Silverado ev for its first official trip out here on the west coast, were here in los angeles area and seeing the rst model for the silverado ev the new first edition. It looks absolutely stunning, with this new metallic blue im, not sure in the exact name but ill put it over on the screen if theyve announced it anyway, so backing up. What are your first impressions of this truck now? I know they. They announced it and launched it over at ces recently and uh, seeing it in person for the first time myself. I am very, very uh just stunned, because this is the future right in front of us, with this model youre getting more horsepower ever specifically. 664 horsepower. 780, pound feet of torque and with special uh launch control mode, that being uh wide open watts. Youve got a 0 60 of less than 4.5 seconds. Now the all new silverado ev is riding on the otm platform and with this package right in front of us, you are going to look at about 400 miles of driving range, which is very impressive and 350 kilowatt an hour charging base. So when it comes to charging theyre saying that you can get 100 miles in just 10 minutes and on the freeway lets say if you use this vehicle for work or your trailering, you can use a supercruise with a trailer outback. So imagine hauling with an electric vehicle that has up to ten 000 pounds of towing capacity, pulling over charging it back up and not paying any money for gas.

I mean the future is definitely looking crazy and i cannot wait to see these things start hitting the streets so getting closer with these 24 inch wheels all around all four corners of the new silverado ev. You do have automatic adaptive air suspension, plus you can raise it up to two inches on on its own, with the computer systems inside the vehicle which um for off road capability and versatility thats definitely going to come in handy. So please dont come at this vehicle with the wrong mindset. You can still have fun off road with this ev and its built for that versatility, which is why i think its just selling so well. Right now last, i heard the order banks when it comes to reserving your spot was selling out like crazy and were seeing that not just with this new silverado ev, but even with other new evs hitting the market like the new hummer ev. But one last thing for the wheels you actually have four wheel steering. So when it comes to tight maneuverability lets, say you go into a parking lot. When you turn the wheels the back wheels, the angle of attack will actually counter what youre doing up front to make the rotation tighter and then what theyre saying is for higher speed. Youll have more stability when it comes to turning so one drawback with a bigger vehicle, as always with a big wheelbase, is turning and maneuvering it, but with this new four wheel steering setup, it is definitely going to help with that plus with maneuverability when it comes To trailering a big vehicle, because i know firsthand when it comes to trailering that can be a bit difficult at times.

However, its got the technology within the vehicle to definitely support the more easy, easier of use setup. Another really cool thing to highlight is that when it comes to the tailgate technology, this has got, i think, the most versatile tailgate setup on the market. First off the keyword for the tailgate design is called the multi flex, and you have these two really unique physical buttons on either side of this rear view camera and were here with todd with chevrolet. Do you mind if you show us um how this multiflex tailgate works for this vehicle, so thats like your stepping panel down below right, i think all together. This is a six way adjustable tailgate right on and then you can even adjust even further. If you need even more space in the back with the mid gate, underneath the silverado logo that folds down and theyre going to show us exactly what what thats like shortly thats, one two would be if you want to get in and reach more, i gotcha. So so, if you are like trailering something extra long, you leave that up in the back and then do you mind if you show us from the inside how the mid gate functionality actually works. Sure well perfect, so step one of the process readjust the seats Music. So all together having the mid gate pulled down, you then have 10 feet: 10 inches of storage space to work with. So when it comes to a practicality and the utility uh focus of a pickup truck this, this silverado ev has you covered in basically every single fast that you can imagine so, no matter what your background is, if you just want to save gas and not hurt The environment, you can get one of these silverado evs or if you are a construction worker or businessman where youre hauling a ton of different work equipment all around the team here has you covered for whatever job you want to tackle and when it comes to availability, When the vehicle is on the market, theyre going to have a ton of upgrades out back, you can physically mount different panels and storage compartments within the truck bed itself.

For that usability, depending on your work environment and then the practicality doesnt just end there, because this being an ev youve got a trunk up front, that being specifically an e trunk, and this is completely weather sealed you can fit your suitcases up here if you like, And the space is its just massive, i have to say – and you have an actual charging port again, because this is an ev, so you can charge whatever equipment you have on the go when youre driving. So the beauty of this again is, since you dont, have that big v8 sitting here in the middle and all the batteries are way down low. The dual motor setup gives you so much use out of the vehicle, so you can focus on using all that technology to your benefit. Lastly, before we hop inside to go over all the technology from the interior, one other benefit that the team learned they had with using the ltm battery system down below is that they could completely reshape the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. So what youll notice with is that walking to the side right here, the cockpit or where, where you sit, is closer forward in the front and is much shorter than a typical pickup truck. This gives you much better visibility when youre driving and theyre, using this extra space with the wheelbase to give you more legroom outback. So if youre six feet tall, you should have no worries at all sitting in the back.

