Auto show were gon na check the mg zs ev, so theres a lot of people as you can see so uh. We have the key here so just to show you the key fob. We have the lock unlock button and to unlock the cargo as the sticker. You can see mg and its red just in the color of the vehicle. So, as you can see beautiful silhouette, uh suv, you have a nice red metallic color. If you come a little bit closer, you can see the sharp datum running light. Theres a dynamic turn signal on the top, and we have this led elements lens in the top. I believe the fog light should be integrated in the main cluster. We have some air tunneling through the sides, a little chrome on the bottom and piano black details on the bottom, theres plain plastic going all around, so you have a nice protection if you want to go off roading front. Grille is closed, since this is fully electric car. We have air intake on the bottom and here a little bit on the top. We have the radar for emergency braking and cruise distance. We have the 360 camera on the front and we have a charge port. So i need to unlock the car. In that case, you can see the charge board is on the front. I have here type 2 ac, combined ccs for dc fast charging, now its not the best place to put the charge board on the front.

In case you get an accident, expensive repair. You can see here mg light showing you when the car is being charged. Now, if i back up over here, you can see the full car. If i press the lock button it hungs, you can see the mirrors full and you can see if i unlock turn signals. I have a beautiful panda roof as well im going to come to the other side im going to check the spec later so on the top we have the lane, assist camera light and rain sensor. You can see the mirrors have a 360 parking camera over there. Now we have the keyless entry, you can press here to lock or unlock or just keep your key in your pocket. You can pop here plastics with a physical cylinder for the driver, and you can see the profile of the car nice protection on the bottom and a little chrome you can see the tires. These are 17 inch. 2. 15. 55. R17 for closed design, better aerodynamics. If we back up here, you can see the whole rear of the car. We have elegant led tail lights and if i press the unlock well, you cant turn on the turn signals. But youre gon na see them later and you have a nice diffuser on the bottom cat eyes and we have the warm lights for the license plates backing camera as well parking sensors standard. If you move here, you can see the zc ev badge on the rear.

Now lets see if we can open the oh, its, not electronics, so just unlocks the car you got to press the mg badge, push it up and just go to backup. So you can see the whole car in the frame and there we go. So this opens not too tall so im a 2 meter tall person, so this is like maybe 1 75 tops close it manually. You can see you can remove the shelf on the top has little rubber stoppers. You can put along your umbrella here perhaps, and you can see the whole cargo area, its nice and spacious. There are four fingers of height, so maybe four centimeters theres a led light on the rear on the right side and its very basic, no hooks. I dont see a 12 volt outlet. You have wide arches here, so you could put a golf clubs in here and if you push this up, you can see you have a little nets on the side, so things dont fall inside and you have the patching kit. Emergency triangle – you can put a first aid in here and there is five, so maybe six or seven fingers below close this up uh on the top. You have a little antenna. They just removed this, so people wouldnt steal it and you can see the fanner roof and a nice aluminium roof racks, no tint on the rear windows, but we do have nice, chrome, detail and chrome on the top of the door.

Handles closing and opening sound is decent, actually quite good. Have a seals on the top here, almost like a double ceiling front doors open wide. If you need it but a child seat, you can push this. Then you lock from the inside for the kids for safety. This is hard plastic but covered with. Ah, i would say leather, but it kind of looks just like plastic imitation of leather, nice, chrome, details or like aluminium, but this is actually plastic. You have here uh some sort of artificial leather, determinating, carbon fiber, some red stitching. This is nice and soft, all power windows, and this feels robust. Its good have a speaker on the bottom and if you want to knock down the seats, you got ta push this little tab. I guess and then the seat belt is in the way, but you can see how that looks space inside and you can see the seats quite tall bench. Some nice contrast, stitching black, feel comfortable and lets jump inside. So i was sitting in the front. You can see plenty of feet: room, okay in the room, its a tight but still okay, to hear the closing sound, a good closing sound from an open the boot and over here you can see ac vents and a usb a and a usb c thats nice. Maybe they could have put a little frame here, so you can see them better seems, like theyre closed the hatch on the rear.

