Video. My name is alyssa, and this is my mom here and were going to explain to you today why we both got the cars that we have. So if you guys have recently been watching, we just bought this audi e tron its a prestige, uh kyle, definitely wanted to make sure we have the massaging seats because hes the real princess here, weve taken it from connecticut all the way down to north carolina on Our first road trip – and it did very well considering the horrible weather we had when we came down and we had. We had one problem and i think it was when kyle was plugged in and then tried to turn the car back on it freaked out the car, but we just turned it back off and it worked fine, so nothing severely wrong with the car, but it was Just a quick little bug, but it drives so smoothly. Does it have that grade of range? I think its around 180 to 200 miles, depending on how were driving where were driving and whats going on around us um. So the range is great and charging. His is really really good because it just stays at a 140 to 50 kilowatts, all the way up to 80, which is great its pretty much no charging different than our model 3 we had before, and so i dont really see that a lot of people will Comment, oh well, it doesnt charge that well, it doesnt have that much range.

Well, neither did our modern model 3. Honestly in the in the long run of everything. So a lot of people are going to ask why didnt i get a model y well ill. Tell you why this is a premium car, its very nice. Its got great sound systems got options, its got all the things that i want, and a model y to me is just a car. Well, we discussed the model y. That was an option to you and we also talked about the model x as well, so the model x had a you know, an air suspension. I just hate the doors, ive always hated the doors when kyle and i first met his roommate ben, which is sometimes on the channel um. He had the model x and i thought it was really cool because it was the first tesla that ive ever been in woohoo, but i always hated those dang doors, the falcon wing doors. So i i just got ta, stick by myself with that and not do that right. So, basically, your hatred of the doors is what drove us away, but i think overall that car would have worked really well for our needs. No, i i really do think it would have worked well um, but we just weve had teslas for so long and we really wanted a nice premium car and we had this car for a bit when we were when we lived here. Um – and you mean testing it well yeah, we were testing it, but it was a friend of ours, car and um.

We, i absolutely loved it and ive loved it ever since, and its just something thats been in the back of my head and we. Finally, we sold our tesla and well its not actually sold yet its gon na be sold its going to be, but its not done yet. Okay, it will be sold and um, so we were like okay, what car do we get and, of course this was definitely a thought. A hundred percent was a thought um, but i i honestly between the differences of the two i think i dont i dont, know really why we went with the audio, because this is almost yeah. So so lets talk about it really quick. You drive the volkswagen id4 and we just filmed a video and its live on this channel of your one year. Ownership of the id4 also i have to get a quick close up. I hope you dont mind of odie hes rolling hes ready to go looking straight ahead. What a good boy, so you bought a volkswagen id4, which i would say, is a very sensible choice and thats what we kind of wanted to talk about was you know this was about 45? How much was it 47 47. brand new right, and that was like 70 used, so do you think she made the wrong move, getting the more expensive car with less range? Yes, why? Because this one has everything that one has probably and massaging seats.

Too seats heat seats, heat steering wheel, oh that doesnt have a heated steering wheel. This doesnt have cooling seats, it doesnt have colds, yeah, theres, different features and stuff. Oh okay, so were gon na go back and forth here, but i was able to get this brand new off the lot and um not off the wall. They ordered it and it came in, like i said in my last video, it came in the day that everybody was looking for gas, so lets go through the specs really quick. Just so people know what were talking about. This is a 2021 volkswagen id4. First edition big battery rear wheel, drive you live here in north carolina, you dont need all wheel, drive and the rear wheel drive actually gets a little bit more range, not a big difference but thats just because you can put on the uh induction motor in the Front also engineered by the sponsor of todays video magna. You join me back at the office with these incredible views to thank magna. Now, magna is a technology company that produces not only parts for cars, but also technological solutions from manufacturing and design and engineering they cover. So many parts of the automotive sector – and i bet youve interacted with a magna product in your life before magna, actually is very near and dear to my heart, because their partnership magnustya in austria produced my first car, a mini countryman, and it was built right there In gratz, a lot of you are also familiar: magna is going to be producing the fiskar ocean in their magnustyre factory and they also build g wagons and nothing gets tougher than a g, so really excited about our partnership with magna.

