This is fully charged live in 2022. Lets have a look around Music 30 second review on a nissan aria. Here it is looks. Quite nice. Prices go up to about 52 53 000 pounds thats up to an 87 kilowatt battery, a good sized battery inside here its rather nice head up display. Look at this rear view, camera sorry review mirror, which is also a review camera. If you want it to be normal, mirror camera thats, quite cool, quite nice display its nice and simple. Quite a good feel alcantara interesting button center console, slides backwards and forwards got some nice little features wire phone charger in the back here, its not bad at all. For legroom its very good look at this leg room knees a little bit high up, not a ton of headroom with the sunroof. It does have an opening pan sunroof, but its not bad at all. Lets have a look in the boot which you can have a kick function thing and that works youve got a little bit of storage underneath here, but not tons, but you get some stuffing like that, not bad size, not too deep, but a nice wide opening thats A nissan aria, i quite like it whats it like to drive had a very quick drive, seems quite smooth. The ride is softer than the model y harder than a honda ionic five there we go 30. Second view on this scenario. This is a genesis.

Gv60. What do you think of this double lights here, and i do really like those alloys once you get involved in looking at this car on the door handles and the boot space its a hyundai ioniq 5, but its got some nice quality feel about it and touches, And details and have a look at this crystal ball thing inside and this is the inside look at this. This is the most stand out feature its got. This kind of like looks like crystal ball now. I cant actually move that, like that it looks like i can rotate this ball around, but when you start the car this actually flips around and then you can select your drive and reverse neutral but interesting feature. Dont worry its rather nice in here. It feels like good quality seats, big open space here, but you couldnt get your leg under here and actually that one was around a bit theres bit theres theres bits of key ev6 going on here, uh for sure, but its a bit different. Oh big orange boost button yellow boost button. There look at that. I like the detail in the doors as well. You see that little vent in there thats different theres, no speaker, thats, a speaker, bang, an oldest and speaker system, well, its a bit different isnt. It quite like it. This is cool. This is the big genesis, g80 electric, so this has got 87 kilowatt hour battery and apparently, the deliveries of these start coming over fairly soon kind of june or july, and its a bit of a beast isnt.

It again good quality feel about it, theres quite a lot about it. I do like its kind of a bit bently there theres a bit eqs going on there double lights, like the uh 7 series. Bmw. What do you think? Let us know in the comments so after the hyundai ioniq 5. This is one of the only cars i think ive ever seen with the solar roof on it here there and look at this soft closed doors. This paint color is really nice in the flesh as well bit of luxury. This g80 look at that inside tvs, soft seats, its not bad. I think it says its from 65 000.. Is that right, correct me in a bit below, if its not oh, hang on 65 on the road from 65 000 on the road looks like a pretty good quality bit of kit. I, like the solar roof, thats, pretty cool so now, im on the nebo air stand, and this is a working fly in electric plane. So why dont? You tell me a little bit more about it, because i dont know anything about this. This one is the worlds. First, certified fully electric aircraft actually and were using it yeah in our flight school to train actual flights, its actually in commercial use properly every day, absolutely in commercial use six days a week, brilliant so lets cover a couple of technical bits, then so thats, the charger Kind of unit there so what size battery do you run in this? This is a 22 kilowatt battery packs and how long does that fly for thats going to be for about one hour: yep, okay, with the safety margin, so that one hours enough for you to do your lessons and then come back down.

So then? How long does that take to recharge it takes one hour to recharge yeah, exactly so small battery smaller light light weight to keep the weight of the plane down one hour, recharges back out again, thats right so commercially. The cost of that should pay for itself pretty quickly over aviation fuel. Yes, so weve invested in two of these aircraft for my flight school yeah, so ones on charge and the other ones flying. So you continue continuously up and down. Is there a price? Can we know the price of this its 200 and 2 000 euro plus the vat, so i dont know a great deal about planes, but how does that compare to a combustion version of a plane? It costs the same same price. So here we are at price parity, electric versus the combustion, which is great isnt it, and this is a charging port here, and this is that what it charges from thats. What is that just a channel mode? Yes, so thats just a chatter mode connection to that it recharges an hour, thats brilliant and how different is it to fly to a conventional combustion platform? So everything like thats the same so if youre doing flight experience and teaching and training thats all the same, and does it not feel heavier or is it still way about the same its designed to handle the same as a piston engine aircraft yeah, and that makes The transition for our student pilots or pilots yeah to go from the piston engine sister plane, which looks the same yes and uh its easy enough, brilliant.