So you can see here. The soundproof is better, have a big tall window, small window in the c pillar, good overview on the rear, and you can see the shelf on the rear, theres plenty of space to put some stuff over. Here we have the armrest adjustable cup holders, but this is in the way. It really makes no sense, and you can see on the front and you can see the banner roof its openable and over here you have fully closing handles only on three sides: the driver end doesnt, have it lets get on the front so checking the front doors. Have a good closing sound, maybe the door handles are a little clunky, but doors open very wide have good seals same as on the rear uh. This is also hard plastic and youre gon na turn off the lights, so it doesnt ding. You can unlock or unlock from the inside same materials as on the rear. Quite nice, all power windows. You can lock the rear for the kids and theres decent pockets here for valve area speaker on the bottom. Now the seats are electronic back forward knee up and down the whole seat. Apparently so the knee area doesnt seem to be adjustable and you can tilt the seat. Small bolsters on the bottom kind of bits better on the top, but theyre wide, and you have some contrast. Stitching here. Leather seems nice, its okay and comfy. You can see the panel roof on the im top pop the bonnet later and you can adjust your power mirrors here.

Beam height, you can adjust the steering column. Its manual lets sit inside lets, hear the clothing sound, its good were gon na lock ourselves. In now. Let me switch to wide lens, so this would be point of view and its a nice dash, although i think they could have put the screen on the top close to the road but lets zoom back in now. We have a really textured leather perforated on the sides flat bottom three spoke have a nice badge here: chrome details and nice satin, black phone calls search music volume options, and over here we have the favorite asterisk voice commands and i guess, for the infotainment, for the Digital cockpit were going to check out, have the light switches here, keep your lights on automatic, usually, and over here you have your classical wiper controls start stop button is here its a nice aluminium and following the dash, the dash is soft. It has some stitching theres a vent here, speaker in the a pillar and have a nice air vents. We have hazards on the top classical. The screen is nicely looking its nicely embedded here and it looks nice glass, its not cheap, plasticky dash is soft. This is all covered by leather, some contrast stitching and i like this carbon fiber kind of, looks sporty. With this theme, you have the home button volume up and down. Shame doesnt have a little roller ac on or off maximum blow on the front, defrost rear and fan speed or climate control temperature, and over here we have usb a and c.

So, if different for the transition area, thats good, you have a full outlet on the bottom there. This is a wireless charging pad so qi and over here theres a shiny piano black. You have the driving modes, you have the like curse for the spot mode like a formula f1 im, not sure for the battery what this is and we have the parking button and i know theres a lot of reflection like you – can actually im not going to Remove this, so you can see theres like reverse neutral drive and you press for the park. So you just push it like that and you have the front parking brake, an auto hole, thats really important with the automatic. I, like the fact, theres no piano black over here, a little bit on the air vents, but thats okay, mostly wont touch those and even when you do just gon na adjust them here and open or close the select mercedes benz in a way uh. You have this. This is also padded nicely soft for the passengers to grip, not to forget here. Well its a shame. They didnt add it slowly opening but its nice okay, plastic heres, the antenna ive mentioned they removed. So someone wouldnt steal it. You have the mg book there and seems like a decent space inside. You can hear lock for the uh or uh open or close excuse me: uh uh, the passenger, airbag and theres a little room here, maybe actually no.

This is not a room for a book at least yeah. Definitely not its not there. For that purpose. Now lets close this up. There is a little piano black here. You see that now moving over here also nicely padded. This is padded, so you wont hit anything hard with your knees, and i like this, this audi a3 used to have this its a nice detail and open the shutter. You have two cup holders, theyre not adjustable, but you have a rubber mat here. You can put your key there theres a key symbol. If the battery is low and over here you just pull it up: theres a decent area here, a little carpet on the bottom, so you can put some water bottles or similar inside and thats it um. Since we have, the key were gon na just shortly turn on this just in a moment not to forget on the top. You have a good overview in this car because you have uh big and tall windows, so theres a lot of light, also coming in and you can check your blind spot uh. This is a manual. Unfortunately someones blinding you. You can have here airbag passenger information on the top. You can open or close the sunroof and shade is electronic, so you can see that it covers the whole uh banner roof. You can turn on the led lights on the top and or you can close them when the doors are open, as i mentioned no handle for some reason on the drivers side and over here they left the plastic on.