Of course, they are also hiring for engineers, so we know a lot of you guys are super interested in technology and automotive ill leave a link below. So you can learn more about possible opportunities at magna, but of course we want to thank them for sponsoring todays, video and being such a huge supporter of out of spec. Truly, they are pushing mobility forwards responsibly and sustainably, but not needed here. In this case, the audi e tron is a thirsty pig, its got a much bigger battery pack than the id4 shes, pretty, but but less range, even with a bigger battery and part of that comes down to having dual motors part of that comes down to just The sheer weight of the e tron, you close the door, it feels like a bank vault, its just got insulation. You cant, hear anything and i would say a lot of the same attributes about the e tron transfer to the id4, where theyre both comfortable evs. That can go good long distance. They both have similar levels of driver assistance. So the cars are, i think, essentially what you guys are trying to get down to. You know you spent a little bit more money on your e tron to get a bit more of a premium experience, something that youve just you know, were spoiled. We get to drive the nicest cars on the planet you get spoiled by that. You expect that kind of luxury.

I think something like this actually makes a more financial sense, because your your car has held its value unbelievably well and its still comfortable and quiet and has similar attributes. So i think, regardless of the car, regardless of tesla, regardless of public charging, regardless of volkswagen group. What would you say to other women who are trying to drive electric cars um, you know: do you have issues with anything that you can think of, because i think weve had a lot of comments, especially with your videos, lisa, where a lot of women actually commented And said: hey, you really helped me more than just my husband telling me to get this dang car and you really helped people buy some electric cars. So what would you both say to them? It was really her decision to get this car. It was had nothing to do with my dad, no um. She was the one who wanted to push to to get the eevee and uh yeah. This is my mom. By the way i dont know if we mentioned that, but um yeah, she shes the one who pulled the trigger on this herself. Obviously she had some influence by us, but she really wanted she loved. She loved our tesla. When we had it and um she just she wanted the bigger car, but she didnt want to pay for the money i actually did not want to be in gas stations anymore. Every time i go there, my hands smell like gas, and i just uh theres.

Just i feel very safe in my car. I get a lot of compliments with it and its the wave of the future and im. I feel like im a part of it im in the infancy of it, and i am 60 years old and i enjoy my driving yeah and how about yourself, alyssa um, honestly, i havent driven this car really too much, but weve always owned evs, and i i Really dont see any hassle with them, um, obviously theres. You have to wait a bit a little bit longer to to charge your car versus filling up with gas, but we always have our two dogs with us and taking them for a potty braid getting ellie in and out of the car. I mean that usually takes a good like five ten minutes, so its it really just allows you to enjoy it because it makes you take a break and actually just relax and look at what your you know. Your plans are and what youre doing and – and i work i travel all week – long for a good three days a week, and that gives me time to do computer work in my car and i sit there and i do my work and then i head home And my day is done and then i plug my car in the garage done super easy, really nice, and so i guess at the end of the day, um you know the car choice is sort of irrelevant, but it sounds like driving electric, even for ideally non Car people, i think its safe to say non car enthused uh just seems normal – is what youre saying basically good.

Considering that only time i watch the youtubes is when were on it when theyre on it honestly um but yeah. I think we both love our cars. We both love having evs its easy, its seamless, you dont, have to go to a nasty gas station, its just its just better in the sense are, am i full eevee person? No, i mean, i think, theres definitely purposes to still have the combustion um, especially with when were traveling like were planning to go to alaska and stuff, like that. Well, wed love to do it in the ev, its not possible quite possible right now. So you need the you need the diesel to do that, and you guys also have your diesel truck as well. Yes, we have a diesel truck and um right now, thats the way its going great well. Thank you guys so much. Thank you.