Is this? The new ix m60 ive come here to berlin to get a drive of this uber fast five seat, suv before it makes its way to australia soon and for bmw. The ix m60 really is a big deal, even though theres m sports, a plenty back home in australia for a car to wear, m badging proper, really does mean a lot, and so the ix already a fairly dynamic vehicle, as we found out in our road testing. At chasing cars in the past has really been dialed up in m60 guys in order to justify that m branding. Is it all hot air? Does it actually mean something im going to tell you in todays video, well, take a look inside the ixm 60, which is going to be priced at 223, 000 in australia before onroad costs at the top of the ix lineup its going to basically be bmws flagship Until the new i7 arrives well check out the back seats and the boot and discuss the charging speed, the range, the consumption and other running costs of this vehicle and then well head out onto the road in the bmw, ixm 60, to see what this 455 kilowatt Electric suv is really like to drive, should it be called an m60 were gon na find out before we get started, hit subscribe down below, hit the notification bell and drop a comment at any point, looking at it from the outside its obvious that bmw designed the Ix to get noticed, theres no missing the styling of this vehicle, which is a love it or i hate it proposition, but i think the interior is really a love.

It thing because, while you get into the car and you think wow, this looks like a bmw from the future, the more you drive it, the more you realize its actually quite conventional in here, its just styled to look modern and not like an existing bmw product. All of which seem to have the same dashboard, not this car, the ix kind of stands alone. For now, with this interior concept, though, it is going to start filtering through to other bmw models in future. Your eye immediately goes to this gorgeous curved display, which hangs off the dashboard, with supports that you cant see from the drivers seat so its a pretty awesome effect. We have a 12.3 inch digital driver display and a 14.9 inch central touchscreen in a curving glass panel. Its incredibly high resolution, its crisp and bmw, have redesigned the operating system to version 8 with new colors new designs, and it just feels a little bit more 2020s than some of bmws other cars, in particular the driver display which has more functionality than models from bmw. That have come before it better looking maps and its actually quite 1930s in the exquisite art deco detailing in this car. I really really like it now ive chosen a bit of a tom speck to film, with today oxide grey outside and the oyster gray leather inside. You can get a dark interior if you want, in fact, theres quite a lot of choice with the interiors, including an olive, tanned leather, which is a more sustainable leather.

It also feels lovely and it ages quite gracefully, as it tans kind of more. Naturally, as you get in and out of the seat, im actually sitting in vegan upholstery here, its probably the best simulation of leather ive, seen but importantly, it has seat cooling, which you need because typically, like vinyl derived substances, dont have good thermal insulation. You cant yet get the ix with the new i7s beautiful textile seat finish, but im sure theyll add that to this car in future, as for whats different about the ixm60 compared to other ix variants. Well, you get a little m logo in the drivers instrument cluster, but you also get the titanium bronze detailing inside as well and expanded drive modes available through the central touchscreen and a few other little touches as well. Now were sitting in these really beautiful. Looking bucket seats with integrated headrests theyve got a decent range of adjustment, both through these crystal, like controls, on the doors and through additional controls in the touchscreen, but i do wish there was a little bit more thigh angle adjustment for people with longer legs. You just want a little bit more support in there, but everything in the backrest feels good. The lumbar the adjustable side bolsters that all works. Well, now, typically, australia gets a very high standard of bmw uh without too many options, and that will be the case for the 223 grand m60. The bows and wilkins diamond stereo fitted to this car is going to be standard in australia and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

As well as the panorama sky lounge, which can change from opaque to clear at the top of a button which is a pretty cool effect and theres, also the lounge back seat, which well have a look at in just a moment which curves right around with upholstery. What i love, though, is that bmw have kept their idrive controller in this car. It may be thoroughly modern, but youve still got rotary control down here. You dont have to use the touchscreen if youre on a bumpy road which is great all integrated into this gorgeous open pore wood panel, so its a feast for the eyes and senses, the interior of this car and it comes together, really quite nicely: practicality, its okay, Its got a lot of space down here between the seats with a flat floor, decent sized cup holders that theyre a bit out of the way down here. Wireless charging, an additional phone stand, big bin between the seats and okay size door, bins too so thats the front seat. Should we check out the back, as you can see, room on offer in the back of the ix is really generous and one of the traits of electric cars, particularly those on dedicated platforms, is that they usually have a really good wheelbase and the ix does so. Even though its sort of the size of an x5, its really really big in the back, the downside is because it has the roof line of an x6.

