First of all, i really like this feature. I i really like how mg likes to have the center console, cocoon you, electric estate, wagon everyone. This is a very rare occurrence, hello, everyone. In recent years, electric cars have become a very high demand in the eu market. However, theres two ways the automotive industry has gone about it. One way of going about it was to make luxurious electric cars that cost quite a lot. So therefore, value for money is not a question, but then theres also another way, theyve gone about it and the other way theyve gone about it was to make hatchback electric cars and thats mainly from the psa group. Ive noticed theyve taken initiatives in electric hatchbacks and same for honda with the honda e. However, those hatchbacks may be small and very city friendly, but they do come at a price as well, but theres, one particular competitor. That decided to do something groundbreaking that decided to offer electric cars at a rather cheap price by the cost of identity, and this competitor is mg. Thats right, you heard me guys now uh. It remains a little bit of a mystery. What exactly is the long term objectives of mg, but one recurring thing we can already establish is that mg has developed an obsession for electric crossover, suvs or hybrid floor server suvs, but we can certainly establish that mg has taken strong environmental initiatives and offering cars that Are good value for money in terms of equipment? Here is the mg5 everyone? Yes, thats right now, this time mg has released an estate wagon here in the eu market estate wagons have been rather hit or miss when it comes to presence, because now i feel like the demand has gone more towards crossover, suvs, but estate wagons are sold nonetheless, But ive noticed the majority of them are sold as company vehicles rather than private vehicles uh.

But then did this mg5 come out at the right place at the right time. You all be the judge, because i personally think yes and no, because today i feel like the d segment is going down and a statement to come out at this time. I guess in my view it also can be. It can also be perceived as a brave decision taken by mg. This mg5 costs 36 000 euros. Is this good value for money or not were gon na find out a moment? Everyone lets get down with this review right now, so this is the exterior design of the mg5. Everyone looks absolutely stunning and then theres now a reoccurring mg theme im starting to notice, and that is the front right here. Mg has developed an obsession for this sort of front, at least from what ive seen in their recent models, uh very interesting and then its interesting. How you get this piano black trim right here, which is supposed to be, i believe, an imitation of a grill uh, but its not an imitation like right here. This is piano black, like literally, so this is good um, because most brands would have like fake grills and designs, whereas this is not pretentious, which is quite nice. I like that over here is your evidence that this is indeed electric. This over here is your plug. In everyone, look at this very nice, so over here is the side view. Everyone looks very nice quite interesting, and this over here is your keyless entry.

So this door has a keyless entry to it, which is quite nice, and i like how, on top of the doors you get, this chrome design on top its quite interesting, like whats, actually going on, so i feel like that. Chrome is okay like it would. I think it would be better if it was not there, but then again everyone has their own uh judgment. So of all one thing i can tell about the exterior design is that its very promising – and i really like it and it does look desirable for a price of 35 000 euros. I would perceive this as good value for money, but whilst exploring the exterior. I also noticed some questionable aspects, and the first question aspect id like to remark is the overall picture of this mg5 uh. It appears to be the identity um. The first thing id like to point out is how those headlights kind of remind me of something mazda usually does uh and, though, and the the entire front right here. Kind of firs for a second made me think of volkswagen. A bit kind of reminds me of the volkswagen rocco uh and then, if you look at the side of this mg5, those wheels kind of remind me of alfa romeo funny and then um rear lights were also interesting. Uh. They kind of remind me of what audi did before and then overall rear view reminds me of uh. Well, i would say something between alfa romeo and then this side view reminds me of a bit of opel.

Now, um, you see so, as you guys can see theres a bit of a mishmash of identities, and i now i really im sure that mg do not do this deliberately. Im sure of this im sure mg just simply drew inspiration because they knew they were competing in the eu market, and so therefore they would uh try to do something to adapt to the eu market and which they have. This looks very desirable for the eu market, but the other questionable aspect is identity, but then again, who really pays attention to identity when buying a car in this generation? Another questionable aspect, i thought id remark – is uh well its a bit debatable if its a questionable or not. But here it goes guys at the front. You do not get parking sensors, but you do get a nice parking camera right there, thats thats, thats positive guys. You get a 360 degree parking camera now that is very good, but no parking sensors at the front. The parking sensors are at the rear. Another questionable aspect – i thought id remark – is how this is not an air intake at all and has no purpose whatsoever. Its just there for the design uh, it would have been more interesting if there was a lighting over here or perhaps uh an air vent or something now over to the interior of this mg5 all right. So this is the interior of the mg5 everyone and it looks very, very impressive.

