Welcome back to our channel in todays, video were going to discuss about the new 2022 gmc hummer, even in depth from interior to exterior, and i remind you detail of every feature so without any further ado lets just dive into that overview. In an amazing twist of 8 general motors gas guzzling hummer brand, this continued in 2010 is points to make a comeback for 2022. As an all electric sub brand of gmc, the resurrected hummer will appear first as a pickup truck and later as an suv. The new pickup is shaping up to be quite the beast, with up to 1000 horsepower from its top pair terrain, option, which uses three electric motors offers an estimated range of 329 miles per charge and a leap to 60 mph in a claim 3 seconds. The hummer ev also features removable roof panels, an optional adjustable air suspension and a cool four wheel, steering feature that allows it to grab sideways drive, diagonally, all of which should make it a fun to take off road. Pickup trucks are the next frontier for electric vehicles as potential rivals from upstarts riven, bollinger and tesla, as well as the established automakers such as ford are preparing their own entries in this emerging segments. The original hamares, ues and pickups were over the top truck based gas. Gasoline bees derived from military vehicles, the new hummers – will still be the over the top beast, but they wont burn a drop of gas.

The feature packed battery electric pickups and suvs will now carry a gmc badge. The new gmc, hummer evp, except and suvs, are loaded with technology designed to give them extreme performance and outstanding off road capability along the way they got some exciting party tricks, including the ability to move diagonally. That means the 2022 gmc hummer eva revives the old hammer brand name, but with an entirely different interpretation: the old hammers first, the h1, which was the civilian version of the original homeboy military vehicle and then the more common h2n. H3, suvs are remembered as a product of their time distinctively macho, but also distinctively oversized and wasteful. The modern take on the ultimate off roader looks to be green, capable and downright impressive. The new hummer ev is a massive pickup truck powered by electricity rather than gasoline gmc calls it a superdrug and on paper its capabilities would reflect that massive power insanely fast acceleration and potentially class leading off road capability are bundled together in one package. The first model to go on sale will be the hummer ev edition, one which is the luddite top trim. It features an electric motor that drives the front wheels and two more that drive the rear wheels. The hummer ev3x will dab it in spring of 2023, while the entry level hummer ev2 will follow a year later. Both will feature a two motor layout, its loaded with all of the best items offered on the hummer ev, including an adjustable air suspension, supercrew, semi, autonomous driving mode, a power operated tony cover and a giant 13.

4 inch infotainment display the hummer ev3x will be the next One to launch and its scheduled for fall 2022.. The hummer ev2 x and hummer ev2 have a less powerful two motor drivetrain and will go on sale in 2023 and 2024, respectively ev motor power and performance. For now, the only powertrain available in the hummer ev is a setup with three electric motors that make 1000 horsepower all wheel. Drive is standard and gmc estimates a 0 to 60 mph time of 3 seconds, which the company says is achievable. Thanks to the trucks watch to freedom, launch control, driving mode gmc is also caught in a dubious 11 500 lb torque figure from this powertrain, but that estimated number is almost certainly calculated through the torque multiplying effect of trucks gear ratios. While we take issue with how that misleading torque number is calculated, it should have massive pulling power regardless. The real torque number will be between 1 000 and 1100 lb feet. Gmc insiders say towing and payload capacity. Speaking of towing and payload gmc has not yet released that information in order to be competitive with tesla cyber truck and rivien r1t and r1s models. The hummer uv would need to boast towing capacity between 7 500 and 11 000 pounds, as well as a payload capacity between 1500 and 3500 pounds range charging and battery life. The humber uv uses gms new ultim battery pack technology and boasts an estimated 329 miles of driving range per charge.

