It has been the first runner up at the 2022 world car awards and its a true flagship. I could go on about the kia ev6, but ive kind of done that in the past right and the only one who got a chance to drive the car earlier weve. Given you all the details about what this model really stands for and why everybody has been talking about it, but now you get to know that little bit extra india spec we have the gt line coming to india. What does that mean? What are the features and whats the overall performance quotient of this variant? Thats, the part well tell you today and i have to stop being selfish about hogging this car and so, which is why im bringing amir in now because ill just say that he very politely asked that he gets to spend more time with the car since ive. Already done that, finally, finally, i get to spend some time with the ev6. So yes give me the keys, so its very reluctantly that im gon na have to hand you this key, but you know were here at the bic, the both international circuit back here. So ive already got a few laps in luckily yeah all yours, thank you, enjoy all the details from ameya now ill have all of them for you right away. Now that i had the keys. The first thing to do, then, is drive Music and theres good reason for doing that, because you know what i wanted to drive a car that is so mainstream which makes 320 brake horsepower now.

That is, of course, divided between the front and the rear axle, because this, of course, is the awd, so the front motor makes 222 brake horsepower. The rear motor makes 99 brake horsepower. Therefore, combined output 320 brake horsepower and torque 605 newton meters. All from the word go like all electrics right, but 0 to 100 kilometers per hour is done in just 5.2 seconds. That means i put my foot down and this one goes and thats, of course, how it is with all evs, and that is also because of the talk thats on offer, but this one rides smoothly as well. It is india specific according to kia, ground clearance of this car 178 millimeters, and that does have some impact on the ride and handling because well its not as agile as you want it to be. But then again this is not a race car. Its your daily commute car, which basically has zero emissions and will keep you and your family happy, but theres one more thing i wanted to talk about and it has to do with these paddle shifters, because this does not change gears. Well, theyre there to regenerate energy into the battery, so you get more range Music. You can toggle between four levels of regeneration and the max level switches on the eye, pedal or single pedal mode where you can accelerate and decelerate and even come to a complete halt. Using just the accelerator, how paradoxical is that it is extremely innovative and comes in very handy in traffic conditions.

Now, though, the ev6 is available internationally, with two different battery packs. India gets the one with the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, and that therefore translates to more power and longer range. Kia is also offering the rwd version of the ev6 in india, and so there will be two versions to pick from vrwd version. 2 is good on power, as it makes 226 break horsepower and a healthy 350 newton meters of peak torque. The range 2 is expected to be close to 500 kilometers on a single charge Music. But what about charging times kia? India says that a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger will take one hour and 13 minutes to bump up power from 10 to 80 percent, while a 350 kilowatt charger will do the same in just 18 minutes Music. I wanted to dwell a little more on the ride and handling, because i think i didnt specify anything. You know what the tires. They are. Uh. 19 inches. 230. 555. R19 uh. They are smaller. I i feel i mean in width especially, but that you expect, because you know you need efficiency, to get into the game as well, and that, according to us, is all right. But that basically means that there is little bit of understeer on the car. And, of course, the car doesnt theres, no body roll as such, but again, as i said earlier, its not a race car, but we are on a race track, thats the difference.

But overall, if you go to see its very comfortable, in fact, the seats which im sitting on as well and even the rear seats are fantastic. They are very comfortable, theyre, very snug. It theres good, lumbar support on offer. You know what more could you ask for? In an electric car right so overall, then it scores pretty well in the ride and handling department, because it just strikes all the check boxes, especially when it comes to comfort. Of course, there are the driving modes theres, the eco theres, a normal and theres the sport, where, if you want it to be more sporty, it can be Music. Now, in an exclusive review, we did say that it was sporty but looks like thats a bit of mark in the india spec version. Having said that, theres no doubting the ev6 is a looker and from afar or even close up, it looks sexy. Well. The only word i can find to describe the design of this car is progressive. It is in fact, because look at it its so nice to look at yes, the design language is opposites united and all of that and siddharth has told you all about it in his exclusive review. But you know what this does put a smile on your face and the fact that each and every crease, each and every bulge that you see on this car, its all about making this car more aerodynamic. 0.28 thats the drag coefficient of this car and you can see how the design has evolved around this very theme, because you know this, as i told you the bulge here, the nice crease here, you know the bit of uh gap between the headlamp cluster and the Led drls, even the rear view, mirror you look at the shape of it, and you realize that it all tapered and really really works extremely well, and that progressive design is not just up front, but also back here, because you see this rear spoiler.

With these two inlets right here, its all about making the car more aerodynamic, and even this beautiful uh rear tail lamp, it really stands out. Dont, you think, yes, the chrome strip there is that, but you know what this beautiful thing right here that you see you know you. You saw part of this design on the currents, but this in fact is actually a turn signal. And yes, when it illuminates, it looks absolutely beautiful, so its simple, its all about making the car more efficient and, yes, its progressive thought, its an evolved thought. You know what it strikes: a chord and theres more to talk about the cabin it will be available only with black interiors and everything you see inside is made from sustainable materials. Now the cabin of the ev6 is, as expected, futuristic weve spoken at length about it. Earlier but now you know that we have a first hand experience. We can tell you that no less buttons and more touch is the way to go for the future for sure, and then you have these two 12.3 inch screens a curved screen. Basically – and you know what theyre all very driver – centric look – extremely good graphics are on point, but well have the tech review and well have more details on that very soon. As for the steering wheel, it is pretty easy to hold a nice flat bottom steering wheel that we have here the buttons here, the right hand, side controls the left screen and the left hand, side controls the right.

The screen right in front of you. So it wont get confusing once you get used to it other than that there are nice cubby holes here. You can actually have storage area here as well, and there is enough and more to store here uh. There is, of course, the sunroof that you can enjoy, but the part and the feature that we enjoy the most ventilated seats up front. Yes, very handy when it comes to summers and uh, you know how much we love that feature. Having said that, under the high support is good, theres good, lumbar support, and yes, as i said earlier, seats are snug and extremely comfortable, but hows the space at the back, so the rear seat of the ev6 is pretty decent on space. You get decent amount of knee room. There is good head room as well and good amount of shoulder room. Now. The glass area might not be big, but it is sufficient to make it look more spacious, uh, because theres enough light coming into the car. The wheelbase of the car is 2 900 millimeters. Now, according to kia uh thats 10 millimeters more than the tesla model y, of course we dont have a you know, apples to apples comparison right now, because there is no model y in india, but it is decently spacious. However, there is, we are left wanting in the department of under thai support for sure, because you know right now, im my my thighs are halfway there in the air.

You know its the clever touches that really attract you, like the air convents right on the b pillar. Then there are these nice uh charging points on the seats in front of you. These are clever touches and, of course, the 60 40 split seats at the back, and that helps you get more space because the boot already has a lot theres good enough boot space and the ev6 offers 520 liters of it with the second row down theres. 1. 300 liters on offer and then theres the frunk, which has 20 liters of space in the awd version and 52 on the rwd on the safety front. Eight airbags are standard and the ev6 also comes with advanced driver assistance system or adas youll get front. Collision avoidance assist surround view, monitor lane following assist lane, keeping assist blind spot monitoring system and more all of which can be activated with the touch of a button. Now, only 100 units of the ev6 are coming to india, so the big play then is exclusivity and its select dealerships where it will be available. We expect prices to be around the 55 lakh to 60 lakh rupees quadrant, and that means it will go up against the likes of the volvo xc40 recharge, which will be sort of a direct rival Music, but with what the ev6 has to offer. I am very sure kia will have no problem selling these hundred cars in the country.