Now i really have to kind of keep this car away from my wifes scent that you see ever since the introduction of genesis and their gv series suvs. She has really turned in from a a german badge, snob into a huge genesis fan, and she really really wants a genesis, and we are also big fans of this all electric platform, which is based on the same thing as the ionic 5 and the ev6. So you have genesis and this electric platform so its the perfect combination for her. I recently had a chance to check out the gv60 in person at genesis house in new york city and in person. It did not disappoint. However, i still have not driven this vehicle, but heres what we know so far. There are two power trains which are both all wheel, drive, theres the advanced and then theres the performance. The advance comes with a 74 kilowatt electric motor in the front and 160 kilowatt motor for the rear, combined horsepower 314 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque sound, familiar yeah pretty well the same as the ionic 5 in the top trim uh, which is the the Long range all wheel drive and then you get the performance which gives you 160 kilowatt electric motor for the front and the rear and horsepower on this. One is rated at 429 horsepower, but get this theres something called boost mode. So, on the steering wheel youll see there is that green button.

You press that green button, you get 10 seconds of hyper speed and power and it bumps up that horsepower to 483 and cranks up the torque to 516 pound feet. Now that is going to be super exciting to drive, since the gv60 is based on the same egmp platform and the all wheel, drive system of the ionic 5 and ev6 im going to assume that this is mainly and a rear, biased vehicle. So its going to give you the best dynamics, its going to be a rear wheel, drive vehicle most of the time unless you need more traction or if you go into sport mode or snow mode. Youre gon na get a more of a 50 50 bias from front and rear, take advantage of maximum traction for that. A few other things theyve incorporated on the performance trim. First of all, you get an electronic limited slip differential as well. You get adaptive suspension with electronic preview and you also get a drift node so in the drift mode, its going to crank up the torque to that inner rear wheel to help you actually initiate that rotation for a drift now thats one thing: im really looking forward To trying i dont know where we can try it out, but uh yeah for electric vehicle to drift thats, pretty interesting battery wise were looking at a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery the same as the long range of that ionic five and the ranges will vary from just Under 400, with ‘9 kilometers for that advance and that performance is going to give you 378 kilometers of range, its gon na depend how you really drive and how much you use that boost mode.

I bet uh so charge time on a level. Three 350 kilowatt charger is going to bring you from 10 to 80 percent in only 18 minutes. However, if you cant find a charger that quick so around, my house theres nothing around, but there is a 50 kilowatt charger just down the street and thats going to run you about an hour to get from 10 to 80 percent. If you want to use a level 2, basically all the way from 10 to 100, its gon na, take you eight hours, which is pretty well on par with most other evs regen wise. They give you a few options. First of all, there is the eye pedal. So if youre, a fan of one pedal driving, never have to touch that brake, you can just let off. It will come to a complete, stop and regenerate the most amount of power back into that battery. You can set it for that or there is something called a smart regen thats, my favorite, where it actually senses if theres a vehicle in front of you, its kind of like adaptive, radar cruise control and when you get closer to a vehicle will automatically start putting The regen on, if theres no vehicles in front of you, you just have this nice coasting feeling on the inside. There are some things that are similar to the ioniq 5 and the ev6. However, on the gv60, they just look so much more elegant.

You have those long full length door pulls like the ioniq 5. You have that floating console similar to that ev6. You do have sun shades for the rear windows, and you have this g matrix theme that it goes throughout the vehicle on the outside. You have that g matrix crest grille its not as big as some of those sedans, its quite tasteful, its on the lower part but inside youll see little bits and accents of the g matrix uh throughout the vehicle. All gv60s come with dual 12.3 inch screens. What i like is theyre, not bright white like on the ionic 5.. I really im not a fan of those those bright white screens on the hyundai at all, so these blend in much nicer. This is also equipped with a facial recognition camera on the outside and a fingerprint scanner on the inside to identify drivers. Thats kind of a first ive seen the fingerprint scanner from genesis before, but the facial recognition, camera thats something different, but speaking of different. This is right out of a sci fi movie, or a spy movie check out this center gear selector. It does this rotation, where you go from this crystal ball into the shifter and back its pretty wild and like the ionic 5 and the ev6. The gv60 is also equipped with their v2l or vehicle to load. So you can use this uh vehicle as an inverter, a large large inverter. You can power a lot of things if youre doing tailgating camping or you need to power some things in the house.

In a power outage its going to do it for you so whats it going to cost you well the advance which gives you a lot like napa leather. You get the heated front and rear seats and ventilated front seats as well. You got 20 inch wheels. You get the vision, roof and a lot of other good stuff comes in at 71, 000 canadian dollars. So if you want to compare this, for instance, with the five uh for the preferred all wheel drive with the unlimited package, so the top of the line ionic five comes in at sixty thousand. This is eleven thousand dollars more and i think thats pretty reasonable. However, you do have to take in consideration that hyundai in some areas does qualify for some government incentives, whereas this gv 60 might be priced just beyond that. But make sure you check, because where you live, it may qualify. So if you want to go up to the performance trim, okay, so performance trim youre going to get the 169 more horsepower. You get a bang, olufsen stereo system. You get the electronic limited slip differential, the adaptive suspension. You also get 21 inch wheels and the surround view monitor you get it all for only 8 000 more so i dont know im thinking if i were to spend 71 000 on a gv60 whats. Another eight grand and i think, youre getting a lot of content for eight thousand dollars, so i would probably go for that performance.

Make no mistake if you were one of those doubters that thought that genesis was just gon na, be a fly by night in and out youre absolutely wrong. They are here and they are here to stay. They are getting tons of awards very, very high customer satisfaction rates and they just keep on coming out with more innovative products like this concept that they actually showed us at genesis house, which was the speedium concept. Coupe like look at this yeah. Will they build it? Who knows, i really hope so, but you know everybodys into suvs right now, but it just gives you an idea of what they can do. So this is all good. It looks good. It feels good. I actually touched it. I just dont know how it drives yet.