So you can see here you have the privacy mirror uh. I dont think this extends but lets check it out so its not. This is not covered and thats it its a good overview, as i mentioned through the mirrors, nice and tall now, to show you for the two meter tall person. I think this is the um okay. This is the lowest position, so theres plenty of headroom uh for sure and to turn on the uh electronics. Only for a brief moment to show you uh. What do we have here? You have the digital, cockpit, oh thats, really nice uh its sharp graphics, but i can see that this is the screen edge and then you have here like a uh digital. Let me see if i can just mute the music, you can see the digital cockpit and it looks beautiful. I like the contrast with the white and black okay, and you can see here, you can see very sharp screen im really impressed to be honest. Now just a little view here, you can see uh full volt battery status, tire pressure, information, brightness level, uh, speed, alert battery motor speed voltage current current journey time. So i come a little bit closer. I love the colors on this and its very informative. So you have this like cruise distance, you have here options for the 12 volt and the tire pressure you have here, brightness level. If you press, okay, okay were getting a warning there.

I have to wrap it up fast and you can see the battery percentage. I have showed you everything, but uh were getting a full battery warning just to show you here we have navigation. Radio charging discharging uh battery is full, but the uh 12 volt is not see weather information here its going to fetch it but screen is responsive. We have the ac controls here as well. You can see that view um. The car is freaking out for the 12 volt vehicle information. Here you can see that lane assistance traffic jam alerts. Everything is here. I wish i can do a little bit more detail, but im just gon na quickly go through these and you can see here 360. I guess cameras, so i think this front camera could be a better resolution, but still its better than nothing and i press here. You can see the range 310 kilometers of full charge and you can see charging settings schedule charging contraction and you can see that so um. I just dont want to kill the battery so im going to wrap it here with the navigation, its kind of loading, but im not sure if they have yeah theres a 2g, so i dont think its going to load. Unfortunately, okay were going to wrap it there. You can always press the home menu if youre like here or no. I guess you can just hold it and turn it off, but uh im going to turn this off.

I dont really want to kill the 12 battery and im going to show you on the front uh the bonus. Some people might be interesting this one off this is not turning off. I think you need to hold the home button to turn it off. Yep thats the way to do it and lets check the front uh i mean in general, this car is pretty good quality. I like the design of the infotainment and the digital cockpit im, really impressed with the build quality feels solid. I would like this to be soft, perhaps but thats it. I think its once only so close it up im gon na lock it up as well so uh in the middle of the mg badge, push it to the right side. Uh. You have to use the little leg and you can see the this car was designed for uh ice internal combustion engine, but they strip it apart and uh made it electric. So you can see the electric motor is the black thing there. I think this is a front wheel. Drive if im not mistaking you see blue thing is your washer fluid and you can see theres even a sound insulation on the top, maybe for less noise, but i think they could have added a cover here and just give a little shallow front. So you can have cables on the front since your charging port is on the front but thats. Okay, let me see if i can back up a little bit to wrap it up.

I love the design of the car, its uh, nothing too fancy, but it looks quite gorgeous, especially with this design, and to wrap it up to wrap it up just going to check the spec here. So you can see this is the luxury package and so its made in china and over here we have the electro motor 50 kilowatts. So can i would lie from top of my head with the horsepower im going gon na put the technical data in the video description, so you can check everything range and so on all the technical details so check that out, uh. Okay, so it says here its 177 horsepower. Uh range should be 320 kilometers, im, not sure if this is like vltp thats kind of low, but okay and theres a bunch of standard equipment and thats. It theres no price so check the link theres going to be price information there.