertise, people and since the vehicles are very less, they are also not giving much importance for this iphone, but still i am not that satisfied with that right, customer and coming to spade. Parts also will are they available right now in the market yeah they have the problem, because a number of vehicles are less so when all we go, they have to get it from some place. Yeah. It will take some time. They will make it available right. Okay and have you ever faced any issue like kind of while riding or while charging and kind of issues, so you have mentioned only one issue yeah and with that uh additionally, have you ever faced any issues with nothing or nothing so were from nine years? Also, it has not uh in simple words i can tell it is something like a torch put to two batteries and then, if bulb, is okay like its a toy car, anyone can use it comfortably right right.

Yes, okay, so sir uh have you ever tested this vehicle under rainy conditions, yeah yeah? Is it comfortable, no problem so as a performance also youre, not getting any kind of having viper and all right? Okay, like a petrol car, is having viper and all that? No problem, yes, so now, actually in our hyderabad, there is uh too much of traffic right in that traffic time. The pickup of this vehicle is oh. Is it okay best best? So in simple what you said best right, okay and one more thing i just wanted to ask: you – is ive ever tested this vehicle uh in village roads. It means rough roads. Yes exactly. I mean its very rare, but i had been here why there here only some patchworks were going on. Yes in some of the roads. Yes, there was no problem. There was no problem with suspensions at all. No, yes, suppose, if more four fatty people are there, then you have to take care or else as president will go yeah. Okay, if you are two and two kids no problem so – and this is a lithium ion barrier, so in 2013, only they have used and battery right and and what kind of features they are offering with this car, like 360 cameras, theres no 360 camera on your Reverse camera, so when coming to these electric vehicles, everyone has a kind of intention that it will, it wont, go to hilly stations, it will, it will be stopped or it will get any kind of issues.

Have you ever tasted this bike? Yes, all four seats filled for all banjara hills, uh, okay, roads and those uphills and all right, theres, no problem because theres a feature called as boost. Okay, oh, that, if you theres no problem so in these, i think three or four more three three modes are there right: one is forward neutral, reverse and boost boost. Small, so boost mode will be used for uh to drive more more so sir, you have purchased this vehicle as a used one right. So what are the? What are the kind of precautions we need to take if i want to take this car as opposed as a used one card number, one is battery condition and all other things are secondary. Like uh motor, there will not be any problem: it will working or not working okay, its not that fifty percent eighty percent it will be working and uh. Other thing is accident, any accident thats all right. Okay! Sorry, if i ask you about three positions and three negatives of this card, what do you say it is cost effective? Okay, it is very good for a small family. It is as good as comparable to other petrol vehicles, in other words in city. It is the best okay. So what are the three negatives of this car negative is uh. If you are planning for longer drive more than 100 kilometers, then you should always plan. If you climb, there is no problem and uh second thing is: you cannot overload it and uh third thing is: you should take care of its uh charging points and all right.

Yes, overall, there is no other thing now. Government is also planning for uh for a wide range of charging stations, also, not only that you cannot directly, i cannot bring it to in your house and plug in okay, because our thing should be perfect. If our thing is not there, it will not charge. You will say it is faulty right, so if i ask you whom do you suggest this car? To whom will you suggest this card yeah? This car is more suggestible for the small family, just who have started their career and your family, their matter for them. It is good yes, yes with the two small kids who are below 10 years. It is the best car, sir. If i ask you to rate this car out of five, how much will you give four so may i know why this car has lost one one star means somewhere. People feel that its very small, okay and sometimes we also feel that getting in and getting out is a little bit uh its not that comfortment. So we have to move the seats front and then we should get in and get down in some boat space. But for this value it is okay, okay, so thats all for now guys the sorry saying that uh its very comfortable to ride this and to travel along with family members.