Now, if youre wondering why im holding the camera well its because there wasnt space on the plane to oslo today for my cameraman, so it was either do the filming myself or we wait for a month until we get the car back in the uk. To do a video, so hopefully half of my head, isnt out of frame but dont worry because later on there will be some bits shot by a proper cameraman Music. Now, if youre wondering why kia is launching a nero ev when theres already nero well, this car is a direct replacement. Theyve just changed. The name were not entirely sure why, but they have. The nero, of course, was a massive hit here at what car. Shortly after its launch, in 2018, it became the first pure electric car to win our overall car of the year award and even towards the end of its life. It still offered a really impressive range and performance, along with decent practicality and a price well below that of any tesla other than the waiting list, which at some point was longer than 18 months. The only thing that might have put you off the inero was its styling kias latest models like the larger ev6 and sportage. They look really modern, whereas the inero. That was from a time when kids were a lot more conservative and, dare we say it even a bit frumpy the nero ev gets kias new tiger face, so it looks a little bit like a shrunk and sportage doesnt it, but with a lot less going on There are no boomerang daytime running lights, for example, just this line here and thats, designed to look like heartbeat on an ecg machine.

Apparently, the front grille is also lower than on the sportage and lower than on hybrid versions of the nero as well, actually and thats. For one key reason to make enough space for flap big enough for the charging port. That brings me on something thats a little bit disappointing about this car, because it can only accept a maximum of 72 kilowatts from a ccs charger. Thats, actually slightly less than the old e nero could manage, although charging times are slightly quicker than on that car, because it can sustain maximum charging for a longer period of time, but its still nowhere near the 240 kilowatts that the larger ev6 can manage and that Car can do a 10 to 80 charge, theoretically, at least in just 18 minutes, but back to the styling, and one thing that really makes this car stand out. Is this gray c pillar here looks really cool, really unique and you can have it in black as well. The only problem is that you can only have it on range, topping 4 trim and that costs more than 40 000 pounds go for entry level, 2 trim. Thatll cost you just under 35k and you get the same basic body work. I dont know if you can see, but there is actually some aero there. Air flows through the c pillar there and out the back and that helps reduce the drag coefficient and improve efficiency and range its just painted the same color as the car on cheaper versions.

No choice of alloys, all versions get this 17 inch, bi color, aero design, and if you come out to the back here, its very clearly been inspired by the habanero concept car from back in 2019, with this slimline boomerang tail light shape here. But what do you think do you prefer this to the oldie nero and what about compared with other electric suvs in this price point like skoda, enyak and the peugeot e 2008? Let us know in the comments below anyway, this isnt just a facelift, its a completely new car, its on a new, more modern platform, its longer and theres, also slightly more space between front and the rear wheels, and that should mean theres more space inside. But is there well slightly? Yes, there is a bit more room than in the old, nero thats, partly because of the extra length, but also because these front seat backs here theyre a little bit slimmer. This seat is set up for my driving position. Im just over six foot and reasonable mountain knee run there foot space is a bit tight, but that seat in front is set up very low as low as it will go. Actually and headroom is absolutely fine as well. My head isnt brushing the roof lining there, and this car does actually have a sunroof which often reduces the height of the ceiling a little bit this isnt anywhere near as roomy in the back as something like a skoda.

Enyak, though, and unlike in the ev6, you cant adjust the angle of the backrests, although you can fold them down in a 60 40 split. If you need a bit more boot space, you wont need to do that very often, though, because the main boot is surprisingly big, theres more space for luggage than in hybrid and plug in hybrid versions of the nero and about three percent more than in the old E nero as well plus theres, now a small frunk under the bonnet for the charging cables. The rest of the dashboard is very similar to the ev6 as well. So youve got this touch sensitive panel here for some of the air conditioning controls. Although you do have physical dials for adjusting the interior temperature, so thats really good much less distracting than trying to stab away a touch screen while youre driving. But if you press this little icon here on the touch sensitive panel, then it changes and it becomes shortcut keys for the rest of the infotainment system. So you can switch between the map or radio stations or any other media you want to play, and then at that point these dials become volume, controls or just switching between radio stations on that side, but it isnt just about swankier looks because interior quality has definitely Taken a step up compared with the oldie nero and thats, despite a lot of the materials in here being recycled. So youve got what looks like leather here on the seats but is actually made from recycled plastic.

Your recycled wallpaper here on the headlining and there are some other more environmentally friendly finishes as well. Youve got a water based rather than solvent, based finish on the insides of the doors here so again, more environmentally friendly and more appropriate for an electric car. Now, unlike with the oldie nero theres, no 134 brake horsepower version of this car that had a smaller battery as well, and, to be honest, no one really bought it. So all versions of the nero ev come with a 201 brake horsepower. Electric motor that drives the front wheels, and that means performance is very good. This car can do naught 60 in less than eight seconds way quicker than most versions of the skoda enyak, although not quite as quickly as the ld nero, and if you remember earlier on, i said this car is lighter and it has exactly the same amount of Power so whats going on well its because kia has decided to remap the power delivery to make it a bit smoother and a little less aggressive at low speeds, although there is still a lot of torque going to the front wheels. So if you put your foot down hard out of a junction or roundabout, then it will struggle for traction, thats, obviously worse, when the road is slippery and wet, but as long as you arent being too silly and you keep things fairly gentle. This is an easy car to drive smoothly were driving this car out in norway, of course, and the roads are much much better maintained than they are back in the uk.

So a full assessment of ride comfort will of course, have to wait till we get this car on the roads back home, but what we can tell you is that the suspension is noticeably softer than on the old car and comfort seems pretty good. It was never particularly bad in the old car, but it was fairly firm. You certainly felt bumps, as they passed beneath the car in this theres a little bit more float, and it generally feels a bit softer that has had a negative impact on handling a little bit, though this isnt the kind of car that people are going to be Buying to go around corners quickly and to be fun to drive, but the front ends a little bit more vague when you turn into corners and although theres plenty of grip, you do find yourself making small corrections with the steering wheel just to keep the car on Your chosen line whats, not quite so impressive, though, is refinement its something here says its improved compared with the old e nero but im, not quite so sure, because i dont know if you can hear but theres a lot of wine from the motor by modern electric Car standards, and also you can hear the surface of the road filtering up through the floor, pan of the car, its quite grainy, so there are certainly quieter electric cars than this. It is important to note that our test car is a late prototype thats.

What the camo on the rear bumper is all about, so there is a chance. Some things will be slightly better on the final production car. But what about the range? Well, when the original inero came out, the only cars that could travel further on a charge in the real world, particularly were made by tesla. You could get at quite easily 250 miles or more in the real world, and the official range was actually 282 miles. That was about three and a half years ago and although the range has improved slightly with the new nero ev only by three miles and thats, because the battery is only very very slightly bigger, its 64.8 kilowatt hours, usable capacity that is rather than 64 kilowatts. So really quite a small difference and when you consider cars like the skoda, enyak and the vw id3 are capable of well over 300 miles. Officially at least thats, perhaps slightly disappointing, but still a perfectly usable range for an electric car. The nero ev isnt, the groundbreaking car, its predecessor, was, it was never going to be. The competition is so much tougher today than it was back in 2018, but there have been enough improvements, particularly to the interior, to keep it competitive at the lower end of the electric suv class, especially when you factor in kias 7 year. Warranty charging speed is perhaps the biggest disappointment, but thats only likely to be a deal breaker. If you regularly need to make journeys of more than 200 miles thanks for watching and if youve enjoyed this video wed really appreciate it.

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