So lets get behind the wheel of the electrified g80 and find out a little bit more about it. Music, electrified g80 will go on sale in australia in the third quarter of this year and come in one highly specified grade likely with features that are usually associated with the luxury pack. It will therefore take its place as the halo model for the g80 range above. The current range topper local pricing is yet to be determined but expect the starting price in the to 150 000 region standard features include a full suite of safety technology, a premium 21 speaker audio system, heated and ventilated, front seats, heated outer rear seats and solar panels. On the roof – Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause: we talk about the fact that electric vehicles are fast, probably almost to the point of it being boring, because the technology makes them fast and we expect them to be fast. So theres no real surprises there, but on one hand you might wonder why genesis would put this sort of technology into a large premium sedan. It does make sense, though i think, because the buyer of this kind of car wants to be a bit of a futurist. They want to look forward theyre looking for technology that speaks to the future. For me, the surprise is not that its refined its not that its fast its not that its a beautifully executed cabin or that its a lovely driving experience from behind the wheel.

The surprise for me is how nimble and agile this car is. This test circuit is very tight, very twisty lots of strange little corners that youve got to break heart into and turn into, and this for a big sedan. A big heavy sedan is incredibly easy to maneuver around, while the suspension tune has been evaluated for local conditions. There wont be a bespoke local tune for the dampers electrified g80 is all wheel, drive and generates total outputs of 272 kilowatts and 700 newton meters. An electric motor on each axle provides the all wheel drive system. The 87.2 kilowatt hour. Battery pack provides more than 500 kilometers driving range with 350 kilowatt. Rapid charging, meaning a top up from 10 to 80 percent, can be as fast as 25 minutes. Multi stage. Regenerative. Braking including hyundais eye pedal is also standard Music. Now i know what youre thinking its a high quality genesis drive. Experience. Surprise, surprise, genesis. Cars are high quality vehicles, but i tell you what surprised me about the electrified g80, its how nimble and agile it feels this is a big car and its a heavy car, especially with the electric drivetrain and the battery pack, and yet on this test track that Were using today, which is quite tight and twisty from behind the wheel im surprised about how agile and nimble it feels it doesnt feel light, but it feels a lot more maneuverable than i expected it to be. If youve got any specific questions, make sure you ask them in the comments section below and well endeavor to find the answer for you and in the meantime, if youve enjoyed this video dont forget to hit like click on subscribe.