So much more to talk about these cars. Theres another thing that were going to talk about in this episode is by comparing the normal ic cars to an electric car with respect to the running costs. Welcome to indias eva revolution. This is aurelius. This is aurelius from nashville india and lets get this video started. Music, as i mentioned earlier, lets compare the tigor ev to the normal ice version of tigor, now theres, a five lakh rupees of difference between the two, the top spectacular is costing around anywhere between eight lakhs, sixty seven thousand thats ex showroom, but the tigor eevee on The other hand is costing around 13 lakhs, ‘, 000, 5 lakh rupees or difference, and how do you justify this cost? That is what this video is about. Lets start by talking about the first factor, which is electricity on the juice that goes into these cars. This one uses electricity as ev uses electricity. The petrol car is obviously using the petrol. However, if ever i can justify the time taken by a petrol car which is instant, you might spend around five minutes in the fuel pump, but youre still spending around four thousand. Eight hundred bucks to make a full tank of a tigor right now with the current cause: thats 120 rupees per liter thats into 40 liters of fuel tank that you have on the tigor thats around 4 800 bucks at the minimum that you will spend thats to A full tank, but if you compare the same cost to the ortega ev, you can charge the full battery in about an hour but at the effective cost of 350 rupees.

That being said, the cost for charging your ev is even gon na go lower. So you might just charge your car from a zero to a hundred percent in maybe around 250 rupees to 200 rupees very soon. Yes, the time is still a factor that we cannot beat unless we have swappable batteries for cars, but then were still working on the technology front for evs and the charging times are reducing significantly. But then there is one factor which is the biggest turnoff of a factor for most of these people and thats range anxiety, like even i have the same issue even when im shooting this car and im shooting this video im constantly. Looking at the percentage of battery that is left for me to use – and i cant help it because its there, even when im using my cell phone im that way, you can always charge your car at home with the homes chargers that are available with these cars. They cost around 3500 bucks for installation and maybe upwards of the kind of wattage that you have or the kind of wiring that is required. Then you have dc fast chargers which are available on route and even office. Premises are now installing chargers so that, while youre working your car is charging downstairs. So by the time you have to leave for your home, your cars fully charge. If you are planning to do long distance trips with these cars, its quite possible like, in this case, the tatas app, will suggest multiple locations where you can charge your car when you own it to a location, and it will also tell you that before you reach, That point: what is the percentage of charge that youll have? So, if you have that anxiety, you will not have that it will help it.

The only problem with that method still is the amount of time that youll take, but then, if youre doing this road trip as a leisure thing, you can always use that time that charging time to refresh yourself go and visit the restroom buy. Some food just stretch around and then youre fresh again for the journey ahead. Yes, there are pros and cons to it, but then, if youre saying that youre going to be driving for leisure, i think those much needed brakes are doable. There is also one hidden cost when it comes to purchasing an ev or an ic car that is insurance. Currently, the insurance for the ev cars is around 10 more as compared to the ic counterparts. But you do get around 30 to 40 percent of discount on third party insurance. But if thats not much of a promising thing for you, currently all the ev cars that we have in the market, they come with a minimum warranty of five to eight years on the battery pack. So you dont really need to think about replacing your battery anytime. Soon, yes, they do degrade, but then, if you have an ongoing warranty on your battery, i dont think you have to worry about it that much Music. In conclusion, there are two types of benefits that you get. If you invest in an electric vehicle. One is short term, and the second is a long term short term is the lower recharge cost for these vehicles, but in long term you get low recharge cost, thats recharge the car, low maintenance cost and the third one is on the positive side.

Youre driving a car which has zero emissions so youre, not being that old self which has been polluting the environment which youve been doing for decades. Otherwise this is orioles for mashable india signing off. You guys have a good evening ahead.