Now the amazing thing is this: car company can build an av at an incredible price. I mean realistically, this is a vehicle, a similar size to a toyota. Yaris has 400 kilometers of range and only costs 11, 000 and whats more exciting about this. Is cherry? Have global ambitions, so my question to you is: would you consider buying one of these for 11 000 us dollars, because that may very well be an option in the future sometime soon hello, my friends, welcome to the channel Music electric viking great to see you welcome To all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else, thank you for being a part of this channel its been great to go on this journey and to find out whats going on in the global automotive industry theres. Many reasons why chinese automakers are currently disrupting legacy, automakers. What does that mean? Chinese automakers are selling more and more electric vehicles, sales for the mainstream automakers such as volkswagen, ford, general motors, renault, nissan, etc, are all going down and will go down significantly over the next decade. Why well cars like this are a pretty damn good reason: the cherry qq wooji pro has 408 kilometers of range and costs only 11 800 us dollars evie make a cherry automobile is now one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers on the earth ice cramps, which are A little bit like a whirling hong one mini ev havent heard of the ruling home one mini av.

You should have ill put some links in the description below to my videos about that absolutely revolutionary groundbreaking car. In addition to that, they also sold 8240 cherry eq1. Electric cars as well, and what that means is they actually came in in ninth place globally in terms of electric vehicle sales as a manufacturer over the first quarter of this year, but remember a lot of those up above them. A lot of the cars made by companies that are claiming evs are actually being made by their joint venture partners, so that company doesnt, really own sales of that car period or or the candidates plug in hybrids in these tallies here. So the reality is, cherry may actually be sixth or seventh in the world in terms of the electric vehicles its currently producing. The other exciting thing is cherry, does plan on selling their electric cars all over the world and apparently thats going to happen as early as next year. This car has a base model that starts at 79, 990 yen, which is 11 800 us dollars, and the top trim costs 102 000 yen, which is 15 000 us dollars, as you can see its a two door hatchback and actually comes in four different variants. Based on the electric motor output and the driving range car, says that the base model has a range of 301 kilometers and a maximum motor output of 55 kilowatt, which is plenty of power for a car this size.

Maximum torque is newton meters enough for a top speed of 120 kilometers an hour which is more than enough for really any major highway in the world. Cherry offers a second model with a driving range of 408 kilometers and a maximum power of 70 kilowatt torque of 170 newton meters. Maximum speed in that vehicle is 125 kilometers and the electric motor is actually mounted at the rear of the car, which would make it quite an exciting car. Usually these kinds of small hatchbacks, in fact pretty much every little small hatchback, like this made by legacy over the last 20 years, has been front wheel. Drive people are kind of excited about this idea that now you can have a bit more fun with your rear wheel, drive little hatchback whats the size. Well, although it sounds small, one of the great things about electric cars is packaging, theyre, always bigger on the inside than what you think, for example, the interior of the byd ea1, even though the exterior is actually much smaller than a toyota crawler. The interior is much bigger. The boot size on the ea1 is 345 liters. The boot size on the toyota. Crawler is 208 similar thing here right. The qq wooji pro is 3.4 meters, long 3402 millimeters its 1 680 millimeters wide and 1560 millimeters high, and it sits on a wheelbase that is 2160 millimeters long now. The toyota garris is about half a meter, longer ’40 millimeters, its 1695 millimeters long, its 1695 millimeters wide, and it has a width of 1450 and it has a height of 1455 millimeters.

So you can see that this ev is significantly taller than the toyota yaris. However, the wheelbase isnt all that different at only a 30 centimeter difference, but because of the fact that this has a very small bonnet thanks to being an electric car, the packaging would mean the interior. Size is very likely to be very similar to a toyota yaris. But its probably going to carry less weight quite a lot less weight. Now, if youre wondering it does seat four people, it is a two door, but the rear seats can be folded down to create a lot more cargo space, as you can do in most hatchbacks. Another thing just to note is that there is a central touch screen display which is 12 inches, and you can control all the car settings from that display, plus theres a row of physical buttons directly below it. In case you dont want to use the touchscreen. However, one of the most impressive things about some of the electric cars were seeing come out of china is the technology really its a lot better than the technology were seeing coming out in a lot of japanese cars, costing two or three times more money, the qq Pro is powered by a third generation: qualcomm 6155 chip meant for electric cars. Specifically, this enables a 540 degree panoramic view of the area surrounding the car, and the car takes a 360 degree picture and a 180 degree view of the front, and it combines them with help of this new qualcomm automotive chip.

Cherry is proud of the computing capabilities of the qq pro because they are not common for small cars in this price range, and one of the reasons why this electric car is revolutionary is not only its computing power, its ability to basically be a ground up. Electric car that will be able to be updated over the air and have all the benefits of that, but also the entire vehicles body work is made out of aviation grade aluminium, making it much lighter than many of its competitors. So when is this car coming out? Well, cherry said that theyre going to launch the qq pro in the second quarter of 2022, as in itll, be coming out within the next month. Officially in china. Now some of you are probably wondering who the heck is this cherry company? Well, cherry automobile company, limited trading as cherry and sometimes known by the pinyin transcription of its chinese name. Kweru is a chinese state owned automobile manufacturer, headquartered in woohoo, and we china its actually not that far away from volkswagens mega electric car factory, which is being built right now founded in 1997. It is currently the ninth largest automobile manufacturer in china, with nearly one million sales in 2021, youre – probably thinking oh. This is all well and good, but i mean: are we ever going to see these cars? Well. Interestingly, cherry has been chinas largest passenger car exporter since 2003 and in 2011 it exported 25 of its total production.

It actually operates a company called koros, which was formed in 2007, which was made to sell premium vehicles in emerging markets in 2012, jaguar land rover formed a 50 50 joint venture with cherry dubbed cherry jaguar land rover for the production of jaguar and land rover cars. In china, so what i want to know, would you consider buying one of these for 11 000 us dollars, knowing it has a 400 kilometer range right enough power that you can drive it on a highway without worrying about you know getting crushed by bigger, faster traffic And really enough space in there to fit for people if you need to, i dont think youd want to have four people in there all the time, but i mean ultimately as a city car to me this would be absolutely perfect and i would definitely take one For 11 000 us dollars, i really do honestly think its very very likely were going to see these being sold in europe within the next 24 months. Why this is not a quadricycle. This is technically a car, its not in that mini car range, its technically a car theres, no reason considering this car will have all the safety features needed to be sold in europe and other countries around the world that wont be sold on mass, i mean personally, I think this car would be extremely popular in a lot of european countries, but, frankly honestly, i think this is the kind of car that will dominate the world automotive market over the next few years.

More and more people are going to go. You know what i dont think i need a huge car, a car, this size with a range. This big that has enough power and it looks cool, looks nice, which i can charge at home would be perfect for my needs.