This is an exclusive opportunity to drive a pre production version, but we have been looking forward to getting behind the wheel and were about to do exactly that with an suv which is a genesis. Badge means its good quality, but australians love suvs. We know that so this car is looking like being incredibly popular. Lets. Take a closer look Music. The electrified gv70 suv will be available in australia in the third quarter of 2022 and come in one highly specified grade. That means it will feature standard equipment. That is usually associated with the luxury pack on other genesis models. It will sit atop the gv70 range, placing it above. The current range topper with an internal combustion engine, while definitive local pricing isnt, yet determined electrified gv70, is likely to start from between 105 and 115 000 before on road costs. Standard features include shift by wire transmission, a comprehensive suite of safety technology, 16 speaker audio system 14.5 inch, infotainment, touchscreen, heated and ventilated, front seats, heated outboard, rear seats and a panoramic sunroof. I reckon the gv70 well thats the genesis that i think everybody is going to be most interested in because lets face it. An suv of this size is what the australian market wants, and the australian market wants it in huge numbers, and i guess, if you add, a high quality electric drive train to a body that everybodys interested in youre, going to get a winning combination and the gv70 Is a really impressive vehicle to drive its obviously very quiet because theres no drivetrain noise, so you do notice things like tire and wind noise and i think thats.

The next challenge for engineers with electric vehicles is really quietening those things down, because without engine transmission and driveline noise that were used to in a conventional car, you will hear more of those other noises when youre driving and yet the gv70 is still quiet, refined and Insulated from behind the wheel, while the suspension tune has been evaluated for local conditions, there wont be a bespoke local tune for the dampers befitting the suv platform. Gv70 is all wheel drive thanks to an electric motor on both the front and rear axles. A total of 360 kilowatts and 700 newton meters is generated with 10 second boost mode accessible via a steering wheel mounted switch theres a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack, 450 kilometers plus driving range and 350 kilowatt rapid charging capability. That means you can charge from 10 to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. I think, even though this has been a short drive experience, and these are not full production cars, yet its a very impressive execution and just between you and me, i reckon genesis is going to have more orders on the book than they will have stock to fill Them Music, you might think that the best thing about driving a car on a private facility is that you can do whatever you like on the road and theres nobody else to contend with, but ill. Tell you what my favorite part is this: we can pull up park wherever we want shoot video wherever we want and give you the best look at the car possible without worrying about traffic and thats.

Exactly what weve done now with the genesis gv70. Now, im not surprised by the fact that this is an excellent suv im, not surprised by the fact that this is an excellent execution of electric power trains either, because we expected that from genesis.