It doesnt have a third row seat im sure we will see. Bmw do an electric x7 in future, which will have room for seven people, but for now the ix is purely a five seater, but its a very, very comfortable one. Now the floor, isnt too high, which is really good, because weve got suv. Styling. Bmw can kind of move the cabin upwards a little bit above the skateboard battery, and so my legs are able to rest nicely on the seat base. You could definitely do a few hours back here, assisted by stuff like the standard air vents. Two separate uh climate zones here in the back for quad zone climate in the car two usb c ports on the back of both front seats. So nobodys going to be able to run out of juice in this vehicle seat, back pockets, high quality materials here on the doors and a flip down armrest with a pair of cupholders in it as well. You can even use the middle seat if you had to because theres quite a lot of width in this car, which has been engineered in to give it stable handling, which is important when youve got 455 kilowatts of power and 1100 newton meters of torque as well, Find out more about in just a moment, but as a 5 seat luxury family car, the bmw ix would do quite nicely moving around the back now and one of the ways that you can tell the m60 apart from the other ix variants, all of which are Rather, controversially, styled is via its titanium, bronze detailing around the car.

Now this particular vehicle is finished in oxide grey 2 paintwork. So the bronze highlights dont pop as much as on the red car and ill pop up some b roll on screen now of the red ix m60. So you can see what im talking about it looks very tony stark in a color like the burgundy. I particularly like the bronze highlights, i think, its cool. You do get black 22 inch wheels on this car, though, and even though theyre 22s theres actually still a bit of sidewall and ill talk more about the comfortable ride of this vehicle in just a moment. But theres a little spoiler alert for you, but now inside these really elegant avant garde, thin tail lights, we have the release for the power tailgate and that gets up and out of your way quite quickly, as you can see, the load height is fairly high. For this vehicle – and in fact the boot floor is also quite high – 500 liters of boot, space isnt bad, but an x6 or an x5 or an x7. They all have larger boots in this vehicle. However, even though theres no spare, which is quite common for a bmw underneath the boot floor, theres heaps of space to stash your charging cables or perhaps valuables that you dont want to be seen. So you get a really nice sturdy. Cargo cover a bunch of helpful hooks and pulls, and the ability to drop those second row seats from right here in the boot and a control to close the boot, no control to lock the car, but that doesnt matter, because the digital key either your physical key Or just your smartphone lets, you simply walk away from this car and it locks automatically the m60 isnt as efficient as its lower rung sibling.

The ix x drive 50, but its still a very long range av because it has a huge kilowatt hour battery sandwiched between the axles. Now you can charge it at 200 kilowatt dc speeds, which is pretty high, but not the fastest in the industry, and youll get a range of about 540 kilometers in the real world per my testing. Today, bmw claims around 560, so its impressive that ive been able to match that almost without trying ive been getting consumption of 19.5 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, including a couple of short autobahn stints actually uh country, road, driving and a bit of urban. So it would cost you just under 30 bucks to charge this vehicle at home. You do get a five year subscription to charge foxs, rapid and ultra rapid network in australia, which is a real saving and in terms of warranty, the ix has just a three year. Unlimited kilometer warranty back in australia, which is too short really and an eight year high voltage component warranty, so jumping back inside lets take a drive in the ix which starts with a han zimmer soundtrack, which i think is an interesting move. I do agree that its a bit of a conundrum, how you make an ev sound, because some of them dont make any noise at all, which is fair enough, but evidently theres. Some customer feedback going on telling bmw and other car makers that people still want some audible feedback from the car and as well, find out when we get out of the burbs and pick up the pace a little bit it uh it kind of does help.

Give you that impression of speed, because one of the things about quite large, quite heavy electric cars, is that they can really not give away how fast youre really going and the ix m60 is definitely one of those vehicles, because we are dealing with quite a chunker. This vehicle does have an aluminium frame and it does have the carbon cage and a lot of carbon fiber. Reinforced plastic, which is technology, bmw, been working with for a long time, but you wouldnt exactly call the ix m60 a csl, because it is a two and a half ton vehicle, largely because weve got suv proportions, packaged around a huge battery, which is what gives this Vehicle everyday flexibility and livability because its really got a good range anything over 500 kilometers. I think you start to feel quite safe and thats, where evs, i think, will appeal to the general population in australia under 500 kilometers, and it gets a little bit trying on road trips. I think now, a bit more of an open road here, put your foot down Music and yeah. You get some interesting noises coming through the bowers and wilkins diamond stereo in this car designed to replicate well, if not replicate, kind of, take the meaning of a combustion engine and repackage it for the electric era. Now we already know about the bmw ix, johnnys already tested the xdrive 50 variant for chasing cars on our channel and on the website the m60.

