What do you expect from the upcoming luxury ev? What is it pack underneath? The hood? Hey folks, welcome back to the channel in todays video well be talking about the all new lexus rz 450e electric suv before we get into the video dont forget to drop a like on this video and subscribe to the channel. If you havent already make sure that the post notifications are turned on so that you never miss a video from us without further ado lets dive in, despite its resemblance to the contemporary rx suv, the rz is slightly smaller, resembling the toyota venza in size. Itll only be available as a two motor all wheel drive vehicle. It has all the expected lexus features, plus the promise of being extremely quiet inside because of the lack of a combustion engine. The yolk style steering wheel, which should be available at a later date, is an intriguing feature. Instead of a traditional spherical steering wheel, this one includes a left and right handle. The rz boasts a good mix of conventional and innovative features. In the end, the brand name and reputation may be the most appealing features heres. What weve learned so far. Rz will arrive this summer alongside the toyota bz4x, sharing the same etng, a platform wheelbase battery and motors. The rz, according to lexus, heralds the companys transformation to a bev focused brand, implying that there will be many more models in the future by the end of the decade.

The company plans to be all electric with rz alexis enters the crucial electric car area aiming for a popular category while leaving room for a larger suv equivalent to the three row, rx l later as a companion model to the toyota bz4x and subaru sotera. It continues the automakers long standing platform and power plant sharing policy, which has resulted in cost savings and contributed to an exceptional dependability record. In this scenario, it appears that the rz, at least on paper, falls shorted the specifications seen in other upmarket electric vehicles. The range is the most remarkable feature, while 225 miles may be sufficient for most individuals, theres a perception problem when competing models get close to 300 miles on most days exterior. The rz is a little smaller than the popular mid sized rx suv. With the variations of the most significant dimension being that it is around 4 inches shorter top to bottom and bumper to bumper, the toyota venza is a better match within the business portfolio. The grille on gasoline vehicles has the brands distinctive spindle shape, which is preserved in the front design. The spindle is a smooth element here with grille like shapes to offset it deep carved lines, define the body from the side giving the impression that its moving, even when its not it keeps the floating roof aspect from the rx, with black trim separating the body. Colored roof from the lower body. The rear hatch is dramatically slanted following the train of suvs, with the coupe like appearance that unavoidably limits cargo room.

The single continuous light strip across the back optically widens the look while keeping the tail lights. Neat interior, with its contrasting panels, simple control, design and commanding center screen, the interior screams toyota. The latest lexus infotainment system, as seen before on the latest nx and lx suvs, is housed in the 14 inch touchscreen. The two integrated dials one with the screen and the other without are a nice high tech touch. Thankfully, the rz lacks the laptop, like touchpad controller found on many current lexus cars. The suvs power on off button is situated high on the dashboard making it simple to see. This is a good feature, as several recent cars have replaced this button behind the steering wheel, where it could be difficult to see a radiant heater to warm. The knee area is located behind the steering wheel and in a similar location on the front passenger side, a feature that is becoming more popular on avs that do not rely on a gas engine for heat. A heads up display, which is available, can project audio navigation and other information onto the windshield minimizing the amount of time the driver has to look away from the road lexus will offer a yolk style steering wheel with the steer by wire electric technology that will manage All steering functions within 150 degrees of rotation in the future when parking, navigating crossroads or making a? U turn it changes response rates to avoid hand over hand, motions the yolk feature in the tesla model.

S, on the other hand, rotates all the way around. That was annoying and off putting to us, especially in parking lots its unknown. Whether the technology like infinitis, current steer by wire system will have a backup mechanical link between the steering, wheel and road wheel that takes over in the event of a malfunction. The addition of a panoramic roof to the cabin should help it feel roomier. Under the hood. The dual electric motors from the all wheel, drive toyota, bz 4x, sit underneath all the rzs layers of lexus nest. Lexus only specifies kw outputs with the front motor putting out 150 kilowatts and the rear motor putting out 80.. Those statistics equate to 201 and 107 horsepower respectively and match those indicated for various toyota components. If torque is, as expected, expect 196 pound feet from the front motor and 124 pound feet from the rear for a combined system, total of roughly 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet a significant improvement over the awd bz 4xs 214 horsepower and 248 pound feet so whats. The deal with the discrepancy, the front and rear motors on the bz4x are the same 80 kilowatt. However, the front motor on the lexus is greater than the front motor on the front wheel, drive bz4x, because the motors have no mechanical connection, the front to rear power. Split is 100 changeable and lexus calls this awd configuration direct4. However, given that lexus has only supplied a battery capacity for an rz prototype overseas, those figures are simply estimations.

Surprisingly. That capacity is specified as 71.4 kilowatt hours. The same as the front wheel, drive, bz4x no front wheel, drive rz will be offered at least not at launch all wheel drive bz4xs get a larger 72.8 kilowatt hour battery. One question why the rz uses the smaller of toyotas two batteries. With its available high power draw aw system. Lexus said the batteries are still being tested. It could change before the rz hits the market later this year, dont be shocked that the rz gets the bigger battery, especially because lexus claims, its cv, will have a range of 225 miles, which is a few miles more than the awd bz4x at least one fitted With the smaller of the two wheel, sizes 18 inches instead of the 20s, a higher efficiency rear inverter, which uses silicon carbide power, semiconductor elements and acclaimed toyota lexus first, is partly responsible for the increased range small improvements like those will help the rz stand out, because, Unless lexus can cram a considerably larger number of battery cells into the rzs floor than toyota did in the bz 4x, the rz will have similar performance and range to the toyota, regardless of the final specifications. The ride can be smoother, though, because the rz is equipped with frequency, reactive dampers, which tighten up as the force of a wheel, hit, increases and soften for less violent actions, reducing the suspensions movement at its limits. That implies that, even if you bottom out the suspension, the dampers firmed up as the event approached reducing the thud safety and driver assistance systems, the lexus safety sense, plus 3.

0 aka lss, plus 3.0 suite comes standard on the rz and it includes the automakers most advanced Active safety systems it has all of the standard functions such as automated emergency, braking with pedestrian recognition and adaptive cruise control, plus many more. For example, the driver monitoring system monitors the drivers, attentiveness and modifies alerts and interventions accordingly, depending on whether the driver is distracted or drowsy adaptive. Cruise control, on the other hand, can change following distances from other vehicles based on the drivers attention if the driver is deemed unfit to continue driving safely, the rz will flash the warning lights and bring the vehicle to a stop blind spot warning. Lane departure warning lane keeping assist and rear cross traffic warning are all included in the rz. If the back door is opened within 10 minutes of a trip, the driver will be reminded to check the back seat when the car is shut off. The rz can be remotely parked in both parallel and perpendicular spaces, thanks to autonomous parking technology. This includes the ability to back into space before driving forward. The rz has yet to receive a price tag from lexus, but is probable that the luxury car will be more expensive than toyotas 42 000 bz4x electric suv? How much do you think this will cost? Let us know in the comment section below subscribe for more content. Just like this one and share it with your friends, also dont forget to smash that like button and also press the bell icon to get notified about our new videos.