I really like the trim around here uh. First of all, the theme is very good. I like how you get this blue line that goes around the interior and accompanied by piano black. Its very very good, i really like this theme. It looks very very nice and its actually cute in my opinion, so i have to say that i really like the presentation. First of all, i really like this feature. I i really like how mg likes to have the center console cocoon you, so this level is always uh above and all you can do is just relax your arm here. So you have the arm rest right here. The cup holders and the gear controls very nice, and this its very good. I really like the presentation, design and this trim looks very good now, its not aluminum, but it looks like an imitation of aluminum uh, its very interesting. I i like it. Nonetheless, this is your infotainment system and i believe your climate controls are brief right here, but theres more details as you activate the infotainment system uh. This whole area right here faces the driver so its kind of a similar practice which european competitors have been employing famously bmw. They started this and then volkswagen as well, has employed a similar thing and then now even the psa group employed this in the mid 2010s. So um its its a very interesting uh feature over here is your gear control, and then you do get your driving modes right here and you get your start, stop button right there very good and you get some additional storage right underneath these controls, guys um and Over here you get your 12 volt socket usb points very nice over here is your central console, storage.

Everyone, the central console storage, is as good as it has to be for uh a state wagon thats of this segment and then uh over here is your glove box. Now the glove box is quite big im impressed guys believe it or not. You get electric seating adjustments and you do get leather seats. I forgot to mention this earlier guys. This is very, very nice. Well, actually, the its id say semi leather, because this is you get the leather, but then you also do get some fabric um some tissue, but its actually quite good. Three different trims right here you get this imitation of aluminum. You get this piano black and blue, and then you get this fabric thats very interesting guys i mean over here. Is your mg steering wheel quite nice a bit of a conflicting theme guys because you see this steering wheel is good, but its rather sporty its like something you expect from a car with a sport package or something uh. But this mg from the outside looks like it has a normal package to it, and so why give a steering wheel thats rather sporty? Oh well, it doesnt matter guys what matters is its really good over. Here you get your hood latch and then over here you get your door bin now dorben. I dont believe its that big enough to hold a big water bottle, but then its as good as it has to be over here is your door handle which can also double as a door storage, and then also you get your window controls and your mirror controls Right here, no everyone, despite good value for money.

So far, i dont see any sunroof exploring the interior of this mg5. I have to say i was very impressed with the presentation first of all, but then the first question aspect id like to remark is identity is hit or miss thats, something you guys can judge, because when i saw this area first thing that came in my mind Was either bmw or peugeot or citroen, but then its its difficult to say everyone guys? I mean it looks as though this time the interior looks a little bit original. It doesnt look like something they borrowed from other competitors, which is good this time its good. But the questionable aspect i like to remark is rather the priorities given to some areas like, for example, when it comes to the trim in this interior. It looks as though mg has given so much priority for the trimming, but less priority to detailing, like, for example, the steering wheel is all black and chrome, but instead of putting this much trim there, why didnt mg think of maybe adding some trim here like making Either aluminum, or perhaps this quality, but on the steering wheel, you know, make the steering wheel more lively or perhaps adding some more details here, because, despite all the shininess going on here, i see nothing going on here, guys its just hard plastic and uh. The window controls just look like on the basic side. Another questionable aspect i like to remark is that im gentle with the door, okay, but heres.

What happens when im very gentle like look at this, i close it as gently as i can and theres always some vibration happening right here, guys like listen to this carefully. Do you hear that noise? Every time i close the door guys its coming from this direction? Thats what i know it looks like its either from the a pillar or its from here somewhere, but but whatever this noise is its its a bit uh its every time. I close this door, even as gently as i possibly can. Its still there like here is the rear seat. Everyone very nice leg, room is good, knee room is good, and my head room is also good guys uh as good as it needs to be, but point out how comfortable the seat is actually like in the rear. Everything seems better and also um. You dont get any climate control or anything right here, but you do get some extra storage right there and for some reason you get an imitation of what looks like carbon fiber, but its just straight lines over there a lot of randomness happening, and then i see Some usb points underneath down there, pockets for the rear, seats, everyone and you get a nice handle, beacon of hope, lighting and a coat hook right here. Wow. I like this piano black trim right here. Uh door bin is as good as it has to be. Not even going to complain about it, no leather or anything on the door, its just hard plastic, but you get this nice fabric material and, as you close the door, the door sound is actually quite solid.

