And that got me thinking, because when you get a new version of a car, there are normally some good deals to be had on the outgoing model. But before i get into all that, please dont forget to subscribe to the channel and switch your notifications on. So you know when our latest videos have landed and if youre an e nero driver then do let us know what you think about it in the comments below now. The first thing to remember is that not all neros are equal. This car is also available as a plug in hybrid and a mild hybrid. You can spot the all electric version by this distinctive smoothed off grille so looks aside. This current version is still a five seat, mid sized kind of suv light car with all the practicalities you could wish for inside theres plenty of space for up to five adults with excellent headroom and a really good sized boot. Now the new one is slightly more roomy inside, but having sat in both, i dont reckon theres much in it now. The new model, of course, has a much fresher interior, but this 10 and a quarter inch screen setup that you find in here does work pretty well. Be aware, though, that you only get an 8 inch screen on the lower spec versions, and i just dont think it looks quite as nice look. Of course, it isnt all as slick as the newer version, which is more like the one that youll find in kias latest electric car, the eb6.

But you know it does all work, absolutely fine, its intuitive easy to use functional its just that the tech is starting to look a little bit old fashioned and slightly clunky. What i do like, though, is the fact that you get a whole host of buttons which, compared to modern rivals that cram everything into touch screens may seem a bit old fashioned. But i just like the fact that you dont need to go prodding around looking in the manual to be able to just turn the heated rear, windscreen off or put the climate control on another thing i really like is this simple ev button which, when you press It just brings up everything you need to know about charging your charger management range, its just very simple and easy to use im, not as big a fan of some of the plastics in here which do feel a bit cost conscious in places. Nor am i a massive fan of the silver painted plastic here, but you know overall. I still think this is an interior thats comfortable well put together and stands the test of time. The good news is that nothing really seems to have been a problem with ineros. As far as the interiors go, some people have had issues with the voice recognition systems, but kia seems to have solved. That solid is how i describe it like a pair of favorite comfortable shoes. So when it comes to used emeros, it really pays to be aware of the versions that were on sale.

So you know what youre getting and also what to pay base model is the e nero 2 and thats, possibly the one youve got to be aware of because one version of the two came with a smaller battery of ‘ kilowatt hours, now, thats, no problem. If the 180 mile claimed range and a less powerful motor suits you, but its not the headline figure of 282 miles that the rest of the range gets with the 64 kilowatt hour battery youll find that those smaller batteries versions will be the cheapest. Second handy neros. That youll find next is the inero 2 64 kilowatt kilowatt hour, which is the same spec just with a bigger battery and that will obviously command a premium compared to the smaller battery. Now both of these cars get an eight inch touchscreen, as i mentioned earlier, along with apple carplay and android auto. They also get a reversing camera parking, sensors 17 inch, alloy wheels and a few other bits and pieces so theyre definitely not basic. Then there is you guessed it, the inero, 3 and 4 plus they both have the big battery and gradually, of course, you get more toys and extras. So the three gets black leather upholstery. It gets a heated seats, wireless phone charger and a bigger better. Looking touch screen, the four plus gets well, basically everything. So all the things you get on the three, but with even more advanced driver assistance systems and also a heat pump fitted as standard which gives you greater efficiency in cold weather and is something that we really like electric cars to have when they were new.

These cars ran from just under thirty three thousand pounds for the smaller battery to e nero ii to just under 40 for the larger four plus model, now thats, obviously quite a big difference, and we probably recommend that you go for the mid range three. It offers a great compromise between the kit that you get and the cost, but once youve chosen the right model for your budget youll find that they all drive pretty much the same. So the smaller battery enero2 does come with a less powerful motor, but you know its really, not slow. In fact, the 64, i think, might actually be a little bit too fast for this kind of car and theyre all actually faster than the new version. The new nero ev gets to 62 miles per hour in 7.8 seconds. One like this manages it in seven and a half seconds. Look, i know theres not much in it, youre not really going to notice it, but one thing you will notice in the new version. Is that its been softened, its just a more comfortable drive, which im looking forward to trying, because the ride on this one isnt that impressive, older in euros with that bigger battery all have 201 brake horsepower and whilst thats just a jumble of numbers to some people? What it translates to in the real world is a car thats, actually, surprisingly, perky to drive youve got more than enough power for keeping up with traffic.

Overtaking youve got three different modes that you access just down here. Youve got eco normal and sport. Oh there it goes just into eco, which is what i tend to leave it in. To be honest, because i like to eco at my battery power and my girl racer days – are behind me no theyre, not of course, theyre not look here on the steering wheel. Youll also find one of my favorite kia features is little paddles that control the regenerative braking. So you pull this one on the left when you want to slow down and it automatically increases the regen. And then this one on the right. When you want to decrease it, its a really simple system to use – and you will use it as well – mainly because it really feels like youre getting the most out of every last bit of energy, this version of the e nehero comes with a peak charging rate Of 77 kilowatts, which means that youll get from 10 to 80 in around 45 minutes on an appropriate charger from the charging point here, on the left hand, side of the nose the new version charges at a slightly lower speed at kilowatts. However, the new one does hold that peak rate for much longer and will charge quicker overall, so well just gloss over that. For now now that 77 kilowatt was once seen as really impressive, but really its only so so now rivals like the citroen ec 4 and the vw id3 will beat it at the charger.

So a complete charge. If youre, charging at home will take her own nine hours on a home wall box – and you know, even though the e nero no longer leads the pat when it comes to charging speeds, it does still manage to be practical enough for long journeys, particularly because the Range is still very competitive and its also very efficient. It scored an excellent a in the electrifying efficiency awards and, if youre after more detail about the driving impressions and the car in general, then do check out our full kia iniro review, which is right here on the channel. As far as issues go well, there really arent many that were aware of some owners complained of enero stopping charging randomly in the early days, but that does appear to have been sorted and there was a mild update in 2020 that added led headlights along with some Small interior changes, but nothing too major and the hardware did remain the same now. If something does go wrong. Its really worth mentioning kias class leading 7 year warranty now a decent warranty is always welcome, but the beauty of kias is it can be passed from owner to owner. So a three year old car will still come with some years left on. The manufacturers promise its worth, noting, though, that some of the warranty promises do shorten when you sell the car, so do read the fine print. Nothing in life is quite as simple as it seems.

One of the problems with the inero is that it is a really good car which might sound a bit counter intuitive, but what that means is that it remains a really popular second hand, buy with supply issues across the whole of the car industry, used prices going Through the roof – and the e nero is no exception to that. So that means that there arent many bargains to be had right now, and you might well find yourself competing with people running private taxi companies, for example, which might sound bad. But if you think about it, taxes are generally the most reliable, most practical versions of anything. If the taxi drivers are interested, then its probably a safe bet, but just do be aware that if you pay too much, you might be better off ordering the new version. Anyway, so, as always, do make sure that you really do your sums, you know what, having spent some time with the new version and time again with this one. I think i might prefer this one im still not sure about those side blades on the incoming car. Although i will reserve judgment until we drive it, which is going to be very soon, i think what youve got to remember here is that what made the iniro so desirable in the first place, hasnt just suddenly evaporated, because a new one is on the horizon. This is still an absolutely rock solid choice that does everything brilliantly apart from being exciting to look at, but i do forgive it that so is it worth waiting for a new nero or is it worth going for this one well make sure you subscribe to the Channel and switch those notifications on so you know when that video has landed, because it will help you make the decision, oh and while youre here take a look at our preview.