I think its amazing and the fact that were at price parity and then youve got far less running costs and i think id probably trust the reliability of electric motor of a combustion engine as well myself. I believe so. Yes, i mean ive been flying for more than 50 years now on piston engine aircraft. I am absolutely loving. The electric aircraft like like you said. I think this is more reliable than a petrol engine aircraft. Well, i think so. You know when i thought when we first started talking about electric aircraft and obviously it would get bigger and more commercial its interesting to see. You know well look back on this in years time and go we used to rely on one or two petrol engines to kind of run this thing yeah so anyway, thanks for your time, do you want to have a look inside anyway? Brilliant! Thank you for your time, youre very welcome. How much does the plane weigh Music, probably less than you thats the same as a renault twisty, roughly oh yeah? Okay, i mean i wouldnt want to cut my heads there. I would not want to have an accident. Well, i thought about having an accident. If you had an accident this, you dont really care here forward, thats it there. Okay, slouch thats how i drive yeah. This must feel really weird in the sky. It was quiet. I saw this vaulter truck here last year and its just a bag of cool id love to look at that, but over here this is what is literally drawing me in, like a school child check.

This thing out, i dont know what it is. Dont know anything about it, but i just like it cool. Oh, this is a bit of me. This thing look at this now. We just did some suspension on the model. Why? But that is suspension wow. This is just a rig. This is cool isnt it i like this one, hello, obviously a rival van yeah. This is the arrival van okay. I want to look at this as well, but im just theyre coming this way come on this way. This is the arrival delivery van look at this. Have a look through here. Look super simple, really: nice digital wing mirrors, simple tesla model, 3 light screen coming to a ups depot near you soon. I think thats. Why isnt it pure practical all plastic, so it lasts. Well, not dent not rust, although plastic isnt that good, but its probably good for a product like that, but hang on lets just go back to this, because i want to see more of this hub motors. This is the drivers seat of the emotive. Can we do a range test in this? Please guys this would be awesome. This is great. I mean how many fields can you drive across in this? This would be awesome. This is great yeah, its more comfortable isnt it its really good. I can see straight out to the floor. Is that normal? I think so the i can actually see the ground in front of me.

It was much like my old land rover. I used to have look at that down there, but i wouldnt care. This is just bag of cool, okay, everybody well its getting towards the end of the day and its going to be time to head home, uh, brilliant event, bigger, nervous good to see this happening, its good to see the crowds get bigger every year i mean even The car park here is acres and acres of evs as well loads of sieges, walking around the car park, its been a fantastic opportunity to really meet all the people that watch our channel. Sorry, not all the people that watch the channel a lot of people that watch our channel bumped into us today and said hello and thats been fantastic, always loved to meet people. Weve met people that said that theyve bought an ev because of watching our videos gave them reassurance and thats fantastic. I feel like ive, made a difference in the world, so thank you to all of them, sorry for anyone that was here and i havent bumped into you, but hopefully well see you again on another event. As for this show whats my favorite its got to be that isnt it. If anything i wanted to drive here today id love to have a go in this hub motors, all wheel, steering what a great bit of kit you know im easily pleased charles toy anyway. So uh thats a quick round up of fully charged live 2022.

. So thank you for watching, well see another video im off for now, because its freezing cold out here bye, bye. Everyone, thanks for watching our videos, if you like our content and want to see more dont, forget to not only subscribe, but also hit the bell icon for notifications, so you dont miss any new videos, as theyre uploaded plus were also on instagram.