The importance of this variant is that it just takes up every element of the vehicles performance even further. It was already no slouch in xdrive 50 guys in particular, which is already a dual motor electric all drive setup. But in the m60 the heat is turned up even further, with loads of little refinements to the motors that make them both more efficient at making power and just more powerful full stop. So, combined from the two motors were dealing with 455 kilowatts of power and up to 1100 newton meters of torque, when you use the launch control system, which is you know plenty. But what i find amusing is that the vehicle starts up in comfort mode, which is detuned to be a little bit more placid detuned to a very modest ‘7 kilowatts and 1015 newton meters. So how youll get by on such poultry numbers im, not sure, but the funny thing about this vehicle is unlike its internal rival, the x5m. The ixm60 is a total pussycat. You can drive this car just graciously and slowly around town in these little german villages, just as in australian suburbs, and it still feels competent and comfortable and enjoyable to drive. But then, when you do find yourself with open space – and you can pick up the pace of your drive – theres a lot of performance to be found in this car and were going to come to another open stretch in just a minute.

But, first of all ill talk about what theyve changed to the ix, because weve still got the fundamentally similar hardware to the x drive 50 variant, including the two axle air suspension, but its a full m tune of the air suspension. I would say the comfort mode probably feels a little firmer than a normal ix, but then the sport mode is quite a bit stiffer than what i remember from my drive in the x drive 50 variant and particularly the non sport versions of the ix. In fact, in sport, it really is quite stiff. So far as on a country road, you need it to be quite a well surfaced country road in order to keep the ride feeling comfortable, which is why i think in australia, where our road surfacing just isnt as good as that of continental europe, comfort, damping or Comfort ride would probably still be the way to go, because body control is actually still really quite good in the ix, even in comfort mode, despite its very significant weight. Now the center of gravity is low, of course, because the heaviest part of the vehicle is the battery, but thats still a lot of inert mass that has to go around the corner and the suspension tuning in this vehicle. Here we go. The suspension tuning in the ix is good enough that it contains its mass quite well, probably not to the discretion of a porsche tycoon, but definitely quite well, its slightly unedifying actually how quickly you can tip the ix m60 into a bend and have it put up A really good fight against the forces working against you and its actually quite fun to drive towards its limits.

I would say, driving it relatively fast. It can feel its weight in the corners, but actually once you push past that and you just give it the patience that it needs, you let it load up, and then you just punch out on throttle lighting up the over a thousand newton meters of torque available And balancing it on throttle its actually quite a fun experience like some giant m5 wagon on stilts. Now i say that, because this car is nothing like an x5m competition to drive and thats a good thing. The petrol v8 in that car is lovely. The gearbox is lovely, the full drive system is good, but the ride is not fun, it is always stiff, always switched on never comfortable, whereas in the ix Music you get ludicrous straight line speed, but you also get suspension. Compliance and m and m performance have started moving a little bit towards these more compliant cars that are better to drive every day and still really fun on a back road and thats exactly what this vehicle is now. Personally, i think if i wanted a five seat, electric bmw that goes fast id probably buy an i4 m50. The lower grand coupe silhouette just appeals more to me, but family buyers want suvs and the ixm60 equips itself quite well and even at 224, grand 223 grand its still reasonably good value for money, which i know is you know a first world thing to say, but This car is not as expensive as a bunch of performance, suv, rivals and yet its quicker than almost all of them with a 3.

8 second zero to 100. Its got usable pace because theres so much torque underfoot. It rides well, and it has this gorgeous interior, which does feel up to that price. That being said, even a base ix has most of these virtues and the ix extra 50 is a really good, mid range variant, thats worth considering, because its got even longer range and its still really quite sporty and fun to drive now refinement is pretty good. One issue is on an uneven low speed road. The unsprung mass of the car is quite high and it tends to pitter patter around quite a lot but thats. Only when one side of the of the lane is is not in an even height to the other, and you kind of get this pitter pattering between the left and the right side of the car, which is a little bit annoying. But aside from that, its uh its a resolved vehicle to drive its very quiet in terms of road noise, despite the pirelli performance tyres, electric performance tyres, but still more aggressive than the x drive 50s rubber, so yeah its a relaxing thing to pilot one. Last word and thats on safety and thats that bmw are consistently pumping out some of the best tuned safety technology that we test, which is a good thing. So the adaptive lane keep assist, for instance, really bangs you in the center of the lane. The adaptive cruise is smooth. We have aeb reversing aeb the parking sensors work.

Well, the 360 degree camera is crisp the augmented reality. Navigation keeps you safe on the move, because it really helps you understand where youre going, even if you havent been there before so yeah. Its a well tuned car, its a well finished car quality is high and i think thats what a lot of people would want to buy a large bmw, electric suv for and maybe not, some rivals from other brands. So those are my first impressions of the new bmw ix m60 stonking performance aside. I actually really like the direction that m is going in, because this vehicle is way more supple riding than an x5m competition, which is kind of the similar vehicle with a petrol engine. In the australian lineup, a little bit more comfort, but not at the expense of pace or even really handling, at least at road speeds is a good thing in my opinion, because this car feels balanced and balanced is what actually works for a car that needs to Be able to do your commute as well as some fast blasts at the weekend, potentially with the family aboard, which is entirely what the ix m60 is all about. Keen to know your opinions, though, so let me know down below in the comments.