The company also said the hummer will have an 800 volts electrical architecture with 350 kilowatt fast charging capability, which allows it to add 100 miles of range. In just 10 minutes for buyers who dont have any dc fast charging stations nearby, the hummer ev will also be able to charge on regular public charging terminals or at home via provided adapter, but charging times are significantly slower: fuel economy and real world mpg epa. Fuel economy estimates for the hummer evr 51 mpg city 43, mpg highway and 47 mpg combined for comparison. The rivien r1 t is rated for 74 mpgcd, 66 mpg highway and 70 mpg combined. Combine output for hummer ev edition 1 is projected to be mind. Boggling 1000 horsepower. The edition one model also features the watch to freedom mode, a wired play on its initials that enables full power acceleration to 60 mph in a claimed three seconds. To accomplish this feat, the hummer uses adjustable ride height, lowering the track to its minimum height confirms those zero batteries and their ability to excess. Full power plays a specific song and that enables launch control its not so thinly, wheeled bit of thrown in teslas direction. But it accomplishes the goal of getting the hammer eevee going in a big hurry. The advanced battery array in the floor of the vehicle is armored against off road damage. Gmc has not yet said how much kwhs worth of electricity can hold, but the hummer uvs 800 volt architecture allows it to take full advantage of the latest 350 kw dc fast charging stations.

Gmc says plugging the hummer uv into one of these lightning. Quick stations can add 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes. Cruising range is estimated at 350 plus miles on a full charge. Unfortunately, these stations are very common: most stations have a much lower charge rate and in hot weather the charge rate can be even slower. So youll need to adjust your expectations according to what charges are installed in your area, interior comfort and cargo. Even the homers of yesteryear were mainly suvs. The humber uv takes the form of a crew cab, pickup truck with a 5 foot long bed and an suv model will follow the track into production and should be revealed some time in 2021.. The hummer evs cabin is similarly spacious to gmcs sierra crew cab. Pickup truck and the interior can be opened to the elements via noble removable, roof that reintroduces a t, top sq design popular in gym sports and muscle cars in 1970s and 80s when in place. The transparent panels are akin to a normal panoramic glass sunroof, but lifting them off and stowing them in the hummer evs front. Trunk gives the trunk a convertible vibe, similar to that of the jeep gladiator inside several moon inspired touches such as the moon boot footprints. On the dead, paddle and speaker, grills that show the sea of tranquility serve as not so subtle reminders of gms connection to nasa astronauts and the electrically powered apollo 15 lunar rover that the company helped engineer infotainment and connectivity.

A large 13.4 inch display serves as the infotainment screen and theres a 12.3 inch digital instrument panel as well. Gmc has contracted epic games maker of the widely popular fortnite video game to create the graphics of the hummer uvs infotainment interface. A host of connectivity features will be standard, including apple carplay, android, auto capability, a wi fi hotspot and gm sunstar telematics system safety and driver assistant features. Tesla semi, autonomous, auto pilot features the one to beast in the ev marketplace, but lucky for the humber, ev gms. Supercrew system is just as capable and will be offered as a standard feature. We also expect to see less advanced features such as lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring. Key safety features include standard, automated emergency, braking with pedestrian detection standard lane, departure warning with lane keeping assist standard, adaptive cruise control with semi autonomous driving mode warranty and maintenance coverage. The hummer uv will surely come with a similar warranty to other general motor products, which means three year 36 thousand mile bumper to bumper coverage and five year. Six three thousand mile power train coverage, limited warranty, covers three years or thirty. Six thousand miles power, train warranty covers five years or sixty thousand miles. Hybrid components are covered for eight years or hundred thousand miles. Complementary maintenance is covered for the first wizards, with an all electric version of four wheel: drive an over abundance of torque and supporting tech features. The hummer ev has serious all terrain capabilities.

It comes standard with 35 inch. All terrain tires and will be able to accommodate tires as large as 37 inches, although gmc wont offer them from the factory. The adaptive air suspension that is standard on the ev, 2x trim and up will adjust to driving conditions and lift the vehicles ride height for greater ground clearance in extract mode. The body can lift 5.8 inches when conditions dictate other off. Road tank includes a long list of apps in the infotainment system and as many as 18 camera views to locate hazards while off roading, including another vehicle. As for the hummer structability, it has a 5 foot, pickup bed, but a bad height is very tall, which means lifting large items will be difficult at best. Thankfully, it features a version of gmcs multi, pro tailgate that can be configured to better secure cargo or as a step to allow for easier access. Thank you for watching this video dont forget to subscribe to latest luxury cars channel.