What, if i told you that you already are a half cyborg, i mean think about it. Your best friend is your phone. Your most favorite colleague is really your laptop and your most favorite restaurant. That, probably is an app think about it. Are you really a human being because well, you are sitting out there and youre listening to me via a microphone and youre watching me on your screens. All of this is actually happening today. All this is happening now. What is tomorrow, like tomorrow, tomorrow, looks like that tomorrow looks like a kia. Ev6 er has become a household name and is a case study in half the mba schools across the country and thats, because they know more than a thing or two when it comes to making cars. But for the first time today they have made an electric car and they have done what they do best. They have set a benchmark once again, Music, its the first non tesla electric car that are properly lusted for, but then this one, the kia ev6 its also accessible, so would you buy it lets find out Music for your cyborg self. A car really has to appeal to you in different ways to stay relevant in your life. Does the ev6 do that? Well, it certainly forces you to think differently about cars. Now technically the car here. It doesnt even have a name ev its just what it is. Electric vehicle and six but thats just a number Music, its got a seat fabric that is made out of recycled materials over 100 plus plastic bottles, and it also acts the whole car acts as a giant portable power bank for any of your other devices.

It further turns into a bed by going into zero gravity mode, where you feel weightless and are supposed to see improved blood circulation and its exhaust note sounds like it sounds like like this Music. I dont know how im described this, but it sounds like this and the best part is or the worst part is uh that you can actually get into the settings and make it sound different. You can make it more when you press on to the left, paddle shifter here the car actually starts to break and will do so until you come to a standstill. It doesnt downshift, naturally with the left paddle shifter, because there is no gearbox and with the right paddle shifter here you can adjust the level of engine, braking that you want the level of regenerative braking, because there is also no engine so much so that you can Go to a level where the car literally costs without any resistance of friction. Once you go off the gas Applause by the way it has a good practical, 178 mm of ground clearance, ventilated seats, you can choose the car from five different available color options. All in all, the ev6 is your portal to the future, and it is a portal that will cost you about 65 lakh rupees, but it will promise you all kinds of good experiences and this particular one is a bright future by the way 800 volt bright, because Thats, the architecture that allows this car to charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in about 18 minutes thats about 100 kilometers worth of charge under five minutes Music.

In short, the charging speeds on this one are as fast as the ones on porsche thai car Music. Its based on the electric global modular platform, which is the egmp skateboard platform, which essentially means that youre going to have lots of leg room out here and, of course, a flat floor without any transmission tunnels, would also mean that the third person can sit here. Of course, the head room is slightly tight because of the coupe like lines, but have you noticed? Look around you are now inside the ev6 Music. The dash of an electric vehicle has to be one of its striking features. The ev6 gets that right with the right materials. There is also a double decker, like center armrest and an on off button to remind you of the t1000 in you, wireless charging for your phone and other useful sundry things like cubby holes, a two spoked or no spoke steering wheel with driving mode button on it. Because in the future, performance is not to be joked with in the sport mode, the ev6 will do 0 100 in about 5 seconds in eco mode. It will go anywhere between 300 to 500 kilometers, so the ev6 goes as fast as it looks and as far as youve asked it for Music. The brakes in this car are competent, the steering wheel when youre sitting at it. You will feel confident and if youre not listening to any soundtrack from the 14 speaker, meridian sound system, then uh well, you will be listening to a whole lot of this sound, which sounds like a wormhole portal formation sound or you can also call it.

The sound of a thousand printers printing, something all at once. That really is the sound, a thousand printers printing away to glory in the parabola here at the buddha international circuit. After an hour of feeling, like an astronaut piloting a rocket ship, it was time to conclude Music, all right so lets summarize. Then the ev6 gets 325 horses, a scalar quantity. That is hardly going to be relevant to you or i in the future, because well, all evs are plenty fast. This one here it carries the gt line badge, which means the 600 plus newton meters of torque thats, going to be distributed amongst all four wheels, but even thats not going to matter. The talk number is not going to matter. Whats, going to matter is that your ev6 or your electric vehicle comes with a 75 kilowatt rs large battery pack to go the distance and whats going to matter is that it gets the 8 s suite for safety and whats really going to matter. Is that you understand that its no longer a question of if you are going to be buying an electric waker, but more of a question of when you will buy your electric car now? Will it be tomorrow or will you buy an ev6 today, Music? Okay, i want to show you something i want to show you something which im not allowed to im. Just stop just stopping for two seconds, not for long check this out.

The talk off the line is insane 70. 80. 90. 100. Oh, my god. The car picks on speed so fast. All the evs are just absolutely fast.