Why it matters it will be underpinned by hands dedicated amg via platform whats. Next, the production version will be out in twenty twenty five ng. Will launch the first fully electric model on its new dedicated mg? He a platform in 2025 which has been developed completely by the ng division in filter by as a stand alone, performance vehicle architecture that will be separate from mercedes upcoming mb via platform on thursday. The brand unveiled the vision, mg concept, a fantastical four door, coupe that previews the 2025 production car. The vision mg concept has a streamlined profile, thats reminiscent of the vision, eq xx concept released earlier this year. Its got a long wheelbase, a low hood, fairly short overhangs and a low tapering greenhouse that flows into a teardrop rear end. The proportions are dramatic, with the vision, the mg looking like a truly innovative successor to the original cls in terms of design. Its also about six inches longer than the porsche taken, which should be the production models main rival, while the rake twin shield is normal glass. The vision and side windows and rear glass are painted in the same aluminum silver as the body of the car, with a hexagonal pattern that allows occupants to see out. The front. End is dominated by a new interpretation of vangs panoramic in a grill which isnt really a grill. So much as a body color panel with an illuminated outline and vertical light bars. Its headlights are shaped, like mercedes three pointed star logo, with the inner lines joining a central light bar that runs across the nose that can show different animations.

All these lights make the vision unmistakably a mercedes emg from the front and its a look that we expect future production models to use like on the mg1, hyper car and vintage streamliners. The vision has a large mercedes star painted on the hood as well at the rear end. A slim light bar extends all the way to the wheel, arches and six round. Taillets in the diffuser give off the look of exhaust tips or space shiprocket engines. One of the coolest features on the vision mg that, sadly, isnt really visible in these images, are the 22 inches wheels which are deeply dished and have an arrow disc design. The mg branded flat arrow cladding rims at the edges of the wheels actually open up for better cooling and aerodynamics, which should look awesome in motion. The vision mg also an active rear, spoiler, lower carbon fiber trim and teal accents that match mercedes formula. One cars ng isnt, giving any performance details for the vision, but the brand says it uses an axial flux, motor developed by wya asa, a subsidiary of mercedes. This motor apparently is more compact, lightweight and powerful than traditional electric motors, the ng e architectures batteries and other drivatrain components are all also developed in house for mg, specifically sharing nothing with mercedes other f parts. Mercedes says the vision mg is much lower than an eqs. Despite the battery pack sitting in the floor between the axles, which should lead to better proportions in future production, cars and it has carved out space for foot wells while the production version of the vision, the mg wont be out until 20, 25 emg has more electrified Models in the pipeline that are based on existing cars, the ngeqs is on sale now and will be followed later this year by the mgeqe and a plug in hybrid version of the sl roadster will join the gt63se performance four door.