Another focus was the aerodynamic efficiency because being ev, you dont need to have a big focus anymore, on massive intake, grills all over the front end to cool down and give intake air for that engine. So the focus is designed to push the air alongside the size of the vehicle to limit drag and by limiting drag youre, not just getting better acceleration for that 0. 60, but also you are effectively increasing your range for that 400 mile range, so the chevrolet team is actually saying this has got one of the lowest drag coefficients of any pickup truck on the market, plus the design of these wheels themselves. You can see us completely uh covered and blocked off. This is again to help with the aerodynamic slipstream effect all around the vehicle, allowing it to have very aerodynamic wheels to give you better range over time alrighty. Here we go hopping inside the all new silverado eevee. Very excited very excited about this, because this interior looks absolutely stunning all around us im. A big big fan of this two tone right here with the white and dark gray or black. The design is very interesting with this stitching, so you have blue stitching and a white tubing along the inside and then up top where the headrest is youve, got blue and then red stitching, so definitely uh. The craftsmanship inside this track is its one of the best pickup trucks ive really ever seen for the way its designed youve got the chevrolet official micro suede, the same style suede youll, see in like your ca, corvette or our car, which is a ton of fun, But lets go and hop inside and see what the first ever ev silverado is like the side step down below.

Being very gentle, because this is a prototype test vehicle. Here we go just shut the door in so ive got the fans on. Oh, my gosh. This 17 inch diagonal display right here in the middle, is absolutely incredible. Looking at it, this is the future right here. This is next gen and right here showing us the ultify system, the built in software, where you can actively um update it in the entire vehicle. Like a computer will update, so your range can improve or the performance of the vehicle could improve, depending on um, how youve got it uh set up or when you buy it right now, its set up on a demo mode, because this is a prototype vehicle but Ill just keep the camera placed right here on this front 11 inch lcd display right in front of us, so it shows us our battery percentage, our mileage, our 4 800 fake models, because this is a demo vehicle to our right. We have our radio station or our sound track selected in our trip information on the left up front. You actually have a 14 inch heads up display system which is not activated because they dont be a demo vehicle again, but no problem at all there, because for the finish up production car, its gon na gon na work to our right, we have um special settings For your trailer system, so with the cameras you can actually infuse them. So you can see your blind spots when youre driving or backing into a spot just like that and your toe hitch.

So when it comes to the practicality and ease of use, this being an ev, its got all the technology, you can possibly imagine in a production vehicle the displays again. This is just really really awesome sitting in here the finish its very unique because towards the middle, its not quite, i would say, a leather finish, its like a rugged texturized panel on the side where it gives you driver confidence whereas, like i feel like this, can Get dirty the environment can hit this and i dont think its going to have any damage or wear significantly or over time towards the middle. Underneath this panel we have your cup holder and storage compartment. You can actually fit if i slide this back: an entire um, portable lunch box or whatever you like in this huge massive opening down below pushing this back forward. It just stops in place to our right, the red and blue stitching just doesnt end im such a big fan by the way they finished off this interior and to our right. Underneath this white two tone, texturized finish, which is not its some type of high quality fabric, if i find out what its called ill put it over the spring anyways, though youve got this little storage compartment, you can place like your phone or your glasses, then down Below you have your a traditional glove box design and to our right the bose sound system. Speakers are finished in this futuristic like brushed, dark metal and on either side of the styling, with the the angles completely finish off the vibe of the vehicle.

A few last really cool things i want to highlight with the interior that just finish up the design in such a cool way. First, stop coming to the steering wheel, yeah this really nice lcd outline, so this actually works in conjunction with your supercrew. So when youre driving and its enabled, this is gon na be green, i believe and then, if something happens or they want that the car wants you to focus. This will turn red to get your attention. Looking around thats, the steering wheel is finished, its very thick and nicely uh um. You know feeling leather all around with your rst logo. The first edition logo, down below its just the way its designed to look so futuristic doesnt it to our left with the the ac vents. You also have like this very nice tone of red that kind of amplify and make a halo effect around each and every single ac vet around the vehicle. I love how, when theyre designing these new eevee vehicles, whether its a truck or a car, theyre being so creative, they really want to make a statement that you are buying a piece of technology, something that is marking a big step into the future and im. Just so excited to see what the future beholds in front of us, with this pickup truck its offering so much that so many of us will really value. Like imagine, trailing your track. Car, your z06 dakota having itself drive you on the freeway and not spending any money on gas and ive spent like thousands of dollars trailing cars across the country.

Two more things to highlight: you do have an hd rear view. Camera set up similar to our ca corvette. Then you have a massive glass roof over the top that is fixed, and here we go now were in the back. Look how much space weve got out here honestly, and then we have the mid gate lower just to show you what youre dealing with. I mean, like anything that your mind throws at you, creativity, wise. You want to bring your kayak to the lake, go ahead and pop this mid gate down and youre all set. Oh nice, the seatbelts actually have a blue outline as well around them, so all together. I think the package that this is offering – i think i like it more than like its a cyber truck for sure and other new ev trucks coming on the market, because its got a nice blend of quality practicality, technology speed, you name it. This is going to mark a new generation. I cannot wait all right here. We go exiting the motor club. What do you think of the on loot, silverado, ev, honestly im just so excited about it and again, if you are getting like a z06 corvette or something special like that, imagining having that as your toy car hauler right, not paying any money on gas, trailing it With the super cruise features and so forth, so exciting the amount of technology it offers, but anyway so lets go ahead and hop inside the the corvette and get going with with our day.

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