I mean theres a big difference between this door and the front door here, listen its so solid and you do get a foldable armrest right here guys. How amazing is that here is the boot space of your mg5. Everyone looks very, very good but uh upon opening this boot space. I noticed something extremely odd and the first thing id like to point out is first of all. Well, you do get a beacon of hope lighting right here guys, but for an estate wagon there doesnt appear to be much practicality. Solutions like compared to most competitors. Most competitors would at least offer a coat hook or some storage solution, but over here you just get a uh, a boot space, thats good. I mean you can fit in a lot of things inside its average for a segment of its own. But then, when you want to close the rear door, you just have to pull it from here, although this is also a bit questionable because for a price of 35 000 euros and so far, this car has been good value for money. Why didnt mg provide an electric rear door? Oh well again, not so questionable, perhaps its debatable lets just put it this way. Heres my conclusion about the mg5 everyone. I have to say that it is a very, very mixed picture right here, but lets talk about the big picture. The big picture is that this is the birth of something new for the automotive industry.

This is one of the first times we see an electric estate wagon everyone. This is a very rare occurrence because here in the eu market were not used to receiving such nice, treats, especially at a generous price 70s and the 1980s. They were. Those were the real mgs guys the ng convertibles now im not saying that mg of today should create a convertible. They have to stick to the cars theyve come up with, but they have to also implement some design from ancient models, but they never do this. They keep looking at cars of today and especially from competitor companies, so for price of 36 000 euros. Is this mg5 good value for money or not? You know what guys i have to say. This mg5 is good value for money. Now many of you are going to think to yourself in terms of equipment. This should be very good value for money. This should be near perfect value for money. Yes, you are all correct. This is an estate wagon thats near perfect and thats, actually good thats. Actually, great value for money in terms of equipment and the fact that its an electric estate wagon but theres, one aspect that i couldnt help but question constantly guys the the identity issues and also the quality like something about the a pillar of that door. Really, you know it vibrates constantly. It makes this noise constantly, and that is something you know. Ive never seen very often in car manufacturers of todays generation, and then also another thing id like to point out is the mixture of priorities that theres just different priorities given in the interior like the door looked completely neglected, the door looked very basic, but then, as Soon, as you look at the center area or the trim at the center right in front of the passenger, its so glittery, its so shiny its so gorgeous its like, as if its from a premium car that – and this is something ive noticed uh.

This is a reoccurring thing, ive noticed with mg models. Ive reviewed before other mg models have had something similar. That is mixed themes that conflict with each other and then also one moment youre looking at a steering wheel, thats super sporty. But then, when you look around the interior, the interior doesnt imply anything sporty, so theres a bit of conflicting themes and its a bit of a mishmash of different things going on its always nice to have one theme and stick to that. One theme only dont mix themes up because when you mix themes up, you give you give the car a conflicting identity, a conflicting theme, and this you know this is like yeah, just something minor. I thought id point out want my opinion of this mg5. Oh, i love it. I love this mg5. I really really do because this is the birth of something very different, and this is a model thats going to provoke a big competition in the automotive industry. Other car manufacturers will now be forced to come up with a state wagons, which is very important estate wagons, which are electric. My apologies – i jumped too fast to certain words, but what i want to say is that we need a variety of choices of electric cars that we can purchase at a budget price because for a price of 35 000 euros its. Not very often, you see a break or a state wagon thats at the maximum ive seen a b segment car cost that much – and this is questionable in my opinion, but right here.

This competitor has done something very groundbreaking and very different, but at the cost of something major identity and style and mixed themes again guys and a bit of quality like i have a feeling the quality is you be the judge, but then the the noise from the A pillar is something that again youll, be the judge, but uh just thought id point it out. So dont forget to like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos that are on the run and dont forget to check the links in the description.